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In the Wake of Tragedy: Mainstream Media v. Social Media

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 02:13 PM

In the Wake of Tragedy: Mainstream Media v. Social Media

By now, most of you have surely aware of the massive tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Whether you have been dialed in to the coverage from the moment the story broke on national news outlets, or you have been glancing over the reports as they appear in local papers and internet sites, you have probably noticed something that now seems pretty obvious.

The early reports issued, describing the events as they unfolded were inaccurate... some people say the discrepancies were blatant attempts to skew the general public's understanding of what really happened in the tragic massacre - where nearly two dozen small children and several adults were senselessly murdered by an apparently deranged gunman.

If this wasn't such a horrifying tragedy, the mistakes made in almost every area of the reporting would be laughable. It was an obvious rush to get the reports on-air, but allowing so many false explanations to make it into the story's coverage is unacceptable. There were so many errors in the reports that I am having a hard time understanding how so many mistakes could be made in such a short period of time. It seemed as if, literally, 99% of the reports aired were false, with the majority of them being no where near the truth.

It seems caution is taken when reporting other tragic events with less loss of life and less political/constitutional implications. Was it simply a media struggle to be #1... #1 in breaking the story, #1 in reporting certain aspects, etc.? I don't think it was, it seemed as if all the media outlets were making the same mistakes, at relatively the same time. Why?

Earlier, I mentioned that so many inaccurate reports may have been reported as a way to keep the storyline malleable. A malleable storyline would allow the order of events to be manipulated at a later date, without being overly suspicious.

I don't know why they would do this, it just seemed logical when trying to figure out why so many errors were made, across the board.

These false reports were telecast into the homes of millions of US citizens, as well as citizens of other countries around the world - some of whom may never realize what they were learning was false.

I question whether these false reports were aired on purpose, with producers, reporters, or both, knowing the reports were not accurate. I am still puzzled on why the news agencies reported the body of a teacher, found dead at the scene, had been identified as the mother of the suspected shooter... when they had yet to know of a secondary crime scene. A crime scene where the suspect's mother would be found dead.

If the 2nd crime scene had yet to be discovered, how did the media know to report the mother as dead? Why would they report her as a teacher and being killed in the classroom? Was the story supposed to include his mother's death at the school or was it a glitch in reporting, where the reporters mixed up the locations? Did someone see something they weren't supposed to and the storyline had to be changed as a result?

Those are just a couple things that are nagging me about this whole thing and those questions may very well be answered shortly.

However, I still question whether the producers and reporters knowingly aired false information about the events of that day, which brings me to another question...

There have been recent assertions by law-enforcement that anyone giving false information about the tragedy, on social media outlets, would be investigated and prosecuted.

It is truly despicable that someone would go to a social media site and torture others with lies about the events associated with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary - with this, I am assuming they know what they write is not true. Instead, it is something they, themselves or with the help of others, have created to use as a way to gain attention or some sort of peer approval or media attention... maybe even something to support some unknown agenda they may have.

I am glad to see law enforcement addressing this type of behavior and it would be great to see them follow through with their assertions - arresting and prosecuting everyone they identify who has knowingly provided misleading or blatant lies in a public forum.

They shouldn't only target social media, they should also investigate MSM (Mainstream Media) sources, then arrest and prosecute anyone they find who has knowingly been involved with reporting obvious lies to the general public.

Maybe they will do this, but I doubt it. Even if the MSM is confirmed to have knowingly provided outright lies and misinformation, we would probably never see them prosecuted... we would probably never learn of any investigation or the findings of any investigation.

I think it would probably be much more disgusting to realize the Mainstream Media had knowingly provided misleading reports to alter public opinion of an apparently unknown agenda. I also believe their involvement in such a clandestine plan is exponentially more damaging than any single, or group of morons posting lies on a social media site.

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