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My Japanese Earthquake Premonition Dream

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posted on Oct, 24 2004 @ 03:11 PM
On Saturday afternoon, at around 5pm my time, I lie napping on my couch.

I woke from a very vivid, sudden dream. I recalled driving in a car being driven by a family member. Suddenly, I say the roadway violently rolled and shook, and I immediately knew were in a huge earthquake. The roadway began to collaspse ahead of us, like two layers of a highway falling in on each other. The car I was in crashed into the mess, and I woke up totally drained and disoriented.

It wasn't until I turned the radio on that I learned about the Japanese earthquake. I happened right about the same time as my dream. I've never had one of those kind of dreams, I just heard about them on Art Bell and read about them in books. It was pretty cool.

Anybody else have dreams about this event, or similar experiences?


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