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[2013] The dawn of the 21st

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Waking up, I did my usual morning abulations, and cooked my breakfast in the Kitchen with the TV turned on.

Frying my eggs, I head CNN report of a massive Tsunami that had just swept Japan southern coasts, and watch the huge waves smashing buildings and trees aside as it rushed headlong, sweeping along what seemed like human heads.

Ignoring the TV for the moment, I flipped the eggs onto a plate and fried my bacon, its meaty aroma filling my waking senses. Gradually, the meat was ready. Placing them on the plate with eggs, I moved to my table and started buttering my bread.

" The tectonic plates between asia and australia had subduct when an earthquake off the coast of Papua New Guinea strucked. Right now, Australia seems to be sinking as its entire northern coastline has receded inland with the sea rushing in..." I head the TV announced as I mouthed my sandwich.

Just another day I supposed, as I drank my cup of coffee to finish my breakfast and head out to my car to get to work.

As I drove out the driveway, I tune into the radio. " The entire northern Europe had been covered under 10 feet of snow, from Finland to Russia, with thousands believed trapped under the snow...." More depressing news, so I switch channel. Nothing like Madonna's old hits to prep up the day, just me luck, I thought to myself happily.

It was smooth drive, but as usual, traffic jams came into my view. It never ends in this state. Prices of cars are far too cheap, thus everyone is having one, even the maid. I was still about a few hundred yards from the bridge crossing.

As I waited in line, I saw the bridge started moving. I could not believe myself as the shaking continued. Suddenly, the pylons broke apart like some invisible hammer had hit upon them, and came crashing down onto the cars below, to horrifying crushing sounds amidst the screams.

It was then that everyone infront of me got out of their car and ran towards me and to the rear. I panicked and tried to open my car's door, but there was a crush of humanity rushing between the cars, forcing my car to close back each time I tried with heculean effort to open them.

Fortunately, my car came with a sun roof. I flipped them open and got to the roof and look ahead at the commotion, and regretting looking. The tall city buildings infront after the bridge was collapsing like matchboxes under volumious smoke and dust.

I paused no more than a second, and scrambled off the crowd, to join the mob running to the rear. It was then that I head a loud crack behind me, and felt the entire ground under me moving and swaying, toppling and smashing many to the road. I turned back to look and saw rows and rows toppling down into what seemed to be a gaping hole enlarging with each second towards me.

I ran and headed up towards the hills on my left, in the hope that I may be off the path and direction of the cracking earth. But it was not to be, as the crack open right before my feet and found myself falling down into an abyss with many others, screaming at the top of their lungs, including me.

I checked the date on watch. 21st Dec. 2012........

( disclaimer:- This is only a short story, and is not a prediction in any way. I am not a fortune teller, nor is any human. I only wrote this as a form of cleansing, to wash away my concerns and laugh at myself for the silliness that the current environment of doomsday had gotten us worked up.

No human will know the end. It could be tomorrow or million of years away. Thus, no point in worrying about the end. What comes will come. We came with nothing and will leave with nothing anyway. The best thing for all to do is to treasure and cherish each moment of life, with those we love and who loved us, by actions and by memory while continuing on with this gift of life....)

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 12:10 PM
Good read. I liked all of it except for the part about cars being too cheap, don't really agree with that. A lower end, mid-sized sedan will cost you $22K+ these days.


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