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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 08:59 AM
I never understood the beauty of this animal.I don't know which came first the Lion or Impala or maybe they came together,because they live together in the same land.

The grace of this animal amaze me by the way that he fills the fields of Africa untamed by the fear of the Lion.

Each time I see an Impala it comes to my mind the Garden of Eden just for the reason that lions and Impala can live toghether in harmony although one is the prade and other the predator.

What can be in the mind of an Impala when she sees a lion!
I guess that you will say fear but I believe that it is a mixture of ancestral feelings that both have and runs through their veins just like the untamed rivers of..Africa.


Not just a land but a place where life still have the untouched value of nature, pure not by the riches of the soil but by the riches of people's hearts.

I don't want to talk about the rhino or giraffe or an elephant or all the other beautiful creatures of this magnificent continent.

I want to talk about impala because it has the simplicity of life in the complexity of nature.

If I want to see were life it has the most glorious present I'll go to Africa to conteplate an...impala because she is hunted only by the lion.

If the lion is considered to be the most powerful animal in the land I think Impala is the king of the lion because she let him live in her realm.

By her meat and by the numbers.

2'000'000 of impala and I still guess that it is not enough to fill the land with beauty and grace.

Humans living in harmony with creatures of the Earth is a rare picture today and because impala and the lion are living in harmony then humans in this land are living in harmony not only with nature but with themselves.

And they still get the beauty of this land on hights never seen with their music and their songs.

And this is something rare for a world where man believe that he is king although although I believe that nature is ignoring him.

I guess that when nature stays in the evening at dinner she talks about the Impala and not about the man,because Impala didn't hurt the nature therefore the name Impala is written in the book of Nature.

Oh what a beautiful book nature must have.
Every time we try to sneak your name in this book we fail because in a way we try to steal the book....of nature.

Because in this land even the hippo can sing,

So,I guess that nature has chosen Impala.

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 12:50 PM
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Makes yummy billtong


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