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ATS Ideas/Suggestions for protecting yourself from an active shooter

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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 02:32 PM

Originally posted by smashdem
While I do agree with you completely about our education, I know that prohibition does not work(as intended).
Also, while it is not a natural right, it is a very large part of our culture. Hunting and sport shooting have some very deep roots here(hunting, obviously, does just about everywhere, and yes, I know you dont need a firearm) and maybe it has something to do with the old homesteader mentality or something, but, the thought of being able to defend yourself comforts many people.
Reform of laws, yeah, we might need that.

But you're comparing the prohibition of guns to that of alcohol or drugs, and neither of those are capable of causing mass murder like this. Drug use and alcohol consumption are self inflicted scenarios, not mass murder.

That is the difference here, and it needs to be pointed out over and over again. I was on Facebook today and someone posted something about criminalization having failed with drug use, and several people supported that ridiculous notion without considering that a drug addict harms THEMSELVES and doesn't try to murder hundreds of people with high powered automatic weapons!

Drug use, alcoholism and anything else people want to throw out there as a comparison simply does not compare. Those are personal choices, affecting their health and lives, they are not the same as murdering innocent women and children.
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posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by WeRpeons
reply to post by britelite1971

20/20 had a great segment on this after the Columbine shootings.

-One idea I'll never forget, is if you're trapped in a bathroom, spread soap and water on the floor so if the shooter enters, he slips and falls and it gives you time to possibly escape while he struggles to get up.

-Don't run away from a shooter in a straight line, zig zag so he has a difficult time to target you.

-Play dead, (kind of difficult considering the stressful circumstances).

-Arm yourself with a fire extinguisher. (Give yourself some time to escape while the shooter is disoriented).

-Most victims don't have plans, plan what if and be prepared.

I'm a high school teacher and every year are school goes through lock down procedures. I have my own procedures for inside my classroom. I have the soap, extinguishers and two storage rooms in the back of my lab with heavy metal doors. I instruct my students at the beginning of every school year the procedures and what we do in case of an intruder. I even tell them about the soap trick if they are ever get trapped in the school bathroom.

But how are we gonna spread the water and the soap because getting water from faucets is gonna take a long time and we don't have 5 minutes and also what if the killer is blocking your way when he hits the ground?
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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by britelite1971

Originally posted by BlastedCaddy
Make sure you are armed as well.

Perhaps you missed the part where I said if you don't have a gun?? Most law abiding citizens don't carry weapons to the mall, or work, or the kindergarten class they teach.....because they aren't allowed there.

One, they should be allowed there, or ANYWHERE we go, save prisons and mental institutions. However, I understand not everyone could, or would, have a gun even if they were legal all over.

So, if you don't have one? Well, from what I have read, there are some basic things you can do.

1. Be aware, at all times, of your surroundings. I know this sounds basic, but how many people pay no attention at all? I have seen people walking through a busy parking lot, with their face glued to a screen. Texting, doing something online on a smart phone, whatever. Anything but looking. It's a wonder they are not run over. If we are aware, we will be more likely to notice signs of impending trouble. That is for ANY potential crime, not just shootings. Not bad advice to avoid accidents, either.

2. If you hear something, act. Don't panic, but popping sounds that could be gunfire should be treated as though they are gunfire. If they are not in your immediate area, get as far as possible, as fast as possible, and watch out for other suspects as you do so. No matter what the media wants us to believe, these people often act in groups. So, leave if you can, and if not sure, take cover. Concealed, if at all possible, and covered as well. Yes, there is a difference. Even hidden, you could catch a stray round, if your hiding place isn't bullet proof.

3. If you have to, fight back. A group, all throwing things at someone at the same time, can deflect them. Sure, some might get shot, but if you do nothing, that is a guarantee. If you can't flee or hide, don't just sit or stand there and die. Do anything you can to slow or stop your attacker. I read one place a suggestion to carry a bright flashlight, that you could use (best in a dark place, but alright even if not) to temporarily blind a shooter. It won't stop them, but it might give you time to clear the area. Think that was from a Navy SEAL. If you are armed, well, take them down if you can, without shooting innocent bystanders.

Alright....I located a couple of links, one from a university with tips, and the other from that SEAL I mentioned. Check them out. Don't live in fear, but be prepared.

former SEAL tips

more tips

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 07:08 PM
Anyone here advocating fighting the shooter (especially if you do not have a gun yourself) would most likely run or hide in this situation, but if they didn't and they did try to fight, they would most likely die. That's just the reality of this situation.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by SpeachM1litant
Anyone here advocating fighting the shooter (especially if you do not have a gun yourself) would most likely run or hide in this situation, but if they didn't and they did try to fight, they would most likely die. That's just the reality of this situation.

I don't think anyone is recommending that as anything but a last resort action. If you can't run, and can't hide, and have the option of either sitting there and dying, or trying to fight back, then you should try and fight. It's more of a certain death vs. probable death sort of thing.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 08:57 PM
Find a fire extinguisher and hide
Hide is the most sensible thing to do if you can get a fire extinguisher to take with you so much the better
Obviously they a everywhere in public buildings
If you are discovered squeeze the handle and spray that crap in the direction of the shooter I know this sounds silly but if you have already been discovered at least this gives you a chance to surprise them and run again to hide

Obviously it would be better no to confront the shooter but always have a back up plan and situational awareness

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by britelite1971

Carry a gun, or stay at home.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by britelite1971

Originally posted by rickymouse
reply to post by britelite1971

Women used to wear bullet proof vests years ago, oh, maybe those were corsets. Time to bring them back in style I guess.

Bullet proof long johns for kids.

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In all seriousness though, it's sad to think that bullet proof vests for adults and kids might be neccesary. Here's an idea for the aspiring about bullet proof hats??!

Your child's safety; Your piece of mind, is our business." So reads an advertisement for BulletBlocker, a company selling bulletproof backpacks and other body armor for children. Since the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 children dead, BulletBlocker and other companies like it have seen a massive surge in demand for the bags. "I can't go into exact sales numbers, but basically we tripled our sales volume of backpacks that we typically do in a month — in one week," says Derek Williams, the president of Amendment II, which sells a variety of bulletproof backpacks for $300 each. The steep price and the opportunistic promotion of the bags has led some to accuse these companies of profiting from a national tragedy.

"With thoughts of defenseless children seared into the national consciousness, the company doesn't plan on letting the crisis go to waste," writes Tim Murphy at Mother Jones. Of course, Williams claims he just wants to keep kids safe. "We want to be sensitive to how we do that, but we are gonna try to get the word out that this product does exist," he says.

According to the company website, the bags can be used as a shield to stop bullets from most handguns,


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