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The Only Reason 2012 Matters...WE MADE A NEW CALENDAR

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 03:58 PM
This is not to say that the energy doesn't matter. It does. It is changing everyday. Every single calendar that has ever existed had a year 2012 in it long before we existed. 2012 suggest that we have only existed for 2,012 years. We know this is not the case. The year should be Dec. 21, 4Billion and counting.

We even had a 2012 happen 2 times in our calendar system. The year -2012. Why the obsession with the Mayan calender? Why not the Jewish, Chinese or any other calendar?

Really, it all comes down to perspective. What we see from Earth is extremely different than what we would see on Jupiter or any other planet, but what is the same? Every single planet in our solar system is attached to the Sun through a magnetic energy and the Sun is attached to the galaxy with the same energy and the galaxy is attached to the next galaxy with the same energy, etc.

We can not use a calendar to track what we cannot understand. The average life span is 78 and the history books are filled with lies that we have been taught and led to believe are truth. We cannot even solve the riddles of our own planet much less understand the energy of the Universe that we belong to.

To say nothing will happen on this day is a lie, to say something specific will happen that day is a lie. The truth is that something will happen that always happens everyday we are alive...the energy of this Planet changes and is affected by the surrounding energy. It is a microcosm of a macrocosm. Duality, positive/negative and any other opposites you want to use.

We are a very small part of a very large picture...ants in the Universe, if you walk outside and find an anthill...think about how easy it would be for you to destroy it, but could you kill them, some would survive and 3 days later you would find another anthill in the same place.

The population of this planet has been destroyed many times in the past much like an anthill...and some of it has been due to man-made disasters and some due to natural disasters. We have control over the choices we make, however, some of us are broken and have been manipulated by mind control, this does not stop the energy of Earth or the surrounding galaxy we are a part of from exacting it's own measure of justice.

Sometimes the anthill needs to be destroyed so that it can start over again; sometimes man does it sometimes nature, but we are all attached to the same energy.

When something is out of balance what happens? Change. We are severely out of balance, there is in my opinion an abundance of hatred/negative energy that has to be corrected. How will this be done? It is already happening and will continue to happen and has been happening for many years.

There has been many articles written concerning 2012 and I have yet to read one that pointed out that this calendar we live by has 2, 2012 dates in it. Certainly I cannot be the only one to see that fact; this alone is enough to quash any hysteria, but the point has been missed completely. It really does not matter what day, we do not have the same time on Earth, 24 hour days do not exist in the galaxy. We have no way of having an exact time the Earth was born or the anything in the Universe for that matter. There is no way to quantify any of it. That is the truth.

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