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My experiences with Alien shapeshifters.

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:00 PM
some have heard of them, but not many have been able to elaborate on what they are. What could they be. Well il let you know that iv been reading for a while trying to find information but nothing really. This makes my experiences quite unique i find. I saw the large black cat with the long black tail. Its a long and complicated story.

I Live in B.C Squamish. This happened in 2009 this was during the construction of the Olympics 45 mins away in Whisler. Anyways. Over the weeks during the end of june onward through july i noticed many of these lights on clear nights that would slowly illuminate get bright then delluminate well moving and jump farther aross the sky repeating the process. I had just recently got off a work shift at tim hortons 2-10 pm. during the shift i had told my friend what i had seen and convinced him that we should star gaze at his house in downtown.

His house is facing towards the chief from the most southward direction of downtown there were no houses beyond the apartment/ old folks home buildings. We were sitting on lawn chairs on his belchony watching intention over the chiefs peaks for those lights. I strained my eyes on many constilations trying to find lights that arnt stars. Thats when we saw the light appear behind the chief and move towards the highlands reappearing and disappearing. We saw one fly high past us and towards the forests behind the complex. 10 minutes later we hear dogs barking from the surrounding blocks in all directions for a solid minute. it all died down at once and there was an creepy silence. Not a soul on the street at 11 PM on a tuesday. We look out over looking the street. to the left there are 8 houses every 2 houses there is an alley way seperating them as they are attached in pairs on the right side cars are parked to a curb with a garden that that runs along a wooden fense aprox 7 feet high. on the other side of the fense is the old folks home complex. My friends house was on an angle facing down the street. So we could see all the houses.

me and my friend and i were leaning over the railing and my friend says hey see that cat? were bothing looking directly down and this black cat comes running in front of his carport it was this pitch black cat with a smallish head pointy ears long slender body and a long thick tail that stood out straight. We see it run into the closest carport to our left and disappear to me it looked like its body made an unatural curve into the carport. My friend says Dude, did that cat look weird to you? Yeah it did.. it didn't make sense. We both agreed on that. We then heard music blare from the old folks home of the right hand side, some 1930s music with trumpets and a female singer. The musc was loud but clear, the quality was scratchy. My friend says, looks like someones having a party over there. Yeah... its almost 12 PM why is the music that loud anyways? Then the music starts skipping. Its skipping for a minute before i say to my friend thats listening with wide eyes, don't you think someone would of shut that off by now? It continues to skip for several minutes with the female singer saying some word. i could't make it out but we both tried either way it made every hair on my neck stand on end. Suddenly the music shuts off. My friends looking in all directions. Were both totally paranoid. i don't know exactly how long it took for this to happen. but at some point i was looking up at the sky at some constilations near a street a florecent street light which was tucked behind the houses on the left side. i covered my eyes from the light. was looking and out of the corner of my eye. I saw movement. so i stared into the blackness until i saw something moving i saw a circular shape pan in from the darkness over the street light and i quickly wack my friend with my arm and say J____ look! we both saw it fly over the street light. about 5 inches in diameter from where i was standing it was lite up completely by the light. I can't remeber the exact detail of the center of the craft. I don't know if i saw a black hatch. or if it was just a black dome. with smaller black circles that sat like seeds in a fruit when you but an orange. It had these complex carvings in it that never curved. it looked like etch and sketch. but the crafts metal was a black dark metallic tarnish and was rough. it barly turned as it passed by. My friend and i both shout at each other OMG we just sauce a saucer!!!! DUDE I can't believe i just saw that! did you see that? YEAH MAN did you see the black domes YES that thing looked haywire man. Anyways we heard something moving on the other side of the fence and we instantly dropped our excitement into fear. we started discussing if it we saw the alien if it was benevolent we would try to talk to it and if it was malevolent we would huck our chairs at it if it came up here I remeber at some point during that convo i mentioned saying if we heard jets we would know something was going on, and not seconds later after saying that we would hear them multipul jets echoing off the mountains.
We both were looking down the road, This is where i don't know if there was a florecent street light at the end of his street. Im not certain because iv passed by it many times after this and not seen a florecent light. So it makes me think either it was removed after i saw this, or they created the light for some reason. Anyways continueing my story. I was looking at the end of this street and I was sort of zoning out on it. I saw the cat. I heard my friend say hay dude theres the cat.

But i kinda ignored him and just continued to stare blankly. I saw it walking from the right side to the left 6 houses up the road. I saw the orange street light at the far end of the road give it the appearance of being black. Suddenly when it reached the sidewalk that was only at the 6th house on the left and running inbetween houses. There was a white light there. And i remeber seeing the black cat then it kinda sandwhitched itself horizontally and became this pale crawling humanoid. my friend says WHAT THE !@#$ and i suddenly wake up from zoning out and the thing looks up at us. it had no face. I didint see one. It was crouched and i felt an uncomprehending dread, and unnatural feeling not coming from me. I could feel my own feelings of wonder and excitment. Well it was bombing my skin with fear. then the feeling suddenly washed over and it was bombing me with comforting feelings and untensing my body. then there was a sort of feeling exchange were it told me that it had no intention of hurting me. but did not want me to walk over there.

Then it proceeded to walk down the alley way. I saw this all under a white light as explained i remeber it being a florecent white light but as stated i don't remeber seeing it there the last time i checked. maybe it turns on at odd hours? i don't know. anyways. My friend started shouting at me OMG that thing is haywire man its gunna !@#$ us up dude did you see that it shapeshifted man what the hell what else can it man im scared. DUDE calm down. Just watch that street il watch this street. then we heard a baby scream. We both looked at each other wided eyed and our hands up to our mouths. and we suddenly heard the woosh of a car in the distance. but the woosh didint go away it got louder and as it got louder it started making more bizzar noises. shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhh shhh with this type of razor slicing sound. It sounded

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:01 PM
like a subway train sort of. But there was this charging sound and the sounds of air pressure being releases and the sounds of complex machinery. It all escilated and i remeber having long hair at the time. I held the hair back from my eyes as the whippped it around. looking up i saw nothing. but my friend fled upstairs. so i followed him.

We ran to him room and opened his sliding windows. We peered out. listening to the churning soundes and high pitch wirrr shhh shh shh fade to a distance. just a distance. it was still there and did not leave but anyone who never heard it up close would of never of reconized the sound nore heard it. Thats probably why so many people can't hear them they have to be really really close.

So as soon as i ran inside. I had the binoculars previously beside the window ceill. before we went out at 11 PM we were in his room and he took out his binoculars saying we could use them. but we left them upstairs >.> lol anyways. I saw the clock. 2:31. it was dark in the room and the red digets were the first thing my spatial recognition zeroed in on. I know that my friend was pacing back and forth as we argued over it taking the baby. I know that i walked to the window. looked out with the binoculars for a minute. looked back at the clock as still saw 2:31. i told my friend and he said is that the same time we came inside??? yes man thats what im saying i noticed the time when i walked inside. okay okay lets count to 60. so we did and stopped at 78. he starts having a nervous break down. It can stop time man... it can stop time.. dude control yourself. I start shaking him and saying DUDE get ahold of yourself. and then he starts saying. lets get a camera! lets record this thing man. then i just look at him weird and say.. what?... your serious?.... After it just showed itself to us and SAW us you want to do something dumb like try to record it? what if it gets offended ? i dont feel like getting abducted tonight dude. And when i looked back at the clock the time suddenly i saw the time tic on. i looked out the window with the binoculars and saw nothing. we waited and waited.

3:00 we hear the sound outside get louder and and louder as it decended. I heard a lazer sound some sort of electric sound i don't know how to describe it but i heard the baby crying outside. stuck my head out the window looking up and i didnt see anything. I heard it crying and its cry reverberated off the surrounding walls it was suddenly muffled within a house and the crying stopped. My friend and i both looked at each other again wide eyed and hand up to our mouths. We heard the sound fade away to just a distance. sometime went by.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:02 PM
3:15 my friend hanging out the other window says Hey you see that black dog there? it came from under my porch. No way. DUDE i saw it come from there. im looking at it in the binoculars. a pure pitch black shaggy dog with no inner detail just impenetrable blackness. it was walking along the curb to the left side where the houses are. it had a black bushy tail that hung low to the ground. and it was BIG. it stopped walking and turned its head and looked back at the window. i saw pointy black triangle ears and no eyes. just the sides of its face i couldnt make out the outline of its snout when it was facing me. then as it turned its head towards to road i saw it walk very slowly... a couple times i couple of swore i saw it skip minorly.. like id see it about to walk directly in front of the a car thats sticking out of a carport and it would like skip a couple inches towards the right as it walked. then when it reached this garbage bin. it walked out in the middle of the road, turned its head towards us. then walked halfway behind a garbage bin. im staring at this with binoculars. only half its body was sticking out. the garbage bin being near the 6th house. one second it was there. the next it wasint. no flash of light no smoke. i hear my friend back up against the wall i pull down my binoculars and look at him wide eyeed hes in the feedle position in the corner of his room he starts muttering... it teleported man... it teleported.. it teleported it teleported. the #ing thing teleported. it teleported. it teleported. and well he was muttering that i was quickly turned my head to the road to see the black dog under the white light right by the powerbox on the right handside drectly across from the 6th house. it was facing the other direction. i pulled up the binoculars and it was still faceless and black even under directly light. It was staring directly at me and i was staring at it for a solid 20 seconds before my friend pulls the blinds. And says !@#$ this !@###$ im going to bed!!! i say to him your kidding. an alien is standing on your road and you want to go to bed. Wow. How can you sleep anyways you saw it teleport it can just come up here when ever it wants. and then he starts screaming at me im tired and i can't handle this anymore!!!!! I don't want you looking out that !@##ing window anymore! i want it to go away. And i just say to him man this is the only time youl ever see something like this again. and i start peering out the window and he gets up from his bed slaps my hand and starts wresling me a bit and say DUDE get off me. then he did and he went to his bed. i looked back out the window and the dog started walking towards the alley way. I still heard the saucer in the distance. it didnt leave. i lok at the clock 3:30. So i went into his closet and grabbed his katana and sat on his bed facing the door. i waited till 4 am till i heard trains outside and cars. the sky was turning blue and i went to sleep.

We both woke up at 11. Im getting tired typing this. anyways i looked by the garbage bin and there was a thorn leaf bush approx 5 feet in high right up against it so that thing walked thru this thick ass bush stood there for a good 5 seconds then teleported. Anyways alot of people in my town have heard about them and even seen the black cats or dogs. Iv seen this creature with 3 people. my friend here. and my experience i had a year and a week after this. this was july 15th 2009. I would like to present my thoughts on what i know about them and possibly link broken information out there as i am a full experiencer.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:05 PM
As for questions pertaining to my blood type i have type B and also have been through numerious paranormal experiences growing up that are terrorfying. This one being more visually extreme then the rest somewhat. I have seen decapitated heads floating above my head when i was 7. i saw it in a dream and when i woke up they actually were there. i tried to wake up my bro who was sleeping on the floor beside my bed. But he was passed out. I hide under the blanket and it poked its head thru and i bolted out the door and slept in my moms bed. Iv had experiences where things have opened my closet door and iv seen nothing but inpenitrable blackness within. I would star at it for i don't know how long.... then i would seethe door.. suddenly shut.. and be open only slightly and everytime it was only slightly enough just for me to see in.

I don't know why i experience these things. Iv seen quite a lot for being a child. and now as an adolsent of the age of 21 i look back at my life as if im 30 or 40. i feel much older then i actually am. i had my eye color change permenantly since 2009 when i was 18 i have hazel brown eyes now. I don't know if experiences like this can cause stuff like that. But anyone know who they are? im sure you guys are more knowledgeable then most places i tried.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:24 PM
Let's get this straight.

You go to work.
You see lights.
You get your friend.
You go stargazing.
You see a Kitty cat.
You hear some old time music (old people having a good time....freaky!!!)
The music stops.
You get paranoid?
You saw a bat fly past a street light?
You ate a mushroom sandwich?

I couldn't read any further. For some spooky reason this came straight into my head (telepathically man).

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 04:34 PM
i don't blame you its pretty sketchy. Anyways anyone know what they are? They crawl on all fours like an ape but im guessing they can run on 2 legs too.

Possibly a T4 race?

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 05:01 PM
I respectfully decline to make further comment on this post, other than this comment which is a comment of skepticism.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 05:12 PM
Dude that post was totally bogus dude.
I bet when the cat got to where it was going it was all like, "Dudes, I just saw these really weird dudes" to all of his dude cat friends.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 06:31 PM

I don't generally say things like this at all but i do not believe this happened and I don't know what reason(s) would compel someone to post a story that seems entirely fabricated..

Also I'm going to add this just because I don't believe it, doesn't mean that it did not happen ..So far you have posted a fantastical account and not one shred of supportive evidence to convince your audience that its true.

I'm not posting what i feel about this to be mean i probably should not have posted at all to this thread but for some reason i decided to tell you how i feel..peace,sugarcookie1

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 07:45 PM
Aliens are able to shapeshift. It is like a hallucination. It is not a physical object.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by greyer
Aliens are able to shapeshift. It is like a hallucination. It is not a physical object.

And that requires proof?

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by CrypticSouthpaw

As for questions pertaining to my blood type i have type B and also have been through numerious paranormal experiences growing up that are terrorfying. This one being more visually extreme then the rest somewhat. I have seen decapitated heads floating above my head when i was 7. i saw it in a dream and when i woke up they actually were there.
Severed heads, dreams, cat man dudes ,what has the blood type got to do with
the story may i ask ?..

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 09:17 PM
I thought the "Dude!" stuff gives it a real feel. Anyway, good story regardless if it was fiction.

I can believe that something was going on, but seeing cats and dogs on the street seems normal. The mysterious street light that wasn't there later, the flying disc, and strange music and sounds, all seems like a good trip to me. Your friend went on a bad trip though. That's why it's better to trip with a friend that can handle it like you appear to.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 09:40 PM
well, i do believe you and your friend saw something, tho what i can't say. but there are reports of people seeing animals shift or change into some sort of alien life form(or other kind of entity)

interesting depiction of the 'black dog' that has also been associated with ufo sightings. again, i don't know what the relation is, or if it is like the one poster said, that these beings can just put for the illusion that they are something else or if the being is actually able to change it's form..

good story...ignore those who have nothing better to do than to insult

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 11:48 PM
When it shapeshifts its not an illusion. Anyone else in the area can see the same thing too. But I'm Just waiting for someone who knows any relating knowledge about this. This happened to me 3 years, and so far iv found nothing but cryptozoology and some roadside accounts.

And its fine, I don't care about the insults I can't expect normal people to read this and believe it.

I could be showing the existance of these things to people, but im really just looking for answers...
Iv done shrooms maybe twice in my life and that was about 2 grams. I didn't see anything fantastic.

they are some form of energy being.

And this experience is not the first time iv seen it. The second time i saw it is a little bit more ridiculous. With all these answer tho i don't really feel confident telling it lol I don't mean to be rude.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 11:56 PM
Also this might come out of left feild. But what is the signifigance of yah-weh?

but thanks for trying guys

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pic of the saucer from how i remeber it.
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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 01:12 AM

here is the street view and what it looks like. My friend and i are on a belchony.

posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 01:34 AM
I believe your account. Because these are the things that happen, when you're allowed to or supposed to see them. And there are a lot of sightings in BC and at the coast, cascades and so forth. Lots. This is like old Lemuria, got lots of connections to it and so does the Okanagan, and I'm not going to say more about that at this moment, but I see Okanagan and Shasta as being joined at the hip so to speak as far as ETs go.

Anyway, I'll try to reread this tomorrow more, very tired currently. And don't let anyones posts put you down, just keep dignity. When you post what you've witnessed, that the PTB are attempting to suppress and keep technologies and information to themselves and enslaving this planet, they are not entitled. They are the galaxies worst criminals, so speak up with dignity and share, the truth. Your testimony is evidence.

posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 01:46 AM
looking forward to hearing about it. I know the BC coast is ancient. Its quite intense being around these beings tho. As curious as i am i have a paranoia that wont go away lol. There was an initial 3 day post traumatic stress disorder or something. I don't know i just dont remeber sleeping when it was dark out i would stay up till 5 in the morning till it got light out. And i stared at my windows and often get these mental images of seeing one of those things have its head poked thru staring at me. Or hearing it slide my window open. :S it coming around the corner of a door. I used to have bad arachnophobia and its lessened dramatically since that experience.
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