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Flights Increase to Apocalypse Safe Zones around December 21 Doomsday

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posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by Shoujikina

I apologize for my rants for today, it seems that I am in a very ranty mood lately. I don't apologize for the content in them, I merely want to apologize for the reason that they might be in the wrong area - I didn't plan to rant, it just happened, and because I think there might be content of some value to someone, I didn't delete them.

No need to apologize.
We are all entitled to our feelings and a rant from time to time feels good.

People are so clueless. Why are they afraid of death? It's just as natural as birth, and probably 1000 times less traumatic and stressful (the events leading to death might be stressful though).

We all will experience 'death'. The body will become useless to us at one point, and we are relieved of it. That's what people call 'death'. Of course we don't die, only the body dies. But then again, the body was never really alive - it only seemed like that because we were inhabiting it.

I think people often confuse death with the loss of a loved one.

I've lost many people close to me over the years and it hurts like hell.
But to die, you are no longer feeling pain, just advancing to the next stage. Yet the ones that you leave behind feel the pain of loss.
So in my opinion, dying is the easy part.

It's like a computer malfunction or virus that starts to cause such disturbances and crashes that it's better to reset the system and reformat the hard drive, and then install a fresh, better operating system and start anew.

Pretty good analogy....

I believe one day things will come to a head, but not because of the Mayans.
Because we, as a people, have allowed our government to manipulate and control us throughout the years and it's too late to stop the game plan laid out for us.
Only time will tell....


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