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Dangerous Gas may be cause of super-charged weather, mass die-offs, quakes and more

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 04:27 PM
Anyone considered acquiring a hydrogen sulphide detector? Jonny, you said there are cases of H2S poisoning locally to you (near the mississippi) and one of your friends is affected with neurological problems that you believe are related. Have you thought of checking it out and taking some measurements?

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 04:54 PM
Twin Cities news said this morning that 2012 was their hottest year on record with the temps 3.2 above average. The NY Times came out with this story as well that says 2012 was the hottest year on record and it wasn't even close. It shattered the previous record by a full degree, which the story says is usually measured in fractions. Ten of the warmest years on record have happened in the past 15 years. This fits our theory here with the hydrogen sulfide and the methane levels on the rise. Methane is building up in the higher levels of our atmosphere and trapping in the infrared waves, which are resulting in a heating up that is causing a lot of problems, as you can see if you read through this thread.

Not Even Close: 2012 Hottest Year on Record

Given that this is the stats for America, and they say its not the hottest year on record for the world...but if you look back on year and the weather all over the globe how can you dispute that the weather is super-charged. Look at Australia over the past few months and right now they are in such an extreme heat wave that the Australian Weather Bureau added colors;

Australia's record-breaking heatwave has sent temperatures soaring, melting road tar and setting off hundreds of wildfires - as well as searing new colors onto weather maps. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has added dark purple and magenta to its weather forecasting map to represent temperatures of 51 to 54 degrees Celsius (123.8 to 129.2 Fahrenheit), officials said. Temperatures on the map were previously capped at 50 degrees Celsius, represented by the color black.

They added these colors because of the heat they are experiencing right now which are resulting in wildfires 'the worst they've seen in a decade.' Check out this story about a family that clung to a jetty to survive 'Tornados of Fire."

Tornadoes of Fire

Storms just aren't storms anymore...they are extremely super-charged!

Back to the story from the NY Times about the records. Here is another quote about how much temps have risen. This is not your normal global warming. This is an rapid heating.

If that does not sound sufficiently impressive, consider that 34,008 daily high records were set at weather stations across the country, compared with only 6,664 record lows, according to a count maintained by the Weather Channel meteorologist Guy Walton, using federal temperature records. That ratio, which was roughly in balance as recently as the 1970s, has been out of whack for decades as the country has warmed, but never by as much as it was last year.

What's happening in a quick summary: With the undeniable increase in methane, it builds up in the upper atmosphere...long wave infrared enters the atmosphere from the sun and heats up objects on the ground and releases short wave infrared which would normally safely exit our atmosphere, but as methane builds up it is blocking this infrared and holding it in the atmosphere, and thus the extreme heating which is causing strange weather events, an increase in quakes and volcanoes, sky noises, unexplained explosions and sonic booms, an increase in disease because of rise in bacteria feeding on the methane, and a rising threat of hydrogen sulfide poisoning and fires. Well, it's a theory anyways. Whether you believe is up to you, but there's a lot of evidence despite what some may tell you.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 08:58 PM
Some Updates:

Fireball rages in LA neighborhood

This is a huge fireball which was visible for at least 20 miles in the Westchester area. That's not far from the Los Angeles airport. The fireball was at a gas company. The company says this happened when an unplanned release of methane ignited. It took an hour to burn-off but the company insists there was never any danger.

Fireball rips through Chinese Restaurant

Chum Tai-kong, the Ma On Shan fire station commander, said a technician had been carrying out work in the restaurant's air conditioning machine room at the time of the blast. "We are investigating what kind of work he was doing and what equipment he used," Chum said. Nine men and 12 women, aged between seven and 92, were injured or reported feeling unwell after the blast. Witnesses reported hearing an explosion, then seeing smoke in the dining area, before a fireball burst out of the machine room to the street. The 2,000 sq ft restaurant was packed with lunchtime diners when the explosion happened at about 12.15pm. A female employee said: "I first saw smoke and then shouted for diners to run. As I reached the exit, an explosion went off."

Air Force takes rap for loud booms Tuesday

Seismologists said the booms weren't an earthquake. The Air Force at first said its aircraft didn't break the sound barrier. Aerospace company ATK said it wasn't testing any rockets. And asteroid and meteorite watchers had nothing to report.

Tennessee bird die-off area had sulfur smells - hydrogen sulfide

Unknown disease killing off animals in Pakistan

Following the outbreaks of cholera and measles which have claimed the lives of more than three hundred children and sickened several thousands in the northern Sindh districts, now the outbreak of one unknown mysterious diseases in the same region has killed more than 360 domestic animals including buffaloes, cows and goats.

North Hollywood explosion remains a mystery

The loud explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night remained a mystery the next morning, authorities said. An officer at the Los Angeles Police Department's North Hollywood station said police searched the area for a half an hour Tuesday night but had no luck in determining what caused the sound. The officer said police received numerous calls about the noise. At about 9:30 p.m., numerous people began tweeting about a loud explosion. Some thought it had come from a North Hollywood Metro station; others reported hearing an explosion in Studio City.

8 Turkish miners killed in methane blast

Details as to what caused the methane build up at the mine in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak are yet to emerge.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:11 PM

Originally posted by SteveR
Anyone considered acquiring a hydrogen sulphide detector? Jonny, you said there are cases of H2S poisoning locally to you (near the mississippi) and one of your friends is affected with neurological problems that you believe are related. Have you thought of checking it out and taking some measurements?

I have one, bought one a coupla years ago. They sell them mainly to septic and oil workers but anyone can buy them. The problem with them is that they have to be recharged regularly, and it's expensive as hell! To get another 6-month recharge on mine would cost $150, and I don't have the moolah. But there are other problems with them too. For example, to exterminate us doesn't require that the gas be present at all times. If there's a 1 in 1000 chance that a plume sweeps over you and kills you on any particular day, then life expectancy is about 3 years, which is fewer years than it takes the average person to be conceived and grow to reproductive age, so that's easily mathematical extinction. And it may be something like that: MOSTLY not present, but present enough to wipe us out over time. So you'd kinda need to be prepared to stand around in a self-contained HazMat suit for months and wait for that one reading that would have killed you, and then you could say "Aha! It beeped! 1200 ppm!" Or you could spend time down at the Mississippi River (in my case), with it held down close to the water, and hope when it comes by it doesn't kill you, and forego the HazMat suit and the weird looks.

Another problem is the absorbency problem. It looks to me like it doesn't just stay in gas form floating around endlessly. It looks like wood or clothes or trash or mulch or anything absorbent absorbs it, like a sponge absorbs water, so then it's still there, but it's INSIDE something, waiting for ignition. And then the detector wouldn't pick it up much, if at all, yet touching that stuff could still poison you.

This really isn't a simple problem, nor one easily addressed by 'the common man'. These kinds of problems are why we HAVE governments, but when you lose the ability to trust the government, as appears to be the case here, because it's such a scary problem, then what? I don't have any easy answers for that question. Wish I did.

For the record, I didn't detect anything with the introductory 6-month charge that my detector came with, which lasted from the beginning of 2011 to the middle of 2011. However, at the time I hadn't fully thought through the 'heavier-than-air' aspect of hydrogen sulfide, so I was just walking around with it held at waist or chest level. Also, I live in just about the highest-elevation area around me, locally called 'The Hill', which isn't really the place where I'd expect to get a positive reading, at least not as much as the areas around me that are lower in elevation. And I didn't take it out every day or anything either. I mean, I was trying to stay OUT of danger, not put myself IN danger just to get a positive reading. I do actually want to live. Heh.

Having said all that, if I had the moolah, I would get my detector recharged. I'd rather have it working than not, especially since I already bought it and it cost a fair bit. Even if its only use would be to tell me I'll be dead within a minute or so, hey, I'd rather go out with a sound effect than not. So if you can afford one and can afford to keep it going, don't let me dissuade you!

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 08:58 PM
Late night booms waking up Evansville residents

EVANSVILLE - Southwestern Indiana authorities are trying to determine the source of mysterious late-night booms that are giving area residents a rude awakening. Twenty-four-year-old Caleb Donahoo says he's heard the booms each night this week at his Evansville-area home. He says the first one, on Monday, was so loud it shook his home and rattled its windows. Evansville-Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency director Sherman Greer tells the Evansville Courier & Press that so far, local authorities are at a loss to explain the loud noises. The booms have fueled rampant speculation on social media, with theories ranging from a blown power transformer to a meth explosion or a sonic boom from some sort of aircraft. Others have speculated the noises could be mine blasts at a nearby coal mine.

Just like Clintonville, WI - no explanation, and then suddenly, they had an earthquake! Let's see how this one plays out over the next couple of days.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:03 PM
Here is another thread about Evansville booms

Above Top Secret...

And another one with a creepy video of the booms and some strange lights over Indianapolis

Above Top Secret...

Here's what the video poster had to say about it:

A series of mysterious booms over Indianapolis around 12:14 am on jan 7th 2013. I say three big ones total. when we heard the first one a few minutes before, i grabbed my phone because of all the sirens. the lights would have been in the northeast direction. I live in 46th & Sherman area. Last boom shook our house so hard it cracked a window. I don’t know if these are planes, Missiles or UFOs but my family was terrified

Here's a facebook quote, note how the poster says there is a chemical smell!

Could this be sulfide or methane explosions?

Also, on the posts above there are many of the witnesses to these events saying that people all over Indiana and Kentucky are hearing these booms over the past few days.

If that video is authentic, this is getting creepy. Some skeptics have called the video a fake because of the sirens but he says that he started recording on his camera after a first boom and then the sirens started up.
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:12 PM
This is a very interesting breaking news story happening in Louisiana right now. Chemical smell causing people irritating throat and headaches over two townships.

Facebook for TV station

Here's an ATS thread on it:

Above Top Secret...

Also, one person on the Facebook discussion said they heard two booms as well.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:22 PM
A poster on the Chemical spill thread posted this quote

According to air quality reports on the DEQ website, levels of hydrogen sulfide and sulphur dioxide were abnormal around 6 p.m. on Thursday in the area. Current scientific evidence links short-term exposure to sulphur dioxide, ranging from 5 minutes to 24 hours, with an array of adverse respiratory effects, such as emphysema and bronchitis, as well as aggravating existing heart disease. The effects can be more profound on asthmatics, children and the elderly. On Thursday, the level of hydrogen sulfide was at 1 or 2 parts per million throughout the day, but at 6 p.m. that number jumped to 10. Levels of sulphur dioxide were between 1.6 and 2.7 parts per million throughout the day, however, climbed to 29.1 at 6 p.m., the website shows.

She said that she found it at She also said that she and her boyfriend were amazed at the red sunset and red sky that hung around for a while today and asked if it could have anything to do with it.

I also saw other posters mention the sunset in that area on that Facebook discussion.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:47 PM
It's been a very busy few days with a lot of activity as you can see with my last few posts. Here are a few more news links.

11 dead as Middle East battered by hail, snow and rain

Abnormal storms which for four days have blasted the Middle East with rain, snow and hail have left at least 11 people dead and brought misery to Syrian refugees huddled in camps. Officials reported that two women were found dead in the West Bank on Wednesday after their car was swept away in floods, while a 30-year-old man froze to death in Taalabaya, in Lebanon’s Bekaa province, after he fell asleep drunk in his car.

Snow and Floods in the desert!

80 dead in Bangledesh as coldest temps in 50 years hits; Australia braces for more record highs

The weather office said the lowest temperature was recorded at 3ºC in the northern town of Syedpur and the Red Crescent said hospitals were packed with patients suffering respiratory illness. Shah Alam, deputy head of the weather office, said the last time the temperature had dropped below 3ºC was in February 1968 when Bangladesh was still part of Pakistan.

They're Back; Mysterious booms heard from Cali to S. Carolina

The booms in this story include North Hollywood, Salem and Marblehead, Mass, Lexington County, SC, and Salt Lake City.

Earthqauke swarm rattles Carlsberg Ridge

Because the Carlsberg Ridge is one of the slowest-spreading, and so supposedly less active oceanic ridges, many had thought it unlikely to be the location of a major volcanic eruption.. At ridges such as this, heat is thought to be released more slowly from the underlying magma. However, we may have to rethink that previous assessment. The Carlsberg Ridge region is currently being shaken by a major seismic swarm, which could very well be volcanic in nature. The strongest tremor in the current swarm is a magnitude 5.0. Nature journal said in previous eruption, “A huge plume of hydrothermal chemicals, drifted up to 1.4 kilometers above the vent site and 70 kilometers along the underwater ridge was seen some years ago. It’s by far the biggest vent plume ever seen, and confirms that such plumes form following volcanic eruptions at the sea floor, even at slow-spreading oceanic ridges.”

It should be noted to that following Quake Watch 2013 it has been very busy with activity lately with swarms and quakes happening all over the globe. Here in the U.S., Colorado and Virginia and also a few on the New Madrid line with a 2.9 in Marion, IL today.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:56 PM
This was just posted over on the Quake Watch 2013 thread for 5.0's over last few days.

10/01/2013 17:21, 5, 52.56°N , 170.65°W , 10, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands
10/01/2013 13:47, 5.6, 4.66°N , 95.09°E , 55, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
9/01/2013 21:46, 5.5, 57.11°S , 141.49°W , 10, Pacific Antarctic Ridge
9/01/2013 21:05, 5, 0.77°N , 92.71°E , 29, Off West Coast of Northern Sumatra
9/01/2013 18:38, 5.1, 18.00°S , 69.33°W , 93, Northern Chile
9/01/2013 11:21, 5, 24.45°S , 69.36°W , 90, Northern Chile
9/01/2013 7:44, 5.1, 29.71°N , 81.73°E , 13, Nepal
9/01/2013 1:41, 5.7, 25.30°N , 95.03°E , 87, Myanmar-India Border Region
9/01/2013 0:17, 5, 47.13°N , 152.48°E , 10, Kuril Islands
8/01/2013 21:26, 5.7, 34.53°S , 179.05°E , 15, South of Kermadec Islands
8/01/2013 20:14, 5.1, 10.16°S , 161.75°E , 10, Solomon Islands
8/01/2013 18:55, 5.1, 52.43°N , 170.67°W , 10, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands
8/01/2013 14:16, 5.8, 39.69°N , 25.55°E , 13, Aegean Sea
8/01/2013 7:51, 5.5, 40.18°N , 142.35°E , 43, Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan
7/01/2013 13:53, 5.1, 37.83°N , 142.51°E , 42, Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan
7/01/2013 6:49, 5.5, 24.54°N , 122.82°E , 71, Taiwan Region
6/01/2013 19:39, 5.1, 45.68°N , 154.09°E , 10, East of Kuril Islands
6/01/2013 18:24, 5.2, 17.12°N , 94.91°W , 55, Chiapas, Mexico
6/01/2013 16:28, 5.2, 26.25°S , 178.33°E , 634, South of Fiji Islands
6/01/2013 11:08, 5.2, 1.13°N , 127.51°E , 139, Halmahera, Indonesia
6/01/2013 10:25, 5, 1.94°N , 89.73°E , 10, North Indian Ocean
5/01/2013 17:42, 5.1, 20.08°S , 66.46°E , 10, Mauritius/Reunion Region
5/01/2013 12:28, 5.1, 55.13°N , 134.62°W , 14, Southeastern Alaska
5/01/2013 10:11, 5.1, 55.91°N , 135.29°W , 9, Off Coast of Southeastern Alaska
5/01/2013 8:58, 7.5, 55.28°N , 134.87°W , 10, Southeastern Alaska
5/01/2013 4:11, 5.3, 28.66°N , 128.78°E , 10, Ryukyu Islands, Japan
5/01/2013 4:00, 5.1, 13.02°S , 66.61°E , 10, Mid Indian Ridge
4/01/2013 23:16, 5.2, 20.78°S , 169.64°E , 57, Vanuatu Islands
4/01/2013 20:24, 5.2, 5.44°S , 146.11°E , 67, Eastern New Guinea Reg., P.N.G.
4/01/2013 13:13, 5.2, 16.58°S , 173.21°W , 41, Tonga Islands
4/01/2013 10:10, 5.1, 29.84°S , 176.12°W , 10, Kermadec Islands Region
4/01/2013 7:32, 5, 15.22°S , 173.92°W , 61, Tonga Islands
3/01/2013 0:02, 5.3, 1.48°S , 127.50°E , 10, Halmahera, Indonesia
1/01/2013 7:35, 5.3, 47.05°N , 151.24°E , 10, Kuril Islands

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 12:32 PM
Hey Johnny, where are ya buddy? Need your feedback on these booms and chemical smells. What you think? I know you once mentioned that you think this could possibly be hydrogen sulfide explosions. Check out that video of the Indianapolis booms and the lights he was filming.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by Rezlooper
Hey Johnny, where are ya buddy? Need your feedback on these booms and chemical smells. What you think? I know you once mentioned that you think this could possibly be hydrogen sulfide explosions. Check out that video of the Indianapolis booms and the lights he was filming.

Sorry I got quiet there. These daily updates are getting huge, taking a lot of my time and energy. I'd already mentioned the Evansville boom in one of them. And yeah, all those booms, I'm sure, are gas plumes detonating. I mean, explosions are combustion, and combustion is a chemical reaction, which means...chemicals. Explosions don't 'just happen', they require something TO explode. And sometimes the booms will come with a 'chemical smell', though I doubt everyone would describe it the same way as everyone else, because we're not used to smelling this crap (else we'd be dead), and some gas plumes will be more methane than hydrogen sulfide and some the reverse, and hydrogen sulfide can paralyze the olfactory sense, so you lose ability to smell it. The closer the explosion is to the ground, the fewer people will see a flash of light too, for the obvious reason, but the greater the potential damage will be if they explode inside a town or neighborhood.

Sh#t is gettin' scary, man! I'm trying to stay calm on the blog though...but that's not always easy. I guess I can get my freak on over here! Heh.

BTW, with the current rate of escalation, I definitely predict martial law this year sometime. In fact, in times of a national emergency, it's possible that martial law could be instated, and many industries nationalized, and yet nobody is TOLD that that has happened. There's no requirement that people be told. I'd bet that the Constitution has already been suspended, and we're RIGHT NOW under martial law, and probably have been for quite some time, but the common man hasn't been told. That way, they can control media, search engines, manufacturing, banks, insurance companies, etc, to keep up a semblance of normality for as long as possible. And I suppose I can't argue with all that: we actually ARE at war, the biggest war in all of human history, a war for our very survival. I just don't like the lying-about-it part of things.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:12 PM
Massive explosion just hit Main Street in Lewisville (Texas):


Lewisville is sandwiched between Grapevine Lake and Lewisville Lake. Note that they say gas workers had been there for hours working on a leak. What if they were there because they detected methane, and they were LOOKING for a leak that didn't exist. Even if there WAS a leak, it could have been biogenic sulfide corrosion that ate away some steel or concrete somewhere and caused the leak. Either way, another huge explosion in a populated area, so worth noting on that basis alone. That devastation IS what those 'boom sounds' will look like when they go off inside a city or town.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by JonnyMnemonic

Great insight - great responses. I do find it strange there are so many of these explosions. These does seem funny that gas company was working a gas leak.

Did you notice in my posts about the chemical smell in LA where a poster reported that hydrogen sulfide had risen high and was detected in area. Also, there are more than a handful of people on ATS who have said they couldn't believe the amazing red sunset in the area. Could that be related?

Check out picture here from that sunset last night in Louisiana. So bright it almost hurts your eyes.

And by the way, thanks for all your work on this stuff and getting this information out there!
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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 04:31 PM
More Earthquake numbers

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by Rezlooper
reply to post by JonnyMnemonic

Great insight - great responses. I do find it strange there are so many of these explosions. These does seem funny that gas company was working a gas leak.

Did you notice in my posts about the chemical smell in LA where a poster reported that hydrogen sulfide had risen high and was detected in area. Also, there are more than a handful of people on ATS who have said they couldn't believe the amazing red sunset in the area. Could that be related?

Check out picture here from that sunset last night in Louisiana. So bright it almost hurts your eyes.

And by the way, thanks for all your work on this stuff and getting this information out there!
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Sure, the weird sunsets could easily be related. Like you said about the weather too. The atmosphere's composition is changing, so anything related to the atmosphere is likely to be affected, at least sometimes: weather anomalies, weird sunsets, fierce blazing white Sun, rings around Sun and Moon.

Chalmette is not in a good area! Look on a map; they're just a coupla miles away from waters of the Gulf of Mexico there. I'm not surprised at all that there are 'strange smells' and people are getting sick there. Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, those are probably the states most vulnerable to whatever's coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. California, Oregon, Washington, most vulnerable to whatever's coming in off the Pacific Ocean. And the entire eastern seaboard is vulnerable to whatever's coming in off the Atlantic. Then you have the Great Lakes, so Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. And the Mississippi River Valley is where a lot will flow to when wind isn't blowing it on, so there goes Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Arkansas, etc.

You start really looking and...there is no real 'safe' spot. So even if those people in Chalmette wanted to flee, where might they go? I guess east side of a mountain overlooking a big plains area, in Colorado or Utah. Heh, back to that. Still wouldn't be totally safe though, just less unsafe.

Also, the burning eyes and difficulty breathing: those are symptoms of hydrogen sulfide, for sure. Remember the birds that came down in Beebe? Some of their eyes had EXPLODED. Hydrogen sulfide can make blood vessels burst and cause bruising. Eyes are full of blood vessels. That's one reason I tried so hard to find pics from WWI when the British weaponized hydrogen sulfide for use against the Germans during trench warfare - do PEOPLES' eyes sometimes explode too, if the concentration is high enough? And if so, what does that look like? Does it look like 'gunshot to the head'? Because there have been lots of people dying with 'gunshot to the head' lately, if you see what I'm saying here...

I'd like two Sewage Class tickets to Mars!

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extra DIV

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 08:47 PM
Thousands of birds, mainly loons, dying around northern Michigan shorelines:


Quote: "Thousands of dead birds, mainly loons, washed ashore — from the Upper Peninsula, down to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. A large percentage of the dead loons had just entered their first year of breeding maturity."

Coastal birds, low-lying-area birds. And not the adults, which are probably bigger and thus harder to poison, but the young birds. Just mentioned the Great Lakes states not being all that safe either, one post prior, before I came across this story.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 06:35 AM
40 Unknown gas seeps found off the East Coast.

A research cruise has discovered 40 previously unknown gas seeps on the seafloor off the U.S. East Coast. The plumes of gas are almost certainly methane, also known as natural gas, according to government scientists.

Link to full article

Agian, we are faced with the question of: Is this happening more readily or are we just getting better at finding and detecting it due to technology?

A mere generation ago, methane seeps were virtually unheard of off the East Coast. Since the early 1980s, however, several seeps have been found. "With advanced multibeam sonar, it may become routine to discover seeps while we systematically explore our poorly known ocean," NOAA scientist Stephen Hammond said in the statement.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by Jusvistn

I've lived on the East Coast my entire life and it's my personal opinion that this is fairly new and recent. At night right off the coast of where I live I see strange boats, around 3 or 4 doing something out in the water. Every night they are out there and I think they are doing something to the water. I don't know what but for the past couple of months before they arrived the water levels were fine, then the water levels rose so drastically that we had no beach for a while. Now the water is receding back into the ocean leaving previously never before seen rocks that now jut up through the ocean surface. There are state vehicles all along the beaches and unmarked chemical containers around my area. Johnny just like in your thread on the mississippi river I see the exact same kind of boats. What are they doing to the ocean over here? I don't like it and just the other day my buddy looked out over the ocean and said "you see that cloud? It doesn't even look like a cloud.." And it didn't , it looked like a giant chemical gas cloud rising from the ocean. All of this started happening after summer time around here.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by WhoFeelsitKnowsit

My feeling was that this is new also. And the article read (to me) like it was something with an urgent undertone that was being downplayed, if that even makes sense.

It seems thre is more and more of this type of reporting, bury the urgency of something between the cute cat videos and tv star updates and maybe noone will see it and understand the implications of what may possibly be going on. Just like I find it rather strange that amongst all of the global warming and ice sheet melting hype, a new reality tv program comes out where they are literally blowing the bergs apart to "harvest fresh water". Is that not counter productive?

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