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You good for nothing, 21 year old, high school drop out, no GED having ASS!!!! Well, at least someon

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 04:33 AM
Was my title enough to make you curious? If it did, welcome to my rant. For the record, ^^ That's me.

I originally wrote this on Facebook. Decided that I might as well post it here. Some of this has been edited (Can't have ya'll knowing where to find me
). Take from it what you will. Please forgive any grammatical errors as this was written in haste.
I'm finding more and more people everyday, mostly within my generation, who feel the same about all of this. But people are so far gone, that the only way to rid the world of the evil that has clung to it so fiercely, it seems, would be to destroy it and rebuild it. Again and again if need be.


We were all lucky enough to experience the turn of a century, a new millennia.
Why do the vast majority of individuals squander this rather grand milestone?
At what point do we, as an entire populace (black, white, brown), begin to UPLIFT humanity? Or would we all rather prove ourselves to be barbaric, chaotic, nonsensical, judgmental, greedy, arrogant, perverse, masochistic idiots?
It's time to turn this all around, World. WE CAN FIX EVERY SINGLE ISSUE IF WE WANT TO!!! So, why haven't we?
Has it become too easy to survive? Have we depreciated every minuscule miracle to the point that none of it matters?
We have the capability of taking a PERSON FROM THIS PLANET and shooting them into the heavens. Take pictures of our planet from the outside looking in!
We have developed extraordinary means of communication. At any given time, we can speak to someone of a completely separate culture, language, ethnicity and receive responses in real time. Literally in the blink of an eye we can send VAST amounts of information across the globe. And these are only two of the MANY MANY MANY absolutely astounding things that we have accomplished.
Yet we destroy ourselves and each other. We constantly rape our Earth for her resources and offer her no thanks in return.

...Think about this...

As far as we understand, everything in existence is compromised of atoms. They are the microscopic infrastructural building blocks of all that we see and feel. Everything from the light particles that enable us to see our material world to the hair on your body and the television in your house is made of the same basic building blocks. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that everything in our universe is interconnected. Have you seen the movie Avatar? It's the SAME DAMN THING, only without the weird little hair-sex-thing that allows you to 'download' the information directly. Why don't we need the hair-sex to gather the info? Well... BECAUSE WE ARE PART OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT ENVELOPES OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE! It is, quite literally, ingrained in our DNA. But we've all lost touch. We've become too self-absorbed. We no longer have that 'connection' to all the miraculous (using the word 'miracle' loosely. I reserve the right to prepare my own definitions for certain words. Get some..) happenings within our own realm.
You know what the world needs? Compassion. Love. Honesty.
Name ONE TIME that beating somebody's ass ever benefited you? I'll bet you walked away feeling fantastic, right? "Man, I DARE somebody else to step.." ...Until you get home... Your knuckles are sore. You have bruises, cuts, dried blood crusted on your skin. Where is the pride in this? How did you make ANYTHING better within the world in that moment? We war and fight and murder one another as a means to our own personal gains, but I see nothing to gain from the violence. It only demeans our spirits and our humanity.

I fear that we are so far down the path of self destruction that there may no longer be hope for recourse. And if there is hope, why are so few giving anyone a reason to believe that we can better ourselves, our planet, our spirits?

Ranting like this made a line from a Switchfoot song pop into my head.
"We were meant to live for so much more. Have we lost ourselves?"

Yes. And Yes.

Please, if you care about the ones close to you, the only way to save them is to start caring about the ones who aren't in direct relation. Be it by blood, location, culture, skin tone, it doesn't matter who; just start caring about them. Stop letting the world focus so much on things that should have no affect on people. Why should everyone spend their entire lives to work and slave and miss out on all of the beautiful things that this life have to offer? Imagine if money was never created. This doesn't mean technology would've never advanced. It just means that we would have been using it for the betterment of our natural selves. We would have more time to focus on positive things, rather than always stressing about the next light bill.

We can change the world. All you have to do, is do it.

"Be the change you wish to see within the world."
-Spoken to me by a great friend (obviously something that he had heard elsewhere). The world is not the same without your insight. RIP, brother.

Think about these things. Take these thoughts and add to it what you desire. Maybe, with a little luck, it will stick. If not, then I guess I'll be reading your bull# on facebook about baby-daddies, cars, and who won the f*cking sunday game.

I apologize for the rant, but being that this is the most public of all forums, hopefully this same post (give or take a few things) will pop up in my newsfeed in a week or so, once its' shared its' way across the world, of course ;D

If you agree, feel free to copy and paste or share to your hearts' content. The selfish side of me would damn sure love to see that some simple words (well, in all fairness I pulled out the better vocabulary for this specific post) made a lasting impact and people are willing to listen, if only for a moment. If, by chance, you do decide to spread this around, please remove some of the statements within the parentheses.

-Hoping for a better tomorrow and a brighter future,

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 05:08 AM
I think as humans, we've advanced far enough that we're born into an "automatic" world. A lot of us don't understand the work, thinking and trial and error that's gone into the sciences and arts around. Such as getting food on our table to taking photos from space. We tend to take these things for granted, as we don't really need to do too much to live a comfortablish life, and when we do get bored, we tend to get drunk and have fist fights like you said.


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