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"Aurora" seen in Skyfall trailer (May 2012)

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 02:08 AM
Hello, I already shared this info some other topics but figured it should have its own thread because it'll probably get buried.

The words AURORA can be seen in bright red letters at :40-:41 seconds in the Skyfall trailer (im not sure where it is in the actual movie, i dont have it). Below is a white sign with hands reaching up towards the red AURORA. In order to see it clearly you must go to youtube, click 1080p HD for quality, and view in fullscreen. You can see it either way, but pausing it right before the screen goes black can help the red letters stand out.

Please dont bother bashing, I just investigated a claim and it led to an interesting find that some may find coincidental, I myself have no idea if the conspiracy theories regarding movies and the NWO are true.

Below is a link to the youtube video (remember, click 1080p HD or it will be too blurry) and a blurry but passable picture i managed to grab using print screen, microsoft paint and zoom in (I need to get photoshop....). The fact it says Aurora is indisputable.

Edit- The building is called the Aurora Plaza in Shanghai, China, someone pointed that out to me, thanks.
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