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Changing the World.

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 04:17 AM
So the theory goes that if I interact with you that your time has now been displaced.

Eg you are now in a different place than if you had never talked interacted with me.

I have a list of some things for you to do that will put your life in a different place, you will be walking a different path. Like the butterfly effect I guess. You can choose to do one or more of these.

1. Boil Water on the stove in pot.
2. Listen to Stairway to Heaven by a covering artist on You tube.
3. Snap a cd or dvd in half. It can be blank or whatever u have lying around.
4. Go for a drive and take a glass of water with you. At around five minutes of driving get out of your car and stand around for 30sec-1min then empty the glass of water on the ground.
5. Print out a picture of a butterfly.
6. Put on a xtra t-shirt for 5 mins then take it off.
7. Take a single slice of bread and put it in the fridge with butter on it. Forget about it for a day or more.
8. Walk around the entire outside of your house or building.
9. Put your left sock on your right foot and your right sock on your left foot. Swap socks.
10. Take one Shoe OFF leave the other one on for at least 5 min.
11. Here's one with product placement. Go down to store and by a Can of Cherry Coke if you can find it otherwise ordinary coke. Drink at least a sip and what your don't drink find somewhere without trouble to tip it out. You can drink the whole thing if you want.
12. Pick up the phone dial 2 random numbers then hang up.
13. Print out a picture of a turtle.
14. Set a clock forward by 1 min.
15. Jump in the shower with your clothes on.
16. Restart you computer and browse to this page again.
17. Turn You monitor off leave it for 1 min then turn it back on.
18. Swap the batteries around in a remote control so the left is on right side and right is on left side.
19. Fill a glass half full of milk, drink it, get a new glass fill half full drink.
20. Read page 50 of any book you have lying around out loud.
21. Read this thread I created: Good Ground and Seed

That will do for now. I can always post more later. So read the list and pick something to do. You are now in a different place from where you would be if you had never done it.

Your thoughts are different and your timeline is different. Post what number you did or any thoughts.

Any questions?

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 04:36 AM

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 02:24 PM
The Illuminati refuse to change.
Weapons are the word and always beat non weapons.
One who beat the Illuminati on a personal scale.
The ultimate non weapon was invented by 1915 but gave way to the
German machine gun in WWI. To explode shells in guns and other
devices by beam scans would mean the redevelopment of explosives.
Are the immune weapons being developed to ensure the preservation
of weaponry. Do we want the scanners now to ensure our safety.
I don't hear a word in the scientific community of such a device.

So no Changing the World in the regard of weapons.

Ed: Looking for life changing entertainment, one hour of six pounding drums
or was it only four.

Ed+: This gig was perhaps more soothing:
Looks like a party for models found in a search:

Yeah models is where its at.
Ed++: You are now crusading against weapons, playing the drums or
checking out the world of models.
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posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 09:35 AM
So i guess the fact that your even reading this thread is altering your life in a little way. Like even aren't now aren't we changing things.

So what are you thinking? Write it down in this thread. It could be anything just post it.

Is there anything to be gained by interacting with me who is in another country on the other side of the world and is basically a random stranger.

I can't teach you anything, i'm not a teacher. I suggest you avoid pain. Like from now on try just a little bit harder to avoid pain. Think about way to improve your life and the lives of others. There should be some return if you improve someone elses life. They might visit you one day and change your timeline for the better.

Are our timelines able to be changed? Has reading this and interacting with this changed where your at? Can I help you live longer? I at the very least hope this interaction is a blessing to you.

Open communication and dialog has great benefits.

We often copy our parents and people around us when we are little. We can trace some of the decisions we make as adults back to things we have seen as children. Our memories affect us and our decisions.

So what do you remember of this thread so far? Will there be anything you will take away from it? Have I formed any long term long lasting memories in your head? Probably not.

Well if you've read this far your now on a different timeline. Your next action is now different than if we had never interacted. I have built you a little. These interactions have benefits both ways. As yet no one really knows what we're building. I believe we're heading towards immortality and universe exploration.

With words I can alter how you feel. My words could be building an all consuming fire in some. In others they have no effect.

Maybe you could post some of your beliefs in this thread. People have so many different beliefs it's amazing.

I'm trying to affect your world positively through what you read here. Do you have questions? Post your random question in this thread and people can look at it at least.

How much power can I transfer to you through written words alone. The words I choose to use and the arrangement of them should transfer some of me to you. This transfer should lift some of your burden and ease your weight. You can see with my eyes.

Throwing power at problems helps solve them. What problems do you have currently? Health problems are horrible. Thoughts alone don't solve your bodies ailments most of the time. But you still have to be smart. You can change your diet, exercise more etc. The motivation to change comes from your thoughts.

These are my thoughts written down so they interact with others thinking and produce a change in the person reading. What do you have on your mind.

I can't think of what else to say to you that might help you.

This is like pay it forward or something. I am interacting with the world in an attempt to empower it and change myself. Do you believe your free? Then how come you have so many questions? These questions need to be answered for your freedom to be complete. Write some of your questions down. Like aliens, where do we come from, big bang, evolution.

People need to burn brighter and hotter everyday.

So having read this you have added something to you of myself. My force has altered your force.

This mingling of forces produces something. Good things most often.

You might one day have a flash back to this conversation we had just now where I attempted to change your life but probably you will just forget what is written here, but even so your life is now altered even if it's just a little.

This alteration will go on and produce fruit. What the fruit is and how much I can't say.

Anyhow post in this thread for me.

Thanks for your time

Take me to your Leeda.

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 05:16 AM
22. Play a game of solitaire.
23. Search in google for a scripture in the bible, then read some commentary about it and then post that scripture here in this thread with your own commentary, like a sentence, for everyone to read. Type like you are typing for God.
24. Goto ebay and search in the stereo section view at least two pages.
25. Put some petrol in your car at one petrol station. Drive to a different petrol station put in some more petrol. Also buy a candy bar at one of the stations.
26. Boil you kettle. Tip the water out. Boil some more water and make a drink.
27. Read page 19 of a magazine that you can find somewhere like a fish and chip shop or someone elses house.
28. Open a window then close it again. Open a different window and leave it open for at least 2 minutes.
29. Make a paper plane and throw it.
30. Write something on a piece of paper then burn it.]
31. Turn your stereo up to full volume where it's not distorting and listen to a complete song at this volume.
32. Find a physical bible and turn to a random page, put the best scripture from that page that you like in this thread.
33. Say out loud 3 times that "I LOVE GOD" 3 times out loud. Even if you don't love god.
34. Put on a different Shirt.
35. Post a picture of a Finch.
36. Post a picture of a Car.
37. Print out a picture of the Whitehouse.
38. Record 2 minutes of footage from TV with any recording device and then watch it again.
39. Draw a drawing on a piece of paper. Spend at least 1 minute.
40. Go out to the mail box, check it, on the way back grab a leaf from a tree and transport it inside. Keep it for at least a day on display somewhere.

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by leeda

i once asked a repented fallen angel a question concerning the film 'the butterfly effect'. This was the response...

i have never seen the movie, the Butterfly effect so i am a little fuzzy on the details but to answer generally.. the enemy can use your emotions against you, whether they are positive or negative. They can dredge up past memories and remind you of them if they invoke the feeling that furthers their goal. When people see reality through the lenses of their feelings, they see a skewed reality. They see a world colored by their desires and that leads them to make decisions founded on nothing but their own imagination.

Your idea will only work in connection with 'alters' (split personalities) that are under the influence of the evil law of attraction principle.

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by leeda

But what if printing a picture of a butterfly makes me forget my cure for cancer? I mean, what if just replying to this thread makes me forget it!?

Forget what?

Huh? Nevermind...

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 06:58 AM

reply to post by leeda

But what if printing a picture of a butterfly makes me forget my cure for cancer? I mean, what if just replying to this thread makes me forget it!?

Forget what?

Huh? Nevermind...

Your implying that in the trade you get something bad. If there is anything bad in the trade then this is solely at on your end. Everything at my end is only for your good.

If you forgot the cure for cancer it wasn't my fault it was your own evil.

Sometimes humor takes the place of evil. With evil there is no progression. Blank.

The 40 ideas listed so far could be considered a trade. That is, it should add to your life in the form that it's in already. You get the benefits. It adds to you.

My payment could be that it comes back to me somehow or I may never see any benefit whatsoever. The interaction is fun enough. Reading your reply and replying to it has altered my time line. You may never read this again though.

I call athis trading. Combinations of words are being traded.

I'm open to trade. I have a valuable experience as a resource. I'm going to profit from it. Word trading is good. I shall keep participating to profit. Others looking for profit should do some word trades in this thread or others.


posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 07:33 AM

The 40 ideas listed so far could be considered a trade.

No, they could be considered a waste of time
They are certainly no way to "change the world" as you say, they are a good way to put off changing the world though.

"Hey, let's go change the world!"

"Okay...but first let me swap the batteries around in a remote control so the left is on right side and right is on left side..."

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Rapha

I agree with you completely. Most people see "Love" as an emotion, but this is not what Jesus Christ taught. Love is an ACTION it's Compassion.

Jesus said the most important thing is to treat others as you would like to be treated because that sums up all of The Law and The Prophets.

Studies have shown that the people who run this world (rich and powerful) don't care about Compassion. They do not have The Spirit of Christ within them. Link

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