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Large oil spill in New York City area harbor

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 10:18 PM
There is conflicting information about how much #6 fuel was on board this vessel. According to the source below it was carrying approximately 9.25 million gallons, the alternative source says nearly a million gallons is on board.


At 0240 EST on December 15, 2012, the NOAA SSC received a call from USCG D1 DRAT saying a barge (Boston 30) carrying 220,000 bbl potential #6 heating oil is spilling into the Kill Van Kull at Mariners Harbor, Staten Island. Operators noticed odor and visual oil between hulls of the Boston 30 and another barge (DDL 25) to which oil was being lightered due to unknown damage below the waterline of Boston 30. Mariners Harbor is just west of the Bayonne Bridge on Staten Island across from Shooters Island. Miller Environmental is OSRO on-scene and is deploying containment boom to spill area. At 0750 USCG SECTOR NY called and requested trajectory for a 158,000 gallon release of #6. Air Station Cape Cod will conduct a flyover at 07:13 (sun rise). Oil is reported in the Kill Van Kull and Arthur Kill.

(Alternative source)

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