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A Giant Conspiratorial Leap re: the Sandy Hook shooting and Adam Lanza

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 05:13 PM
MODS::: Why did you close the thread when I only used a photo of the thread you linked and my thread has much more content and it's own theory!!! What are you thinking??

I have been railing against those convinced the Sandy Hook shooting is a conspiracy - my recent post history proves it.

But there are a couple of things that really have me going off the conspiratorial deep end right now; they are regarding the following thread by Loki420th and post by thunder57:

SANDY HOOK reference in BATMAN movie contains this screen shot from The Dark Knight - were you can clearly see SANDY HOOK on the map. Loki also provides another photo of Bruce Wayne (I believe, I haven't seen the movie) "pointing" at Sandy Hook.


All I am saying is isn`t this just room for thought? But to get out there a bit, just what if something was going on in the school that was hurting the kids mentally no one knew about?

I have been stating that Adam Lanza was just a very disturbed individual and took advantage of the available guns. But the Loki420th and thunder57 contributions have got my conspiratorial juices flowing -- as much as I tried to fight it. Here goes nothing and a bunch of "What If's":

("They" will refer to the elite/TPTB/Illuminati going forward in this thread)

What if, as some believe, they are behind this Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook shooting, as well as the Dark Knight Rises premier movie theater shooting? And now we see that Sandy Hook screenshot from the movie. That's enough of a connection on that front.

But I will now discuss what thunder57's post has me thinking.

Much evidence is provided on ATS that they (at least some) are pedophiles, whether it is regarding our own government, the UK or just very powerful people. This definitely is an issue or connection if they are also behind the Sandy Hook shooting -- let me explain why this could be the case.

Dan Holmes was Nancy Lanza's landscaper for 5 years. During those 5 years he never met Adam. Dan also said Nancy was "vocal" about Peter Lanza, her ex-husband of 4 years. I must believe 'vocal' means she was upset with Peter. I really don't see why an ex-wife would be positively vocal or praise her ex-husband to a landscaper. Dan said she was "reeling" and that he didn't think Peter was involved at all with his kids, saying "I don't think the kids saw their father, if at all. I don't believe that they were really tight."

Peter Lanza is a executive at GE and was paying Nancy around $200,000/yr in child support.

Marsha Lanza was Nancy's ex-sister-in-law. She said during an interview that Nancy has issues with Adam in school and thought about homeschooling Adam, but that Nancy battled with the school district over it. Marsha also stated that Adam was very bright, not violent but had "issues".

One parent interviewed had kids that attended school with Adam. His kids described Adam as awkward, quiet and shy.

We must ask ourselves why did Adam do this? Why do the unthinkable and shoot/kill children like he did? Well, in order to ask why he did it, we have to ask why Adam was the person he was. Why was Adam so anti-social, awkward and shy.

So thunder57 thinks we need to consider the possibility that maybe something was going on at the school. I propose something similar. What if something happened to Adam as a 6-10 yr old. What if whatever happened to him created this monster. What if Adam was molested or raped? What if Adam was molested or raped by one of his parents?

We know that victims of rape or molestation live with this nightmare and rarely come forward. They harbor it, relive the events everyday of their lives. Would that make someone anti-social? Make them stay inside their home all day everyday?
Was it Adam pushing to be home-schooled? Was it because he couldn't stand to see happy children after what had happened to himself?

If one parent finally realized that the other parent was molesting their child, would they get a divorce? If the father was the molester, would he never visit to see his kids and agree to pay enough in child support that the mother didn't have to work. Peter only lives 40 miles from Newtown and was allowed "liberal visitations and vacations" but apparently never visited. Would the mother purchase guns for protecting her kids and herself after finding out her husband was molesting their son?

Did Adam shoot his mom in the face as she slept because he was so angry inside? So angry that she didn't find out soon enough, or press charges, etc.?

Did Adam shoot and kill 20 children because he didn't want them to go through what he went through? Or did he do it because of an overwhelming jealously towards happy children, because his innocence, normalcy and happiness was stolen from him?

Adam was indeed very disturbed and nothing that happened to him can ever be used as an excuse to commit the crime he did. But if even just a few of these questions I have ask have "yes" as the answer -- it would explain a lot because people don't commit these types of unimaginable crimes without first going through some personal nightmare, IMO.

Lastly again -- does this event point to the elite/TPTB/Illuminati being behind it??

1. There is another "Holmes" in this story (Dark Knight shooter James Holmes) -- that of Dan Holmes, Nancy's landscaper.
2. Possible pedophilia if "yes" is the answer to my questions regarding Peter Lanza during Adam's childhood.
3. Sandy Hook being seen on the map in The Dark Knight movie.
4. Newtown, CT = New America... as in new gun laws, disarming of American citizens
5. Sandy Hook is located on Dickinson Drive. I really really really don't want to point this out but in conspiratorial terms it fits in this thread. Dick--in--son, as in Adam being molested and/or raped by his father.

For all 5 of the above points to be relevant and tie together, one must think the elite/TPTB/Illuminati are involved. There will obviously be more details revealed in this story as investigations continue but will we ever know if something happened to Adam?

Thats my conspiracy theory. Take it with a grain of salt I suppose. Thanks to Loki420th and thunder57 for providing food for thought.

Sandy Hook 48 hours episode 15Dec2012

Peter Lanza comment

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 05:46 PM
Sandy Hook is also located in New Jersey. It suffered a lot damage from Hurricane Sandy.

A HAARP conspiracist might use the still from the movie to say that it is proof that the govt used HAARP to cause Hurricane Sandy.

I think that it is possible that someone working on that movie set may have been from Sandy Hook, NJ, and they wrote that as a tribute to their hometown.

I really think that something is very fishy about the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

But I have never believed that TPTB would find it necessary to plant clues in movies, cartoons and TV shows before they pull something off.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 05:50 PM
Posted earlier here:
and in other Adam Lanza threads

Please add further comments to the ongoing discussions in the above linked thread, or the various other threads.

**Thread Closed**

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