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Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Medications Responsible For School Shootings (and other atrocities)

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 12:34 AM

And here I come to announce the gigantic pink elephant in the room that nobody knows about or is talking about: psychiatric drugs and side effects and/or adverse reactions.

The scientific literature is replete with case after case examples of adverse reactions to psychiatric medication that causes suicidal and homicidal behavior. Have you ever seen a commercial for anti-depressants? Pay very close attention to the end of the advertisement when it lists the side effects - in every case they mention suicidal or homicidal behavior.

They were forced to include these warnings shortly after the gag order was issued on the infamous Columbine Shooting case - a lawsuit filed against Salvoy Pharmaceuticals (makers of the drug Zoloft which Eric Harris had complained to his psychiatrist about for having made him experience homicidal thoughts). Why haven't you heard about this? As I just said, there was a gag order issued - which means all of the information about this case is sealed from the public, and even the lawyers cannot talk much about it. How do I know about it? The lawyer who represented Mark Taylor, one of the students shot by Eric Harris, knew about his issues with the medicine and saw all of the "basement tapes" which revealed how Harris was talking about his homicidal thoughts related to the medications he was just recently put on. DeCamp wrote about aspects of this lawsuit in his 2006 update to "The Franklin Cover-Up" - which is available online if you Google it.

An expert on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, was involved with this lawsuit - as well as several other high-profile cases involving anti-depressants and homicide (namely the Phil Hartman murder/suicide case, the Andrea Yeates murders etc). Dr. Tracy reveals on her website just how many school shootings, suicides and murders have been related specifically to either withdrawals from psych meds, or from side effects. This is not merely speculation, but demonstrable, empirical fact that the drugs are behind these atrocities. You don't have to be a Scientologist to see that it is high time we put a stop to the unbridled practice of Psychiatry and the unholy alliance between the media, the FDA and Big Pharma. Put aside the "politically correct" notions of totally accepting all that has been told to us about the mentally ill and how we must medicate them. It is propaganda for the purposes of making money - a commercial enterprise, not a humanitarian one.

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