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Is the NWO using mind control operations on Americans to further its agenda?

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 11:23 AM
Disclaimer: This thread is not intended to trivialize or other wise disrespect the incredible grief being felt by recent shooting victims all over the US. I think the Connecticut shooting was a horrible and insane act regardless of who is responsible. Get that - REGARDLESS OF WHO is responsible. Please do not berate the OP for trying to have an honest discussion about the problem.

There must be a reason for these senseless mass shootings.
To simply blame them on guns is disingenuous.
To simply blame them on poor policies for dealing with the mentally unstable is disingenuous.
President Obama is correct – we need to have a serious discussion about it and soon.

This thread is an attempt to offer commentary related to that discussion…..

Most psychologists and law enforcement professionals will tell you that there a many, many reasons a person commits heinous acts of violence but the victims almost always fall into two categories;
1. Someone(s) in close proximity during “the heat of the moment”. These are enacted on the closest possible targets when someone’s emotions get the better of them. A “crime of passion”.
2. Someone(s) that represents a person or group that has wronged or committed some perceived injustice against the individual.

Recent shootings in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, etc have spawned a new phenomenon – Random spree shootings involving people and places seemingly unconnected to any perceived “offense” against the shooter.

Also recent shootings seem to offer a similar MO in that the shooter seems to have a seemingly inexplicable, rapid, unforeseen, or out of character, break with reality.

Take off your “I’m a cornbread fed red blooded American Democrat / Republican / Libertarian” hat for a moment. To get this you have to think a little differently. You have to perceive the US as not a “shining city on a hill” but as just another territory controlled and used for its resources by the world military industrial empire. I’m not a big “NWO” believer, but consider the state of the world right now. Radical civil unrest and outright revolution is rampant in many parts of the world. Economic instability and radical disparity in social and economic standing have spread like a virus though out nearly every country. Radically change is on the March and there is no reason to believe this is not an organized agenda. This type of change simply does not happen on such a wide scale spontaneously.

George H. W. Bush New World Order speech;

IF, the NWO exists, and if they are implementing the NWO agenda, for it to work the radical elements of the world would have to be smoothed out and sovereignty would have to be marginalized. Radical elements might include radical Islamic extremists but it would ALSO include nations whose citizenry is radically wealthier than the rest of the world and ALSO whose citizenry possessed enough firearms to repel a good sized army for years.

IF you consider the possibility of the NWO agenda then you have to consider the possibility they may be acting to “smooth out the rough edges” of the world economically, militarily and ideologically.
- Economic leveling: The 2008 economic crisis impacted all the worlds economies but massive wealth was lost from the citizenry of most of the wealthiest countries
- Ideoligical and Military leveling: The “Arab Spring” has brought about regime change, marginalized some of the worlds most powerful militaries not aligned to western NATO countries and is forcing even radical Islamic elements into becoming legitimate and more responsible world participants.
- Marginalization of Sovereignty: To many instances to cite but a broad article is listed below.

That leaves the problem of guns in the hands of Americans.

The ONLY way to breach the Second Amendment gun rights would be if;
a. A Democrat controlled administration was in place
b. Acts so heinous occurred that the political climate would tolerate passing legislation that would first ban certain gun sales then use that law to broaden gun restrictions and local authorities’ ability to confiscate weapons.

Those two events have occurred.

The Hypothesis of more than a few:
We might as well just come out and say what everyone is thinking in the back of their mind. Namely that the US government is somehow exposing individuals to a drug or some other stimuli which allow them to imprint that persons mind with a death mission such as the recent mass shootings across the US.

Is the government using mind control tactics or drugs on people that make them “Manchurian Zombies”, “self directed Kamikaze killers” or [insert your own label here].

If you think the NWO scenarios above are plausible then this is not a stretch.

We know the US government has been experimenting with mind control since the creation of the CIA in the 1947. We also know that they were working on aerosolized delivery methods as far back as 1951. Look how much technology has taken a quantum leap between then and now. Isn’t it reasonable to believe that these mind control tactics have improved in a similar fashion? Is it unreasonable to think that these men in power wouldn’t do anything including slaughter innocents (see operation Dormouse) to reach their goals?

Too many to list but here are a few with even more still classified:

Battalion 316

You make your own judgements but I think we need to make sure we discuss the radical shift of these events from “crimes of passion” or “revenge” killings to seemingly random spree killings that have convenient political overtones.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:01 PM
S&F sir, the conclusion is entirely spot on!
Far too much evidence has accrued, from the Oklahoma bombing...onwards to 9/11....
And right up to the present....
I too, have been saying the same things to whomever will pay attention.....
The reality we "live by", nearly every MSM dissemination of information, is tainted by PSYWAR conducted against , not just Americans, but the entire globe....
Techniques of mass mind control are so many and varied, that it is going to be hard to open the eyes of the majority.
Those who see the methods being employed for what they are(Social Engineering) are by far in a minority position.
The education of the people will take a major campaign to out the devious and sinister methods employed on them....Few will believe at first because they do not understand that these trauma events are a well worn tactic to manipulate the majority of citizens to go along with pre planned agendas....
There are much deeper and darker levels to the layers of goverment research....the extremel potential of mind control methods makes them a PRIORITY of the clandestine world...
The Israeli MOSSAD< their intelligence arm, has perfected the art of traumatising societies to bring about policies that favour ther plans and agendas.
I need not mention but 2...The Lavon Affair...and the King David Hotel illustrate my point.
Remember these events are decades old, i am sure that there has been much sophistication since to enhance the tactic of such hienous manipulation.
The INNOCENCE of the VICTIMS is a paramount consideration, to the devastation of the emotional reactions...
Thus allowing a breach in the rational reasoing of the target populations.
The fact that one who is "normal and reasonably sane" cannot fathom the horror of the the nessessary ingredient to suspend their own rational thought emotions take over....

This is elementary psychology, and they are far far removed from the" elementary" after sixty or more years of CONCENTRATED RESEARCH....
Many historical instances of this trauma conditioning (even before it was a science they used it crudely.)
Pearl harbour, The USS Maine, and many other obvious ploys are documented psywar events....
This and many other techniques have been since added to the repetoir of the psywar units in the US forces.

To this end let me retierate one last time...
The eventsof modern history, and reasons for them, are to a large degree PSTWAR EVENTS designed to INFLUENCE EN MASS< the population.
This is why there are such myriad unexplained, and incongrous explanations for the events...
The deception is nearly always sufficient to keep the people in ignorance because the truth is totally unthinkable and unacceptable to most......
The denial of the majority is all it takes to let the cries of foul slip away into history un answered and unheard.
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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:02 PM
Hi Beanandginger, I have a link from a previous post you may find of interest. Nice job on opening post. I'll be watching for more discussions.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:15 PM
Scopalamine is WW11 stuff, and seventy yrs have passed since.....
The available pharmaceuticals of todays CIA are very likely much more sophisticated and undetectable as science can produce in 70 ys of reseach.......
The Psychological and technical advances in knowledge of human brain pysiology is far and away more
highly researched than way back then.

I take your hypothisis very seriously.....

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:16 PM
I don't have the energy or time to do a detailed rundown, and most of the information is already on ATS -- just do a simple search.

Look into the keyword "Tavistock" ...

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by stirling

I've been saying this since the shooting. This drug is made from the bark of a South American tree. Cartels in Collumbia have been reportedly using it to carry out killings. All one has to do is blow a little bit of powder in your face and you become a mindless drone.

VICE Magazine did a video on it, and interviewed a dealer of it as well as a victim. This guy let people into his home to steal everything (and even helped them!). The next morning he wakes up, everything is gone and doesn't know why. He asks his doorman what happened, and is told, "Well sir, last night you said these people were your friends and it was OK to be moving all your stuff."

And that is just the crude version. Imagine what the labs have been able to perfect

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