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Dangerous Gas may be cause of super-charged weather, mass die-offs, quakes and more

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posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 09:20 PM
Johnny, you said January was a big uptick for these events. Just saw this on Mpls News about a lady in a jeep rear ends a car and then while witnesses watch and one person records, she had the pedal to the floor as the front of car and rear were locked together. The jeep which rear ended the car burst into flames and witnesses ran to the car and saw that lady driving jeep wasn't responding.

Johnson and Minehan then grabbed a fire extinguisher and baton and, along with other people from nearby businesses, ran to help the woman in the Jeep by smashing the back window, unlocking the door and safety turning off the engine.

They say the driver was conscious but unresponsive the entire time.

"We were just talking to her and it was just glossy-eyed, wasn't really registering," Johnson said.

On Tuesday, the witnesses who spoke with FOX 9 News said they were relieved to learn the driver of the Jeep is just fine. She wants to keep her privacy and would not elaborate on the medical condition during the accident; however, she said she's forever grateful to the strangers to rushed to help her.

Good samaritans help driver of SUV escape burning vehicle

On the news they showed video of the cars connected, but not the samaritans pulling her from the vehicle. But the vehicle caught fire.

Schulte set his cell phone to record video as he watched the aftermath of an accident unfold. A Jeep had clearly rear-ended a red car, and the bumpers were stuck together. Witnesses watched in agony as the Jeep's gas pedal was floored for at least a minute. Read more: Good Samaritans recall fiery, rush hour crash in downtown - KMSP-TV

What's crazy is that they said the lady was conscious but unresponsive and that she was just sitting there with glossy eyes. I believe that if it was diabetic coma (which would usually be the culprit in something like this) they would just say that in the news, but they are saying they don't know what her medical problem was and that she wants to keep her privacy and not talk about it. She doesn't want to talk about because she doesn't even know, because most likely, she was poisoned by hydrogen sulfide.

One question for you Johnny. If she was poisoned this badly where she enters a blank state like that, can she recover rather quickly from that?

Here's a little bit in the story from when the samaritans rush to the rescue

Mike Johnson, manager of Sorella Wine and Spirts was hosting a wine tasting when the accident unfolded before him. "We just thought they were using the power of the car to separate the two vehicles," Johnson recalled. Johnson told FOX 9 News he watched as smoke began to pour from the Jeep. He could see that the driver of the red car was too frightened to get out, and then a flames shot out from under the Jeep. "I didn't want to go out there at all," Johnson admitted. "It was this obnoxious gas -- parts falling off the car. The flame broke out, the wheels weren't spinning -- and the gas was still being hammered." Johnson and his coworker, Darrin Minehan, went outside anyway in an attempt to communicate with the driver of the Jeep. Read more: Good Samaritans recall fiery, rush hour crash in downtown - KMSP-TV

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Yes, she could recover fairly quickly if she didn't get a big concentrated dose, which she obviously didn't, or she'd be dead. That doesn't mean she's out of the woods though. Sometimes the effects are delayed. Like, you breathe some, and blood vessels in your brain start slowly popping, and minutes, hours or even days later you have an aneurism and die. Or you suffer brain damage, can't concentrate as well anymore. Or you develop neurological seizures over time. Or you get 'Tourette's-like' twitching like those kids on the East Coast (who'd been playing basketball OUTSIDE together). Lots of possibilities. I wish sometimes that we could follow the stories of some of these people, see what happens to them.

This story reminds me of the guy sitting in his chair ON FIRE in his apartment, rocking, while his friend tried to help but had to go get a fire extinguisher and by then it was too late. He too may have been conscious but 'unresponsive' as he burned to death.

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by JonnyMnemonic

Thanks for the responses and the explanations Johnny. Looks like a methane build up in the basement was cause of Pemex explosion.

This is exactly why you are so seeing so much of make everyone say, "how can you support having so many guns?" It's an agenda! And in order to accomplish an ultimate goal (disarming) then many people will have to pay the ultimate price, I guess.


posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 11:14 AM
I was just checking some of my google alerts and came across this one, first under methane, and then under hydrogen sulfide. The first one was under methane as the search word and when I clicked into it, it was under Yahoo Answers, but it was deleted according to Yahoo's community guidelines. Then, I checked my very next google alert for hydrogen sulfide and this page was up, the question is the third alert and it was posted at a different website,, and then when I clicked through, the post on this page wasn't found. I know earlier in this thread Johnny had said that he has been blocked before from making posts at certain forum sites about his hypothesis on the hydrogen sulfide. This question below seems to attempt to ask about the gas igniting when a butcher cut open a pig. Not sure what else was posted in order for this to be deleted, or is it just me and this is a coincidence this has been blocked on two different sites. What is it that someone is trying to be blocked from discussion here?

Web 3 new results for hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide: The Next Anti-Aging Agent? - CarolynKay - Open ...
Hydrogen Sulfide: The Next Anti-Aging Agent? Rate: 0 Flag. Email. Click "Submit Abuse" if you feel this post is inappropriate. Explain why below if you wish.

Here, we have examined in the mouse whether hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a relaxant of the ductus and, if so, whether it may also function as an EDHF. We found ...

Does Hydrogen Sulfide/methane Ignite Automatically When It ...
I read a 1700's account where a butcher was cutting open a pig. as he cut into the skin he saw flame...Find answers to the question, Does Hydrogen ...


Does Hydrogen sulfide/methane ignite automatically when it ...
I read a 1700's account where a butcher was cutting open a pig. as he cut into ... it might but there isnt a lot of cases of this happening. not enough evidence. when ...
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This question has been deleted

Questions on Yahoo! Answers are sometimes deleted according to our Community Guidelines.

The other when simply said "oops, page can't be found"

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Wow, never even thought of that possibility. Can't happen very often, regardless, a corpse igniting when cut open. The creature (human or animal) would have to inhale a seriously concentrated cloud of gas then immediately die, then get cut open with the gas still concentrated in the lungs, and the cutting utensil might even need to have a little rust on it, or there'd need to be a flame or heat source nearby. But I can see why 'they' would delete such lines of inquiry. They don't want people knowing what's going on, because it's scary. It's much easier to handle piles of dead people than it is to handle lots of scared people, or at least I guess that's the reasoning. But while that's true enough, scared people can get past their fear but dead people don't ever get over being dead.

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posted on Feb, 6 2013 @ 08:31 PM
Just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your thread. I have been trying to post this since yesterday, but with a 3 month old I'm lucky I can read it much less have a free hand to type. Anyways, I'm in Central Texas and yesterday morning was one of our usual foggy starts for this time of year, I didn't think too much of it. Dropped my oldest off at school and headed to the store. When I got out of my car, the fog stung my eyes, not something I have ever experienced. It wasn't a glare from the sun thing either. The stinging was bothersome and it made me think of this thread. I'm in an area that had a big oil boom back in the day and then a bust, but they still drill. Just wasn't the usual fog in my opinion. Thanks for the informative thread, I'll keep reading.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by parksh

Sorry for the late response Parksh, but yeah, fog is water vapor and hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble, so it can get in the fog. One of the first effects of H2S is eye irritation.

At concentrations of 15 mg/m and above, hydrogen sulfide causes conjunctival irritation, because sulfide and hydrogen sulfide anions are strong bases. Hydrogen sulfide affects the sensory nerves in the conjunctivae, so that pain is diminished rapidly and the tissue damage is greater. Serious eye damage is caused by a concentration of 70 mg/m .

Be safe and steer clear of that fog!

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 07:11 PM

Originally posted by Rezlooper
reply to post by parksh

Sorry for the late response Parksh, but yeah, fog is water vapor and hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble, so it can get in the fog. One of the first effects of H2S is eye irritation.

At concentrations of 15 mg/m and above, hydrogen sulfide causes conjunctival irritation, because sulfide and hydrogen sulfide anions are strong bases. Hydrogen sulfide affects the sensory nerves in the conjunctivae, so that pain is diminished rapidly and the tissue damage is greater. Serious eye damage is caused by a concentration of 70 mg/m .

Be safe and steer clear of that fog!

That 'tissue damage' phrase there is why I wanted to see some pics of the German soldiers gassed by hydrogen sulfide in WWI, but couldn't find any. I know the birds that dropped from the sky in Beebe the first time, some of them had their eyes exploded out. There are simply tons of blood vessels in eyes, so I have to wonder if some of the people being found dead from 'gunshot to the head' aren't holes in their eyesockets from their eyes exploding. That'd probably look very much like a gunshot wound. Kinda gruesome to contemplate.

posted on Feb, 8 2013 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Thanks for the info. Just started reading up on H2S and did not realize eye irritation was one of the sympotoms. Makes me so angry and my heart just sinks when I think about how big Oil and Gas is just tearing this planet up. Baby is crying, got to go! Thanks again for the thread, I'll keep reading.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 07:23 PM
Although this past week's smaller earthquakes were on par with an average week, it was the larger 5.0's and bigger than blew the mind. There were 151 earthquakes of this size according to USGS, four times as much as the previous week.

The week saw 151 earthquakes of M5.0 or more (≥M5.0) – over four times as many as the previous week and almost ten times as many as the (admittedly quiet) week of 16-22 January.The explanation is an obvious one – a major earthquake and associated aftershocks in the Solomon islands (see below). If these are stripped out, the week has 21 shocks of ≥M5.0, by far the largest of which was an M6.9 in Colombia – the only earthquake outside the Solomon Islands cluster to exceed M6.0.


posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 05:46 PM
More Fireballs!!

Fireball reports this week

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 06:12 PM
Second stunning red dust storm in Australia in two months.

“You know they’re coming - you can see them from miles away, so you make sure everything’s taped up,” he said. “After the one in January, we had three inches of dirt on our front porch.” Although yesterday’s dust storm was not as spectacular as last month’s, Mr Hardy said it was still impressive. “You get that lovely Pindan red,” he said. “It sounds like rain on the roof. It does hurt if you’re outside – it’s like being in a sand blaster.”


posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 10:18 AM
More sinkholes

Two sinkholes in Southwest GA

ALBANY, GA -- Two sinkholes in Dougherty County near Pippin Pecan Company and Sherwood Christian Academy on Old Pretoria Road has started to grow in size. Nearby workers say that one of the sinkholes started at a mere eight inches and has dramatically grown in size. Sherwood Christian Academy Building and Groundskeeper Ken Bevel said he got a call that it was flooding, but was no big deal at the time. However, Wednesday afternoon, he started receiving calls that sinkholes were forming and expanding. Bevel said that crews are on scene attempting to fill the hole.

Bayou Corne grows 7500 sq ft.

BAYOU CORNE, LA (FOX44) — Assumption Parish officials say more land has been swallowed up by the sinkhole in Bayou Corne. The latest piece slid in on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Officials tell FOX44 News that a 75 by 100 foot section of land on the opposite side of the sinkhole from LA 70. The total land-loss is now estimated to be a much as 9 acres. The area of lost land is considered “swamp side,” and should not impact landowners. Some residents have been forced out of their homes for over six months. The sinkhole was first noticed on August 3, 2012. It is believed to have been caused by a failed brine cavern owned by Texas Brine, Co.

A second large sinkhole appears in Enid, OK

On Wednesday morning, a second sinkhole gaped open about 25 feet south of the first one. Each of the sinkholes is large enough to swallow an adult. “Every time we have something and we have additional people here, I warn them,” Byrd said. Charlie Price, spokesman for AT&T, said he was unaware of the problem until the News & Eagle phoned. “Let me do some digging around on this,” Price said. “This is the first information I’ve heard on it. Let me make some phone calls and I’ll get back to you.”

Sinkhole in PA

A water main break in Boiling Springs caused a sinkhole and prompted a boil water advisory Tuesday morning. The break occurred around 3 a.m. on the 200 block of Walnut Street in South Middleton Township, according to the Carlisle Sentinel. One home has been condemned from damage due to the break. Around 4 p.m., Walnut Street was resurfaced and reopened to traffic, according to South Middleton Township Supervisor Tom Faley. The entire village of Boiling Springs was without water when the break occurred.

Another sinkhole in China swallows farm

These Chinese sinkholes are extremely large and happening quite frequently. Also, this one above is in frozen rice fields which rice paddies are one of the biggest contributors to methane levels in the atmosphere. Coincidence? Plus, the story reports people heard a loud booms like firecrackers.

Frozen rice fields in Sichuan province were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole Tuesday, with farmland collapsing into a pit ten metres across in the province’s Weiyuan county. The cave-in occurred around 7pm on February 5, with an explosive sound heard by villagers 100 metres away, which some compared to the sound of firecrackers. No one was reported to have been killed or injured, according to China News Service, but villagers will have to deal with the gaping holes in the middle of their land, while authorities monitor the area for further geologic instability.

Triana, AL

NY City sinkhole

On Saturday we noticed a smallish sinkhole forming here on East Second Street the Bowery and Second Avenue. And it has grown. The NYPD now has the street blocked off... can definitely get a MINI Cooper in there...

Sinkhole in Dominican swallows truck

Another PA sinkhole

Denver sinkhole

Suwanne sinkhole

Pittsburgh sinkhole

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 03:58 PM
And the mysterious deaths continue. This man in OK burns up in his home and it is blamed on spontaneous combustion.

OK man dies in fire, spontaneous combustion not ruled out

Sheriff Lockhart spent about 20 years as an arson investigator for the Fort Smith, Arkansas Police Department, before retiring to run for Sheriff in Sequoyah County. Lockhart said he'd never seen anything like it. He said it didn't seem that any accelerant was used and only the floor below Vanzandt's body was damaged. Lockhart said his remains have been sent to the Medical Examiner's office in Tulsa for examination. Lockhart said Vanzandt was an alcoholic and a smoker. But KFSM reports that Lockhart said Vanzandt's body was burned in a way that was inconsistent with the fire being started by accident, such as by dropping a lit cigarette. The Sheriff said the investigation is still ongoing, but that he is not ruling it out spontaneous combustion as the cause of the fire.

In regards to above story, here is what Johnny has to say about it at his website

Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis

They say it was possibly spontaneous combustion. Obviously it was. But it was the man's clothes that spontaneously combusted, and possibly his hair. Those are absorbent flammable materials and all such materials are absorbing hydrogen sulfide and/or methane and spontaneously combusting. There have been numerous incidents like this now, of people - or rather their clothes and maybe their hair - simply bursting into flame, and there are going to be increasing numbers of people burning to death this way as the number, size and concentration of gas plumes in the atmosphere continue to increase...

Another one where girls shirt burst into flames

Portland, OR girls shirt bursts into flame at hospital

An 11-year-old cancer survivor who was hospitalized with a head injury is now recovering from third-degree burns after her shirt mysteriously caught fire in a Portland, Ore., hospital room. The girl, Ireland Lane, had been painting in her room at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, ABC affiliate KATU reported. Moments later, she ran into the hallway screaming, with her T-shirt aflame. "I've been in medicine going back 30 years now and never heard anything like this. And hopefully I never will again," Dr. Stacy Nicholson, physician-in-chief at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, told KATU.

TN man found dead in storage shed

The two-day search for a missing man from Dyersburg ended after officials found him dead in Dyer. Law enforcement officers across West Tennessee have been searching major highways, back roads and parking lots for William Augdon, Jr., 61, since Friday. Police officers said they found Augdon dead inside a storage building at Twin City Barns in Dyer.

30 year-old woman found dead in her car

A woman was found dead in her car in the parking lot of Save-A-Step convenience store, 4226 Mahoning Ave., at 10:41 a.m. Sunday. A detective and the Mahoning County coroner’s office investigated, but police said they do not suspect foul play. The 30-year-old woman, of North Roanoke Avenue in Austintown, recently was robbed at her apartment, police said.

UW Lacrosse woman found dead in ditch after leaving bar

“It’s very weird for us to hear that she wandered around and did whatever,” said Frye’s friend Shane Blair. “It’s just confusing. It doesn’t really all add up.”

There are too many to list, check out

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posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Heh, I'm still here, just got a bit busy so I was quiet. I spiffed up some of the graphics on the blog, made it a little more modern-looking to ring in the beginning of the second year. I'm personally a very text-oriented and data-oriented person, but normal folks seem to like more purty stuff.

I saw you arguing with someone on another thread, Rez, about quakes and charts. The problem there is centralized data. Everyone gets their info from USGS and USGS has been lying to us since at least 2005 as pertains to global quake counts. In 2005 they stopped counting global quakes of 2.5 magnitude or less. That wasn't hiding the rise in global quake counts well enough, so in 2009 they stopped counting quakes 4.5 magnitude and lower. That's 2/3 of ALL quakes that they're no longer bothering to count. Most of the rise is actually in smaller quakes, so by not counting 4.5 and lower they made the numbers look more normal. Sure, if you don't count MOST QUAKES then the numbers look normal. Hey, if things get really bad, they'll just stop counting 6.5 and below, or 8.5 and below, or 10.5 and below. LMAO.

In the US they didn't do that, and from 2009 to 2010 there was an almost 100% increase in quakes in the United States. I charted the USGS info when I posted MISA Theory on Christmas Day in 2010:

MISA Theory

I stopped watching after that because it was simply obvious that USGS itself was hiding information, so they can't be trusted, not anymore. Haven't bothered to even look at what they're showing anymore. Why bother? WHATEVER they're showing, it's a lie.

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 04:48 PM
Check this out:

Longmont Girl Dies of 'Flu-Like' Symptoms

And look at all the heavy-duty HazMat suits. Hydrogen sulfide can cause 'flu-like' symptoms, as has been mentioned in this thread before: nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, headaches, etc. And if hydrogen sulfide is what killed her then you'd want full-body HazMat suits like that, in case the corpse has residual gas in the lungs or clothes. Wouldn't wanna examine a body and flop over dead like the coroner did that first examined Breitbart's body on the West Coast.

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by JonnyMnemonic

I saw this story and didn't even associate the two, thanks for pointing that out. I had it tied to the gas theory here by way of the disease outbreaks.

I have three threads right now that I wrote expanding on this theory here. I'm tying in methane levels to a lot of the chaos breaking out all over with the fireballs, so many diseases and the seismic activities.

Fireballs, comets, asteroids, oh my!

Dangerous Gas theory in relation to earthquakes and increased seismic activity

Dangerous Gas theory in relation to drug-resistant bacteria and mutating viruses

There is a good note on all this though. I stumbled on this article from Arctic News blogspot about some experiments that may be able to destroy the methane at the molecular level high up in the atmosphere. This may be our only hope. What do you think of this?

Radio and Laser Frequency and Harmonic Test Ranges for the Lucy and HAARP Experiments and their Application to Atmospheric Methane Destruction

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Wow, that sounds worthwhile to at least pursue! That won't solve all the problems, but you have to start somewhere. I hope the people behind that microwaved-methane-destruction stuff are getting PLENTY of funding and support. I'm not so sure we could possibly put up enough gear to really handle the problem head-on - the oceans are huge and so are those methane hydrate deposits - but we could surround some areas with methane-destroyers, like major cities, and at least help protect heavily-populated areas and croplands from the methane-exacerbated fires and explosions.

And slowing down the methane buildup in the atmosphere would slow the heating of the oceans some, which would slow the hydrogen sulfide releases. And slowing the atmospheric methane buildup would also slow the melting of the ice, which would slow the volcanic eruptions, which would slow both the methane AND the hydrogen sulfide releases.

All things considered...give those people a trillion dollars!

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by JonnyMnemonic

I wonder where they are with these experiments. It would be nice to hear that HAARP could be used for something like this with all the bad publicity they get.

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