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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 02:37 PM
If I imagine myself to be an ant then That would mean "to be" part of my own colony.To live in a colony of ants with millions of individuals might not be that easy.

Probably I would have a queen to listen of,and obey orders having a well defined role in this alembicated but in the same time clear ant society.

Life of an ant may be just like in the movie it is very simple and very complicated in the same time.I can be a slave or a worker or I can have an important rank in the colony accordignly with my beliefs...I mean with my beliefs in the power of the colony.

When the colony is going to war usually we don't take prisoners,in fact all we take is war prade leaving behind only what we cannot take.

We all worship the queen because she is the ultimate carrier of power and she defines life of the colony.

The statues built in the honor of the past queens that the colony have had stands as a proof of the colony's long history and
How we became an Empire in time by conquering all the wars with other colonies.

Other colonies that we know about have also kings and queens but in the same time they worship God or Gods whatever that could mean.

In our colony there are individuals that secretly worship some kind of divinity although this is not forbidden maybe just a question of image.

Many other creatures are living close and far of the colony.We never or almost never met them although some accidents have happened before.

But one night I had this dream in which our colony was extinguished by some unknown power of some kind that I have not heard about or seen before.

Just like a great wind and rocks and something big hit our castle built underground and a big creature with a beautiful face told me in my dream to warn all the other ants to leave the colony as fast as possible not later than three days.

Next day I told the story to a good friend and until evening the entire colony found out about my dream.Of course nobody believed it and everyone was laughing of me.I was forced to leave the colony and I took a shelter somewhere very close to the nest.

A good friend of mine that believed in my dream followed me and from a distance we watched how things were developing.Next day I was woke up by this terrible noise and when we went outside it was dark and dust and wind was blowing just like in my dream.

When the light came back the colony was gone nothing to see and I felt tears flowing through my cheek, thinking that everything I knew in terms of friends and ants of the same kind were gone.

We took the path of no where,a way without having power to over cross what just happened.The other colonies that we knew about were okay and I was thinking many times how something like this could happen, my colony "to be".destroyed in her entireness.

After a period of time we were adopted by another colony and we manage to survive.What was shocking to see inside the ant hill was a big statue of that creature that I have dreamed 3 nights before my colony was destroyed.

And I was questioning my self why is it in another colony ,why they didn't belived me when I told them so.

And then I understood that we ants we are of the same kind with different kings and queens but with the same dream and the same beliefs not based on what we belive but based on what we feel and see.


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