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The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World.....

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posted on May, 4 2003 @ 09:59 AM
.....better known as 'The Voynich Manuscript' after its rediscoverer Wilfrid M. Voynich in 1912, although it is believed to have been written as far back as the 13th century.

The manuscript is written in an unknown script of which there is no other known instance in the world and has defied all attempts at translation/decipherment. Almost all of the pages contain illustrations of some sort. These include depictions of unidentified plants, naked women frolicking in showers/bathtubs, intricate organic plumbing systems, astronomical charts and strange calendars of zodiacal signs.

So I bring to you a compilation of its pages.

This site should be useful in providing a much better description than mine aswell as alot more information and theories on the manuscripts meaning.

posted on May, 16 2003 @ 04:17 AM
What was with the color one on the yale paper?

posted on May, 16 2003 @ 01:58 PM
It wasn't Yale paper, but the manuscript is now held in the Beinecke Rare Book Library at Yale. I think they've simply taken the opportunity to add their logo to the scanned images when publishing them online.

And which page were you referring to? There are many color images from Yale in the pdf file.

posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 10:15 AM
The manuscript reminds me of an ancient herbal. I would like to think that it was used by a physician or apothecary. Medicine back in the Middle Ages and earlier was full of astrological superstitions, beliefs in witchcraft etc. My opinion is biased, herbs are one of my favorite areas of study.

I have seen facsimiles of ancient herbals and the illustrations of the plants often don't bear any resemblance to real plants, they were artists interpretations of what they thought the plants should look like. The artists often never saw the actual plant they were drawing, they based their drawings on writen descriptions provided by the physicians/apothecaries/herbalist or were copies of earlier drawings.

I wish somebody could decipher the writing though. It would be interesting to know what the text really says. I downloaded a copy of the manuscript to study further. Does anyone know if there is a facsimile copy available for purchase? It would be a cool book to add to my collection.

posted on Jul, 12 2003 @ 10:38 AM
Yes, I did bit of researching on this document a few years back. It is very mysterious...and therefore, VERY interesting!

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 03:22 PM
Where do they think the manuscript is from?

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 12:45 PM
I just bought the book "The Voynich Manuscript - an Elegant Enigma" by M.E. D'Imperio. I haven't had time to look at it though cause my son just got back from summer camp.

I have the .pdf copy of the manuscript downloaded to my computer - need to refer to it while reading the book as the book doesn't include copies of any of the pages of the manuscript.

I'll let you know if there's anything interesting in the book. The book is published by Aegean Park Pres but I bought the book from

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 12:54 PM

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 01:25 PM
By the looks of it, I'm guessing it has something to do with herbals, that no longer exist in our times.

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 08:53 PM
Who here has a open mind? Who here has the ability to think outside of the "Box"?

U2U me, and I will give you a hint where its from............

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