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American Gun Owners are the Biggest Wrench in the NWO Gears!

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by Honor93
reply to post by munkey66

because keeping your gun to feed your family just doesnt make sense, unless you intend to do something illegal
are you being silly on purpose ?
the use of guns has put more food on tables than any government ever has.
why would you think using a gun to provide food would be illegal?

how much wild game is available in the big city?
some people hunt and some have guns for protection, but not all gun owners are hunters.
so if you are not a hunter and have a gun and have no money with a hungry family,
What would you do if the goverment offers money for your gun?
the amount that could feed your family for a month?

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by munkey66

hmmm, in an effort to not diss all of them at once ... plenty.
that would depend on what you consider 'wild game'

from what i hear, ratz-on-a-stick are pretty popular in some regions.

true, but all gun owners can learn to hunt.
those without won't need much protection for long.

what would i do ?
tell the govt to kiss my Irish arse ... and go on about building a pot of stone soup.

money ?? to feed family for a month ??
when has money ever stopped such a need ??
it hampers desire but not 'need', that's the whole point.

and personally, i think those who rely on money that much deserve their rightful desserts.
even charity is not fueled by 'money' ... how often to they hand that out ?

contrary to popular belief, humans are animals too and if the need is great enough, the animal within will provide, always does.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 07:43 PM

Originally posted by SweetChild

Originally posted by begoodbees
Imagine an army parading through the streets of a city and guns being aimed from just half of the windows from the first five stories of the buildings. No army could defeat an armed population unless they did literally destroy every population center (city) with wmds. As has been stated that would render the land useless most likely and would defeat the purpose.

Now imagine where most people in the states live. There are no population centers to target. So it would become guerrilla warfare unless the oppressors are willing to destroy every acre of the country with wmds. Bottom line is, anyone who attempts to come to an Americans house and relinquish them of their weapons can expect to meet resistance. I really don't understand how the Aussies let it happen to them.

I would respectfully ask any such oppressor to vacate my property or else be removed forcibly dead or alive. Maybe I'm old fashioned in believing that the law (constitution) means something and I'm sure that alot of people (cowards) will cave, but a good many of us will fight tooth and nail win or lose. I will die fighting in any scenario, not cowering and begging for mercy because I was stupid enough to give up my only means of defending myself.

Hows that for a non military warrior gene?
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This is naive nonsense. An opposing enemy would rain down hell before the land invasion began. They would bomb them into to the stoneage. Not even your precious gun couldn't save you.

I would think if America were attacked by an 'opposing enemy' many military and x-military might be working side by side WITH the citizenry rather than against each other. I wonder what an extra '200 million guns a loaded' would add to the equation if it ever got down to an attempted 'occupation'. When I see how efforts are playing out in Afghanistan by people who may not even have some of the advanced weaponry many Americans do, I can clearly see how such a milita might be useful should it ever come to that.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by Tecumte

generations support that opinion.
you are not alone.

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by MrSpad
if they were truly facing ruthless power like the NWO then any type of attempt at a guerilla actvity would lead to the exteremination of entire citiies

This is where so many people are wrong. The US Government is NOT going to willy-nilly flatten cities. Once they start blowing up innocent American children it would only serve to turn all of the people, including our own LE and military people, against the government. Their strikes will have to be methodical and precise, or they will be committing suicide, and that makes their job infinitely more difficult.

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 12:41 AM
The problem is it is not a very big wrench, and the only reason it is one at all in my opinion is it is a matter of face. The government doesn't wanna come off as tyrants by having to dig all the forgive the term "patriots" out of their holes through force. Personally I see the point of view espoused by anti NWO supporters, but then again I may be a sucker of the msm who knows, but I truly believe in the "propaganda"???? of Michio Kakus type 1,2,and 3 civilizations. I could see alot of good coming from an NWO. The only problem is though from what I can tell, is the people currently trying to enact such a movement are an unsavory bunch with possibly sadistic plans, and I guess an obvious attempt to have their progeny rule forever. Now if it all occurred naturally through true democratic wills, beliefs, motives, and minus the plans for eternal rule, that would be a different story.

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by hawkiye

Originally posted by freedomSlave
reply to post by hawkiye

Your staged mind control shootings are not going to do it. Even if you manage to get some bogus unconstitutional law passed it won't matter the vast majority will not comply!

Mind control .. Odd there have been mass murders before electricity . were they using some kinda jedi mind tricks before to get people to have mental disorders ?

As for the nwo they have other countries with resources they can still take over ... secondly if they control governments and military .. they have rockets and lazer and space weaponry drones . your little guns are like someone trying to pick a fight with you and your gun with a twig ..
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Lot of good it ill do them Why are they having such a hard time rooting out a few thousand insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan? Americans will be impossible to defeat on their own soil!

Something I posted on another thread:

1. No modern army has ever defeated an indigenous population on thier own land. Think Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechenya, Iraq, and Afghanistan again

2. If your premise were true only 2% of people who join the military would cut it in combat since they are taken from the overall population.

3. You assume that the two percent of the people who supposedly have the lets call it "warrior gene" all join the military.

4.History is repleat with so called peasants, farmers, rabble, or common people, rising up when circumstances force them and defeating supposedly superior armies and warriors. The American revolution perhaps being the most well known.

5. The most powerful and technologically advanced army in the world hasn't been able to route out a few thousand insurgents with AK's and RPG's in Iraq and Afghanistan (see number 1 again)

6. No country on earth has the traditions of liberty and freedom ingrained in thier mindset like America.

7. Only 3 percent actually fought the American revolution.

8. If only 1% of 100,000,000 gun owners fight (it will likely be more) that is 1 million freedom loving Americans. More then all the available combat troops we have in the entire military.

9. The most well armed well trained most resourceful guerilla army in history of the world is in America. This won't be peasants in robes with AK's. Many of them veterans with the same or better training as those whom they would be fighting. And full machine shops in thier garages to make just about anything. Guerilla tactics are hit and run never going toe to toe with a superior foe. Lots of folks successfully track stalk and hunt deer and elk every year I am sure that can easily be adapted to other things.

10. A certain percentage of the military will side with patriots and bring some of thier toys with them.

11. No army foreign or domestic could control the entire land mass of America. It is logistically impossible and they would be picked off from every rock, tree, door, and window. As the Japanese said of us when asked why they never invaded the mainland; There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

12. would be cutting off thier own supply lines (the American people) and could maybe control a few cities at best but doubtful they could sustain it for very long.

The PTB know they could never win a fight with the American people that is why they don't want one. And why should they? They are doing just fine robbing us of all our wealth via subterfuge. They want productive slaves on the plantation not a revolt!.

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America's gun owners could also be seen as the Worlds Largest Standing Military x10. They know the only way to get rid of us American's ability to defend ourselves is very slowly over time maybe through more restrictive laws. I remember a saying my grandpa used to use all the time " You can only kick a sleeping dog so many times before he jumps up and bites you". I urge anyone that isn't registered to vote, to register and vote for politicians that will uphold the rights that they are sworn to protect. If you are registered and don't vote because you hate politics please just vote to do your part in keeping our rights and your descendants rights intact. Voting and demonstration are all we can do to let our voice be heard through peaceful means. I don't care what political party one is affiliated with as long as they are staunch supporters of the constitution especially the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments they will get my vote and most of the people I know feel the same exact way. Please Register and remember the names of all the people that are trying to strip us of our freedoms and vote them out of office.

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by munkey66

How many people in a big city are going to just let themselves be paraded into a Fema camp to get food, for their weapon? Especially if they have children? Especially if they are of a minority?

They'll be hiding. Minorities from Latin America know what their ex-country authorities are capable of - Asian people are going to trust the "authorities"? Anyone from a communist country knows what will happen to them if they allow themselves to be "camped".

See Katrina on a wide scale.

You know Fema camps are going to be a big target for the patriots - they might have food, weapons, and intelligence.
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