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Thanks for The Help ATS, I Posted The Video Anyway.

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:16 PM
Earlier today i posted some questions in the board business and questions forum, about posting videos on ATS. Asking if there was any way to post a video here without posting on youtube first. The few replies that i got told me the same thing I was already thinking.

So I went ahead and posted it anyway. Now what I really wanted was to get some input from members about the video. I'll try not to go into a long detailed post about this video other than to say, I don't normally make videos and I had started getting kinda mushy in the brain.

The reason I was asking this , is because I had made a video, and I ran up against a wall.
I'm not the best at making videos, the most I've done is make some thirty second clips. and most of the time it was just copy and paste type, or auto movie markers. I can figure out most of the formatting but it just takes me so long to do and I wanted to do it quickly

Now as to why I made this video, Saturday night, I was looking for things to post in some of the threads about gun control, bans and such, and I came across some pictures of the children from Sandy Hook. And I was just over whelmed with well i gotta say grief. I'm a pretty tuff man, real good about keeping my emotions under control, as far as this kinda stuff goes. Now I can be a Horse's Ass, and get real angry, as some might can tell from some of my posts. Well this just wouldn't leave, the more I went to the news sites and saw pictures, the harder it was to keep control. So i decided it would be best to do something about. I started think of ways I could express my condolences and get away from that. So I started thinking about what kind I wanted to do, several thing crossed my mind. then it hit me I'll make a video, and I know Just the song.

So first thing I started doing was looking for pictures, man was that a job. I bet that are are at least few million sites out there that have multiple stories, saying thr same thing. The hardest thing was putting the right name to the pictures, some sites had the right names posted to the wrong picture.Some didn't have names at all. Some Had just one or two. I spent all that was left of Saturday night before bed time, that's right i'm getting old and I gotta go to bed or I fell like sh@@ the next day, and the majority of Sunday looking for pictures. I got lucky and found two sites that put me next to my goal. One of them had fifteen of the children's pictures, and names. with the one I had found before, I was able to verify some. Then I found a site that had a slide show type deal with close to a hundred pictures. It had all six of the adults, and most of the children I hadn't found yet. So It turned out that I got everyone except two of the children. that were just not to be found.

Like I said after spend, most of my Sat and Sun, running down pictures, I was ready to go to work. Like I said I'm not the best at doing videos. I've done little bitty quick one and some real cheesy, cut and paste, but never one that runs five minutes. So I put my music in the in the cd player, yea I still use music cd's. and Get started. and I have to say for a middle aged guy that doesn't fool with that stuff I didn't do to bad. I hope when you view it, you'll agree.

Now down to what i wanted ATS to see, and maybe give me a little help, with editing and finishing it. Any I spent the rest of last night before bed time and then a little while today, and for the life of me I can't get it to wok out any better.

I'm sure a lot of people here know how to edit a video, and I'm sure there are some that don't. In this the way thing are turning out it kinda on the well I don't know what to call it. I have each and every frame pretty well even as far as duration goes, And the music is not a problem. it's the frame text that is uncanny.
If you notice while you watch the video, that, I put everyone in alphabetical order. I found a copy from the state police that had all twenty seven names on in order so that how I Ilaid it out. except for Nancy Lanza, I put her last because I didn't really want people to be upset or say it was a tasteless thing to do.

So I got Victoria Soto and Nancy Lanza last. I want you to look at the lyric when they come up and tell me what you think. I know I could've gone the alphabetical way, I just thought that might be a little to touchy for some.

So here it is, and I"m hoping that some of creative people here on ATS, have some thoughts and maybe to have some suggestions on editing and a title for it.

I forgot to tell you why I choose, Eric Clapton and Tear From Heaven, first he is one of my all time favorites, ol slow hand plays a mean guitar. For those that don't know, this song is for and about his son. He died when he was four years old. He fell from a 53rd floor window in NY. I thought if any body knew how it felt to lose a child it would be him, and the song is so beautiful. there a couple of times you can all most feel his pain.

Well that's it, and I half way expect to get a new ripped, and I hope I can get some good advice on it.

ETA: I forgot say why it was so weird that the way the lyric fall in the end. Victora Soto was the one who deid trying to protect them children, and there a lot of weirdness going around about Miss Lanza being a prepper and drove her boy crazy.

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:22 PM
I assume you have copyright permission to use that song?




Nice vid BTW, well done.
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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

thanks, did you think any thing needs to changed.
i couldn't really tell.

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