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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 05:55 PM

Today I scrolled the recent posts and noticed a murder of crow-like threads regarding the second amendment and arguments for repeal, ban(s), etc... in the aftermath of recent mass shootings.

It saddens me as much as the rest of you to hear about these crimes.
It saddens me more that these crimes are virtually allowed due to restrictions on where and when you can pack a gun.

Blastphemy you say?

Well, the unfortunate truth is that no matter intent or action, you will never, ever eliminate guns from the possession of criminals, no matter what the citizen gun rights are.

In fact, you are simply promoting gun crime because the chances of being a criminal being apprehended is reduced to miniscule when knowing that the intended victims will not have a gun, should these rights be stripped from us, thus no abilitry to defend against a criminal with a gun. ( which will happen...exponentially.)

The devastating affect of the despicable act of killing children and adults as well at a grade school has rallied the juggernaut of gun ban advocates into desperate advocation with a renewed strength of purpose.

One might sense undertones of subliminal suggestion, of subconcious bombardment using just the right frequencies and vibrations to saturate individualism to the root, or core. Creating a divide within ourselves resulting in disassociation of mind, body and spirit.

This in turn allows implantation of a hive perception of freedom, scewing thought, through methods that are perfected I'm sure. However, We will never know, will we?

A Constitutional Republic should protect against infringment of all liberties. Upheld, these attacks en masse using a firearm as the weapon of choice, would be deterred through rendition.

Moreover, should this form assault occur under these circumstances, the event would be met with overwhelming force IF our second amendment rights where left unhampered.

Travesty would be minimalized if rather than finding yourself cowering in a fetal position under a desk as your only defence, citizens would instead be a small army capable retaliating and stopping, if not preventing potential victims of succumbing to such assaults and most suredly overwhelming the attacker immediately, (in most cases), preventing the outcomes of these indefendable assaults that are nothing more than slaughter.

Any that would be martyrs out there are lying to themselves if they would not regret a gun ban stance should they ever find themselves cornered; unarmed, by a gunman who is making his way towards each of them, firing a weapon repeatedly, stopping only miliseconds at a time to reload, as each victim watches the resulting carnage unfold in anticipation of your imminent fate as approach tightens, all due to infringment of their second amendment right.

An example of what you can expect.
Good thing that not yet do only criminals have guns.

3 teens shot whie breaking in! 72 year old goes old school!

This example says it all.
1 Unexpected Assault. (open the door and get blindsided in the head with a baseball bat)

2 Results without gun protection (Look at the stapled head wound of victim and imagine how much worse it would have got.)

3 Results with gun protection (Victim survives and successfully deters the assault from continuing.)

4 Discriminate neutralization (without causing death *The attackers should be thankful to their intended victim)

5 Overwhelming evidence for legitimacy of gun rights. (Stops or minimizes assault)

6 Victim's quote stating the fact that police can not always be there to protect you. (When it is you vs. an attacker, you better reflect on your gun stance now rather than when it is too late)

7 Compound the situation and realize that if this were against you AND your family, you can never legitimize sacrifice of yourself because it infringes on all victims right to protect themselves.

In conclusion,
I would agree that a gunless world would be ideal.

The problem is, there are guns. This will not change.
Giving up arms rights is an open door to undeterred criminal attacks of all kinds - involving guns. The guns would now, and only now, due to second amendment repeal stances, be your demise.

As it is common place to hear the phrase "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", The truth of this is so obvious, those who blame the gun itself are using the side of their brain that may make their image of this reasoning look good hanging on a wall for viewers to interpret, but in the real world, it is just asking for a massacre.

The faculty should all be packin', The parents and every adult should follow suit.

You want to stop these crimes? Don't be caught in a disadvantage that allows a shooting spree to consume our citizens. Pack some heat.

Those who have "accidents" will be weeded out by their fruits. Still a fraction of the numbers now tallied by these shootings.

If you intend to present a case against guns, you are either a fool or a genius.
Likely the former.

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 06:05 PM
We all lost so many freedoms in 9/11.

Events like these should make the American peoples faith in its constitution that much greater.
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