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My first year at ATS, another pointless thread taking up space

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 02:40 PM
Well another DIRTY-D rambling post, spelling and grammatical errors and all. As stated in the title this is a useless waste of space that i am typing for my own behalf so if you have something negative. to say take it else where please

Well Yesterday marked my 1 year anniversary of being a ATS member, thought might be nice to reflect on what i have learned in that year if nothing else to see it typed out in front of me. I came here originally looking up info on Dec 21 2012, coincidentally my anniversary date fell on the beginning of the week of said dooms day scenario, perhaps a conspiracy in its own

I came here wide eyed, confused, lost and and slightly scared of the world around me. I have always been a fan of conspiracy theory's but was sick of the doom and gloom you find on youtube videos and random websites across the web that never added and details or facts to the fear mongering. I was looking for like minded people perhaps a tad smarter then myself that see thru the BS and actually research what they talk about and could have a civilized conversation of said topics with facts not just speculation and fear. What i found was much more.

I found a community of like minded individuals that are a hell of a lot smarter then I.
For the most part. I have learned a lot about the world that I otherwise would have never known, for various reasons either something I would of never even thought to look twice at, or just stuff I was never really interested in. Mostly politics and middle east issues. I saw a video once of people being interviewed in America and most of the people didn't have a clue what they were talking about, it was then i decided I needed to be more informed and aware of my world. No wonder people around the globe hate us lol I always thought it was cause we were a free society and they were jealous on some level, This is were my ignorance began. I was a sheep in the flock brainwashed into believing we were the best just because, i never even bothered to look into other countries political systems or how they could effect my life before i came here. And have enjoyed all the opinions from the outside looking in.

So I type here now better off then i was a year ago, not as smart or educated as I would still like to be but i am learning more with everyday. I have learned to better express my opinions, and provide sources and verify my info instead of just spouting off at the mouth and calling names when someone would check me on what i was talking about. I have learned a lot about our military and our presence around the globe, I have known for a while we were not spreading freedom to oppressed people, but not to the extent that I have found here.

I have enjoyed my stay here thus far, may not have always felt welcomed, but never felt not wanted. Weird i know but i am a quiet person and don't usually speak in real life and haven't really contributed a ton here. I have learned a lot about myself though by reading thru threads and feeling the emotions as I read other members post whether I agreed or disagreed I learned that although i usually say i don't care or have opinion that I truly do, and that it ok for people to not agree and we can still get along politely.

I have come to the conclusion that there are issues that we all will never see eye to eye on, be it gun control, birth control, abortion or middle east issues, but thru it all we can mostly stay cordial to one another, and agree to disagree, most of the time. I've noticed that quite a few of you have developed friendships here that come off as a bond stronger then i have felt with people in my day to day life, and even seen it go as far as people moving and having conspiracy babies together, I find that all fascinating. Tho I wouldn't say I have made any friends here as of yet, mostly to my lack of ambition and joining conversations, I don't feel like i have made any enemies either.

I enjoyed the support i have gotten from a few members in avatar creation thread and gimp tutorial that have helped me to learn how to create my own avatars and actually enter holiday competition, kinda out of my comfort zone, yeah we are anonymous on the site but as stated before im a closed off person. and not comfortable expressing any emotion or putting my self out there to be judged lol. I would have to say of the members i have had brief minor interaction with that destinyone is probably the closest i have come to making a friend on here, we have only interacted briefly a couple times but that is more correspondence then i have had with any other members, you were always kind and you were the first to say hello in my intro thread! lol

I hope at some point I have at least made a few of you smile with my smartass comments from time to time, I think that is my purpose in life is to make others happy and laugh, I haven't added much to the site on a intellectual level, however if i can share humor in this crazy world i think i am doing just as much good.

Well thats all i have time for now, boss due back any min lol. not really looking for responses to this thread, just kinda reflecting from where i was a year ago and my ignorance, and how far I have come even though it may not be far it is a start. Thank you all for being you, and can't wait to look back a year from now, If were still alive that is
couldn't help myself. Good luck friday hopefully the crazies don't come out.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences with ATS and how it may have effected your attitude, opinion or over all view of the world.

Thanks for reading if you did


posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 04:14 PM
I read your thread. I find it a very refreshing change from the angry clutter on the new topics page. Thank You for posting it....



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