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A reason for change

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 07:50 AM
for my second and last entry, a poem

A reason for change:

On newyears day it was clear
that nothing big had happened,
the young ones not yet sober
and not in the least awakened.

Maybe a little doom
would've opened up their eyes,
maybe a little truth
would've cut away the lies.

As I look over the world
and see that nothing is changed,
the people just as clueless
some already deranged.

Maybe a little death
would've made us more alive,
maybe a little hope
would make us all survive.

All planets still in orbit
spinning along at pace,
the world is still this mudball
where everything's out of place.

Maybe a little disaster
would've made us all more honest,
maybe a little rebuilding
would've pulled us out of darkness.

Even with a prophecy
humanity still does not see,
that change is what they long for
a reason is what they need.


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