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Spiritual Interpretation: Here is mine, what is yours?

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 11:38 PM
I have long wanted to write up my spiritual interpretation but never had a platform from which I could share it. If anyone decides to read this, I would thank you ahead of time and I would ask that you feel free to share your own if you would like to. I will try to not be overly long winded!

I never considered myself to be religious. I always thought it was too restrictive and static. While it is true that I reject the idea of religion for myself and that I do accept many things that one might say are scientific in nature, I also have spiritual beliefs.

My interpretation of the spiritual:

- The universe is "god." It is our creator. It is possible that something created the creator yet what is important is that we are.

- We are not only a physical body. Our physical body will die and our energy will be released and go on. This is our spirit, our soul or whatever label one would like to give it. We are primarily spirit living in the physical not physical with a spirit. All things have this energy, not only humans but other animals as well, also plants and minerals.

- While the universe created us; the dead who have gone on before us, our ancestors, the saints and even those with nefarious intent can and will guide and interceed for our spiritual selves.

- All actions will have consequences. We are responsible for our actions and the consequences that follow.

I have been called a Spiritualist and a Rootworker by others because of my interpretation. I do work with plants and animal curios, I do read cards and it is true that I revere the dead but those labels mean nothing. They do not change my spirit nor do they change my interpretation.

I could have gone far more in depth but did not want to bore everyone to tears! Please share your spirtual interpretation if you want to, it does not matter if you completely disagree with my interpretation, if you consider yourself religious, philisophical or anything else. Maybe you do not accept the spiritual at all, I still want to read your story if you are willing to share. I love to read how others see spirit. I think it is fascinating.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 08:53 AM
I believe I created the universe. And in this universe that I created, I created relativity. That way I could inhabit my creation and view it from quadrillions of angles. But I also created my creation to be able to see its true self so that they could participate in the creation of the universe from their individualized vantage point. The creation would know of this experience through such ideas as, "everything happens for a reason", " all is well", " everything is as it should be", "perfection", and "harmony". Through those perceptions, the creation of mine would be able to see its true self, which is me and you.

I am boundless, universal consciousness. I see all. The creation that is typing this does not see, but it is I, the universal consciousness, that looks through it like a window. I am fully invested in every aspect of my creation, in order to get a true relative experience. But when this creation dies, I will return to my all knowing, omnipotent, absolute state that truly I never left.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by smithjustinb

I really like that, like we are all fragments of what one might call god. That is a very beautiful interpretation and it seems to be an interpretation that more and more people are seeing lately. I have met quite a few people who see things that way, just within the last year or so. Very interesting.

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