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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by alfa1

I recalled this link from an earlier post...
This drug can make zombies out of people.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by TKDRL
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

I have no clue about diazepam, but I was given lorazepam when I went to the hospital last. I don't remember much after I took it(it was the disolve under tongue type), don't remember the two hour ride home, but I was supposedly talking like normal, and acting normal. Next thing I remembered was waking up the next morning.

They are both benzodiazepines.

Lorazepam however is much more potent.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by tiremanken
reply to post by alfa1

I recalled this link from an earlier post...
This drug can make zombies out of people.

Maybe it's in how it's taken. If it's given in patch form for sea sickness, your fine. But it they give you a stronger dose blown in your face, you're a zombie.

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by dollukka

Dont even try to connect autism and the treatment methods to this,in case you are blind to the facts there are many sites related to autism and we already know Autistic people are visual thinkers and that there is a covert undertaking to supress this data,so nice try .There is no connection to this killing and autism,I am autistic and you are being questioned on your motives for making that veiled reference.

The first time I saw this guys picture I knew he was screwed up,it looks more like exctasy and chemical type drugs or prescribed drugs.

Typical scenario,the divorce happens,mom is alone with the kids,she is trying to live up to the lies the feminists of the 60s told her,and she fails terribly.The kids start acting up but she has to work so she trys to make things work-even if she has tried to provide a new and adequate male role model the boy wont bond or accept him,but eventually she becomes so worried about her child she takes him to a doctor,now she is in the SYSTEM and OF COURSE the doctor will give her some pharmacutical crack for her son,and once he starts taking it it is only downhill from there.A depressed kid that has suffered the trauma of a divorce and is fed to the Pharmacutical companies like a sacrifice,and then later manifests manic homocidal tendancies,this is an old story ,it is not new and I blame the deadbeat dads and feminists that worked 24/7 to destroy the traditional core family, and the court system that fails to hold divorced parents accountable for their childrens well being..I became part of a blended family ten years ago and have some knowledge.

We can dig all we want but the fact is that until we see a chronology of pictures of this kid we will not be able to understand his degredation or the timeline of that dive.I recognised the look on his face immediatly,I have experience with young kids of divorce who are taken to doctors by desperate mothers because they love their kids and dont know what else to do,I witnessed what the doctors do with these kids,I researched the drugs given to a young man and I was appalled and stricken with the reality that our kids are being destroyed for a few big pharma dollars,the doctors are a huge collusional part of this issue,they claim ignorance and that they are providing care,but its not true,the doctors know very well what the drugs often do to kids but this is a multi billion dollar business and the drugs are pushed on the kids every time.I witnessed the changes these drugs can have on a young developing mind,I saw the real horrible reality of what happens when those drugs kick in,the look in the eyes and the look on the face,the emotions come out so clearly and so abruptly---after six weeks I refused to live in the same house as a teenaged boy who was taking medication----screw off with the diagnosis as well thats another diversion tactic the system has created---there is well and unwell,this boy was unwell and was given drugs that made him into an unpredictable emotional deviant,the very look on his face and in his eyes changed --it was absolutely terrifying.Thank god his mother noticed the changes immediatly and DID NOT KEEP HER FAITH IN THE PHARM MONSTERS,ten years later he is happy and independant and has a full life,and has taken NO DRUGS since his bad experiences with them.

Remember if you are a single mom who is the main dual role model to her sons that you are teaching a male--female coping skills wether you like it or not,you CANNOT replace a male mindset in this job,the feminists were full of crap so get over it,you NEED a male there somewhere.This is because women protect themselves and their emotions in very different ways than men do and like it or not women will become violent FASTER than men if they feel threatened and cornered ,so believe it or not you are actually teaching your sons to have hair-trigger tempers if there is no male around,suck it up and dont get upset when i say these things because they are facts,men bluff A LOT in general and we teach our sons how to do this and how to remain confident and keep selfesteem even though we back down from these bluffs with other men,women DO NOT back down from a fight,they pick their spots but they DO NOT generally back down from a fight,so do you see what happens,a young man is created who DOESNT KNOW HOW TO BLUFF OR BACK DOWN while retaining his confidence and selfrespect,he has been taught by a female mind that he must bust down the wall at all costs,this is a very real dynamic and can easily create monsters who snap out and do things that NO MAN IN HIS RIGHT MIND would ever do.I am saying this to illustrate the differences in types of coping skills men and women need to develop and the potential pitfalls of neglecting this topic.a woman expects a male to back down at some point and most do when a woman bares her fangs or gets emotional but what the hell do you think happens to little Billy when he confronts another boy taught by a male role model???He will get himself crushed emotionally and physically because he will not be able to stand and back up the words that come out of his mouth,a woman will teach him to challenge men in a very different way than a man would and this results in arse kickings because the father teach their sons to back up what they say with physicality and women teach their sons how to force men to retreat tactilly,naturally this results in trouble for the female role model boy because he cannot handle the constant blows to his ego and emotions when he is defeated and his female type mindset is booted aside by other boys.You need to live this to learn it.You need to actually see young men all pent up and ready to blow their tops ala a female drama,and then you need to see what happens after they are put in their place by a man,imagine what a woman would do if a man stood her down,we all know very well she would draw her share of blood later in many different manipulative ways,you would pay for standing her down,now imagine MALES who think like this and what goes on in their heads,they cannot deal with a standdown and their coping skills taught by a female lead them to plot revenge later,they DO NOT SETTLE things in the moment they push till they are pushed back then they turtle and begin to plan and conspire.If there are no mental issues or drugs involved this dynamic will eventually work itself out as the boy learns male coping skills,BUT if psycotropic drugs are introduced to the boy he will continue to plot and plan in his head as his mom taught him to do,this is how ticking timebombs are created.I had may possesions destroyed and damaged in little ways,I had cars damaged,anything I liked was in some way damaged or broken when no one was around,this was my main red flag that caused me to do an intervention in my own life,I recognised this dynamic and saw the awfull potential just a few years down the road.Remember idf you are a man trying to make a blended family work and there are boys acting out like this that the mothers WILL 100% UNDERSTAND WHAT AND WHY THEIR SONS ARE ACTING LIKE THEY ARE,and the Mother WILL NOT side with you because she will naturally gravitate to the rationalisations her son made that were femele catalysed.She will say to herslef---MMMmmm thats exactly what I would have done so nothing is wrong,wakey wakey mom this is a male we are dealing with not a daughter.

Do not give up just adjust your tactics,and if you see the crazy joker looks and meds are involved get out of the house before you get hurt or killed.Then talk to the mom and explain what you are feeling.If you try to dominate those types of boys you will get hurt or the boys will hurt someone else to vent their female perspective,guaranteed someone will get hurt one way or another .

Trust your instincts,for gods sakes if you look over the kitchen table and your 16 yr old son is looking at you like the joker from freaking Batman,DO SOMETHING IF HE IS ON MEDS,dont just think its ok,those looks are VERY REAL and he does MEAN THEM 100% and he will follow through on the look with eventual actions.Especially if he is male,I could care less about the bleeding heart people who will argue with me differentiating between male and female on this,a male has natural violent tendancies ESPECIALLY AS A TEEN and that is a fact.

There is no single solution and it is impossible to convince a mother her own kid is sizing her up for a coffin,but I have seen it with my own eyes and it is very very real.The things I noticed were that the emotional dam that was there before the meds was broken by the meds but then the coping ability was not there because of the artificial dambuster that was used,so lacking adequate coping skills and suddenly being hit with 1000 gallons of emotion was traumatising to the teen and naturally a teens emotions are quasi-childlike still,so there was an IMMEDIATE instinctive read by myself that something was wrong and that the looks I was seeing were mirroring the thoughts he was having,and I acted immediatly by packing my things and talking to the mother and explaining that she was in danger as well as her other children and that I was not prepared to become a victim of her teenage son even if she was willing to sacrifice herself and other kids.

You see this isnt easy to do and sometimes men just leave because MEN can feel those looks and our instincts are not motherly,we know darn well what the kids are thinking.Battleing a mother is a losing battle and fruitless.Talking to a divorced mother about the children she concieved with another man is equally as useless,most cant grasp that you actually care,they are ultra-defensive naturally.

I blame deadbeat dads and the feminist movement directly for this dynamic that we see so often.The court systems let men walk away and leave mothers holding the bag and facing the music.I spent literally thousands of hours talking and "lecturing"a young man I respected and loved,and it was a full-time job and absolutely thankless for months and months until the coping skills began to grow and develop normally,and all that time I was an emotional pin-cushion for another person,it wasnt easy but it was the right thing to do.I dont know how I managed to be honest,but it was worth it 100% to watch a young man regain his identity and coping skills,to see someone you care about getting better is priceless.

I must say I understand why many men in this position simply leave,we arent really designed to be that emotionally in tune with kids,it is truly something you must work on as hard as the kids must work.I also must add that there is a tremendous amount of animosity I direct at the natural father and also must add for mothers trying to reestablish their familys that if you show the slightest amount of respect for the father of your children and he is a deadbeat or a parttimer then you are hurting your children,if you have managed to find a man who cares enough to stay with your blended family and work to make it better you need to openly aknowledge that to your kids,if you dont you could be building a time-bomb.And for gods sakes do not spend your life telling yourself that everything is ok,a failed marriage is a FAILURE and must be aknowledged and moved past,if it isnt it becomes like a cancer.Your ex is a FAILURE and if you have the kids you need to move on and past that,so you need to admit to yourself that the MARRIAGE was a FAILURE,or you risk sending mixed signals to your kids.Mommy loves me,mommy doesnt love me,daddy loves me,daddy doesnt love me,Mommys new friend loves me,Mommys new friend isnt my daddy and he doesnt love me,mommy still likes Daddy because she always says and does nice things but the new guy is stopping them from being a family again,this is dangerous territory.many many women are under the impression they need to lie to their kids about failure in a marriage,they need to be honest so a failure can be recognised and everyone can move forward.

he was a fully grown man with 100% of the violent reactionary natural tendancies and he had the coping skills of a 12 yr old,is it any wonder we see outbursts of random and devastating violence??This was a full grown man acting like a12 yr old kid.

Mothers try to do as much as they can for their kids thank god,but the reality is that there is a time to move kids along in life and a time to let them learn to develop coping skills they need to have to be normal functioning adults,and this means sucess and failure must be experienced and aknowledged on a reasonable timeline.Reasonable means that by 20 you are on your own doing what adults do,learning what adults learn.Maybe things arent smooth,maybe there are major setbacks,it doesnt matter because the only other option is not acceptable,coping skills MUST be learned by a MAN,or he becomes a ticking timbomb,and NO girls are generally not like this the dynamic is very different ,they will hurt themselves where boys will hurt others,suck it up feminists and liberals,its reality,we are not and have never been equals as men and women ,get real.We are only equals in terms of respect and love but everything else is totally different and on that note YES your son can cut your throat in your sleep even if you gave birth to him,as tough as that is to hear.
We need a chronological pictorial record of this man to identify when he began his descent into insanity.We CAN tell by looking at him what he is thinking,get real,of course you can read a persons emotions via their looks.We need to do that and then see if there is a drug related correlation.Just youtube bathsalts if you need to learn a little more to gain perspective on the things your kids may be doing.

I look at it this way,Many years ago I drank alcohol,and sometimes if I had to many i would begin to let my guard down and act on impulsive thoughts,you know you are in the bar and some loudmouth beaks off,normally you wouldnt even react,you would have a quick thought about what an arse the guy is and you would move on,but sometimes when drunk you stick with the arsehole thought and then get up walk over and drive him one in the teeth to shut him up,now imagine a young kid who has no coping skills and is pent up full of negative thoughts,what the hell do you think he will do when you feed him drugs that break down the dam that is holding his emotions back????The same things I would do when I had to many drinks of alcohol,react immediatly in the moment in unreasonable ways,doing things you would never do otherwise,manifesting simple observations and thoughts into immediate action.If there has been an identity crisis based on gender or in other words if a female trys to teach a male all of his coping skills,you are looking at a very serious potentially deadly dynamic because when all inhibitions are removed by the drugs or in my case the booze the person will fall back on instinct and let it all hang out,this means a female taught boy will OVERREACT and maybe shoot you when a simple smack on the kisser was all that was validated or justified.This type of boy is AFRAID to get hit,he was taught by a female,but because his inhibitions are down he acts like a male and really DOES what he feels,which is crush something and in the process due to inadequate male coping skills and overly branded female coping skills there will almost always be a serious OVERREACTION emotionally in their head then followed by a very real physical action because their inhibitions are down and they are reacting on just male instincts which run counter to all their teachings.A normally taught male would NOT overreact emotionally in their head and this would temper the following actions,he wouldnt manifest all the raw emotion into action he would temper it first,whereas the other kid will convert the raw emotion into immediate and terminal action .This is like a hybrid reaction and it can very well be deadly.And it is very easy to explain,not to say this is the case here,just saying this is a very real dynamic many familys must deal with. I guess its easy to explain here without women or their deadbeat exes,feminists ,liberals,gays or doctors or lawyers debating every word and attempting to negotiate meanings into something they prefer to hear.I do not dislike the groups i just listed but they are all crap heaps to me with the exception of women,all the rest use female tactics and perspectives to manipulate everything around them ,to in essence LIE constantly in a battle of wills. Only women have a right to behave this way,it is natural to them and is beautiful ,but for the rest it is ugly annoying and cause for a serious battle .I back down from women because i understand the nature of their emotions to some small degree,but these other groups I attack with a passion because they STEAL the rights women are born with and use them for their own agendas in an unnatural manner.This hurts women and children and as i already said,NO WOMEN-NO CHILDREN they are sacred.

Everyone looks for a complicated answer because they dont want to offend any specific groups or people,I could give a crap what people think,I defend women and children and the buck stops right there.I will gladly engage and offend and crush anyone other than women and kids to bring clarity to the world around me,I have no sensitivity towards manipulators who are to lazy to work to make the world a better place by breaking new ground and instead ride on the coattails of women.

Dont look for the conspiracy so hard when the human reality is right in front of us all.I grieve for this mother and all of the mothers and kids and families,I do not grieve for the man the murderer,I have no pity for him at all and his father is right behind him in my books.Men know boys and if they run and do not contribute 100% they become useless in my eyes,and yes you will need to be nice to your ex to finish the job you started,there is no escape from parental responsibility ,divorce does not change that one bit.As a man you take your lumps as they come you cope,and you do not abbrogate your job as a parent to your children under any circumstances,you pay your child support and you suck-hole to your exwife so you can see your sons and spend time with them to give them the coping skills they will need in life.You rise above your own emotional needyness and do the right thing,hopefully you yourself had a male role model,unfoortunately you will find as i have that most men who abscond and abandon their families emotionally and fiancially had a dominant female role model,they act on female survival instinct and dont even feel bad about doing it,when they should be facing the dragons annd standing to fight,and get me clearly here many of these men have dads right there in the home ,dads who choose to not teach the proper coping skills to their sons and let their wives ride roughshod and take all the responsibility on themselves in a twisted type of mutual agreement,the end result is the same,a half-man with inadequate coping skills.This is NOT a single mother problem this is 100% a male role model and father problem,100%.married or divorced this is a 100% man issue and we need to tag these lazy bleepers as the losers that they are,then we can offer them help after they admit they have been failures.

We dont know what this murderer was thinking but we do know what he did,as time passes we will get all the data we need to make an acurrate estimation of the fators that brought him to that moment in time,but with all the BS that we must endure listening to all of the neutral gender mindsets in todays world we will accomplish nothing in terms of posititive future curative actions,this seems to be a simple case of what today has become epidemic,a neutral gender mindset unable to properly cope with a male reality,treated with drugs which flooded the mind with emotions and resulted in an inappropriate set of dynamic actions,mother nature will not be denied or debated away,the gender reality will never change this is a societal issue as well,males need to learn male coping skills and females need to learn female coping skills,judges and people like Obama need to stop catering to the liberal fanatics in the world and begin to support clear gender identity issues,we need to reassert this ,we need to regress societally and remove this neutral-gender mindset that was created during the 60s by feminists and reinforced by homosexuals and lesbians and their support factions,these are people who willingly abandon their natural gender assignments to make socitel statements,we need to stop this and we need to re-educate people in our countrys,this is a fixable problem if we are all honest.This is not about religous based morality,this is about humanity based reality,no political connotations here,this is mother nature and we need to respect that or we will pay a very dear price.

Next time you hear a call for gun control or any other BS just send this post to whoever you are dealing with and watch their faces very closely for their real internal reactions,I have gotten more people mad at me and acting violent and out of control simply by questioning the gender issues we all face today in society,when i relate my observations these people actually expect me to temper my words to accomodate their political and moral perspectives,what BS,forget it.Like I said watch their faces and guage their real reactions,they will end up more pissed off at my attacks on their feelings than the actual murders,they will immediatly defend this neutral gender mindset Obama and the legal system and the small special interest groups like gays and lesbians,feminists,deadbeat dads ect. ,all these groups dont care about women and children one dam bit.They care about themselves and thats their priority.

Bless the children and families who have suffered ,and curse anyone who refuses to seek rational natural solutions to todays societal problems so they can garner support from small special intrest groups backed by money and lawyers and large pharma and other corporate interests.Obama knows the truth he has kids,every time he stands there and beats around the bush REMEMBER IT,this is your leader this is your living solution,REMEMBER what he says and does,REMEMBER who he indirectly supports and refuses to clash with,remember it was a human who did this not a gun.Ask your president to deal with the human factors because thats his job,refuse to allow this to be spun into a political rallying point.

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by brettrix

Dont make references to Aspergers so it builds a connection to this horrible crime and people with Aspergers,it is common knowledge that people with Aspergers are visual thinkers and there is a current and covert effort to cover this fact up,meds are issued to prevent these people from being all they can be.In some countrys Aspergers and Autistic kids have already been listed and accounted for formally.

Your attempt at latent association will not work,and i quite realise "you werent even thinking that way",as I said it doesnt work there is a supportive movement afoot challenging statements like this which cause a latent association intended or not..

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 06:17 PM
This article says the drug was FANAPT:

From, side effects of the drug Fanapt:


Psychiatric side effects including restlessness, aggression, and delusion have been reported frequently. Hostility, decreased libido, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression have been reported infrequently.

It sounds like they need to review these kinds of drugs, instead of focusing on the guns.

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