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The Killing Of America (1982) Documentary - The Issue Of Guns In America.

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 09:54 PM
I found this documentary and whilst I can imagine it may be difficult to watch for some people, particularly Americans, I feel there is a significant point here, especially with the events of recently.


Now, this isn't just a documentary on murderers and serial killers, it highlights gun crime very well and also covers the assassinations of JFK and his brother, as well as some other other high profile attempts. Note from myself, if gun laws were more strict, then maybe you guys could've experienced a longer term from JFK, maybe RFK would've made the White House? My point is, things COULD'VE been better.

The statistics of people murdered in the States, with guns (including police officers), is high, especially compared to other countries, and this was even in 1982, there's no getting away from that fact, have things changed so much since then?

Whilst, the documentary does covers serial killers, it raises the questions of why some of these people did what they did, some even saying it was an attack on their society, or a cleansing of their society. An additional point to make also, the theme of people killing school children and their principals, is nothing new and America has had quite a few incidents in the past, with fatalities.

Video description, and please be aware as I said, there are scenes of death in this video, but it is with good reason:

A documentary of the decline of America. It features a lot a footage (most exclusive to this film) from race riots to serial killers and much-much more. While this documentary is easily available everywhere else, it has never been released, distributed, televised nor made available for sale in the USA. This documentary argues that the turning point was when John Kennedy was assassinated in Texas 1963 combined with poverty, racism, the Vietnam war, and gun violence but unlike Michael Moores heavy handed 2002 documentary "Bowling for Columbine" (Which is often compared to this documentary) this film never becomes preachy nor does it blame guns in the same way.

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