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Bobby Kennedy. The first REAL evidence for programming to kill?

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 10:19 AM
Im just a lil hacked off quite frankly.That thread created to discuss the possibility that some secret elite force was behind the slaughter of innocent young children was a bit much for me.
Ive never shied away from a debate but that was one seriously [snipped] up discussion when the corpses were not even cold for God sakes.
I fully appreciate that this whole forum is dedicated to the discussion of a whole manner of subjects that are hardly main stream and certainly not at the forefront of the masses but, at some stage lines do have to be drawn.
The core subject of that thread is fascinating though. Is it actually possible to "command" somebody to commit murder?
If you dont know ( but Im sure you do) Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated on the 6th of June 1968.
Now im not going to go too deeply into the where and whens because the most interesting and relevent issue to his assassination was the assertion by his killer Sirhan Sirhan that he had been "hypnotised" to carry out the assassination and, to this day, he has absolutely no recollection of carrying out the attack.This belief has been supported on subsequent testing by a psychologist and hypnosis expert Dr Eduard Simson Kallas in 1969.
Now this whole assassination has conspiracy theory wriiten all over it, blimey, it could be said that is has more conspiracy in it than the conspiracies surround the death of JFK.
Central to this whole case is the notion that a human can be programmed to carry out a task then the "memory" given to that person to carry it out can be wiped like an old tape.
I believe that the technology to do so is there, its real and it HAS been used.
The question is was Sirhan Sirhan a carefully chosen candidate to carry this assassination out?
How did the "programmers" override the will of a person to make them kill when their human instinct was not to?
Would somebody need to be predisposed to commit acts of violence/murder for it to work?
Im hoping for some pointers, healthy debate, discussion and maybe even the odd heated argument to keep the creative juices flowing here.
Lets have a cold clear look at this whole subject, lets not start posting about people firing ray guns at peoples heads to take remote control and any rubbish like that.
The science is there, we know its feasable we just dont know exactly HOW it could be done and HOW it can be erased to protect the guilty........or do we?
Over to you, hopefully.

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