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Should women be treated equally?

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by metalholic

WOW. What dating site have you been hangin' on? Bimbos Are Us? Little Girls for Big Boys? I think if these are the types of women you're finding, you should be asking yourself some serious questions as to why you attract childish women.

As to the 'equality' question, obviously there are physical aspects that make us the 'weaker sex' and therefore we will never truly be 'equal'....but nether will you be 'equal' to us. After reading your post ~and double checking that I have no hidden 'jiggly bits'
~ I can assure you there are women out there, who are nothing like you describe.

I became pregnant @ 17 and married. Had 3 children in 4 yrs. Left him for abuse at 21 with $27 in my pocket and 3 young children toting a garbage bag of 'things'. Took NOTHING from the home besides clothes & a few very personal things.

I had his rights taken away for abuse within 3 yrs so support was gone. Within a year of leaving I had a great job in a mans field and knew to be taken seriously, I had to know twice as much, work twice as hard and also attempt to downplay the fact that God had given me looks and a body just to quelch the talk of 'sleeping my way in'.

I bought a home and raised my kids while working 56 hours every single week in a stressful job. That meant working my butt off and then coming home to make dinner and help with homework and put on all the other hats a 'woman' wears. And I LOVED it.

WIthin 3 years I was the manager and making incredible money for the time, without a high school diploma or college education. I didnt expect anyone to come and save me from my life. I owned it and thrived because of it.
I dated and even remarried a man who made half of what I did, didnt own anything more than a pos car but I saw him for the person he was...well was for a bit.

I stayed in that field for 22 yrs and just recently retired on a disability. My kids are all professional ppl, never been in any trouble, have homes, families and all the 'things' society says we should have if we're 'successful'. I raised my daughters to never 'need' a man.... choose one if you want, but dont ever find yourself in a position of needing. Your life is what you make it, not what someone else can do for you. My son was raised with respect and not to be too manly to roll up his sleeves and do dishes or change diapers. His wife has thanked me btw lol.

I never thought to look the other way if a man wasnt making the money I was.
I never expected anyone to take care of me or give me shelter.
But I did expect to be loved as I loved, to be treated with the respect I showed them. If that didnt happen then yeah, they were kicked to the curb, you betcha. But it was MY curb.

And I expected to be treated fairly in the work place.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I heard whispers that I must of been sleeping with the boss to get my job. But besides brains and decent looks, I also had a sharp tongue so I handled myself quite well among the childish men I worked with.

Anyway, don't be so quick to lump women into some idiotic little mold you've built up in your mind. I assure you there are women out there who aren't nearly as shallow as you suggest. Now if I've misunderstood you in some way, I humbly apologize but it read to me as someone who just stepped out of some mega time warp. Like: me Tarzan you Jane as you beat your chest and storm out of the cave to kill dinner.

But again, maybe I've misunderstood.
Or maybe you need to find a new dating pool.
Or maybe I'm just totally messed up & I've screwed up my little section of the female gender. *gasps and runs for the xanax*

~ Lu

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by metalholic

Equality between groups of people has always been a hot subject for debate. I feel that ALL people say that they want to be treated equally but I think that it's more about fairness. All people are different and they live differently, and respond to the world differently. If we were to truly treat all people equally, then that would include expectations. If person A can lift 100 lbs then we would treat everyone as if they could lift 100 lbs. People are NOT equal and therefore we can't treat everyone equally. We can, however, treat them fairly. That being said, I don't feel it's fair for women to always expect men to be the ones to buy the house and make all the money. In the past this was more practical as there were more jobs that required manual labor that the majority of women did not have the physical ability to perform. However, in this case there was a trade off and the division of labor was fair. Now we have enough diversity in available professions that responsibilities in any relationship are not always specific to gender. Unfortunately men and women exist that don't understand the new type of balance and fair treatment that exist in our societies today. In no way do I mean to devalue the necessity of all types of people to be a productive member of society. To truly answer any of the questions presented I feel would need to be answered on an individual basis. If what you are getting in return provides a fair and equitable division of responsibility and balance then I see no reason that any person can not make specific demands as to what they expect from another person. I do feel that traditional expectations need to be re-examined.

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