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5th Dimension Ghost Documentary

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 01:08 PM
I have watched a ton of paranormal videos on youtube and I noticed these videos are not posted on ATS. It is an interesting look into the paranormal trying to decipher the enigma through the use of science.

Recently I have began investigating this subject on my own in the form of EVP recordings. I have found audio anomalies and it his sparked my interest further into the paranormal. I am not sure if I am just catching radio waves or actual entities talking but my research continues until I feel this can be validated to my own personal expectations. Until then I will continue to scour the web for all the information I can gather.

Each video is about 10 minutes long, I could not find a full version. Enjoy.

Also I want to put up this video as well : The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught On Tape.

I can not find it here on ATS and wanted to post it too. It has some extraordinary cases
that I find fascinating. Enjoy!

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 02:26 PM
The last case from part 5 is about Maria Gomez and the faces that appear on her floor. It is an odd case and I wanted to present some more info on it.

On August 23, 1971, in a hot and dry day, the son of Mary who was sitting with his grandmother in the kitchen, the house was suddenly startled. He saw an image that suddenly appeared on the marble floor. He told the grandmother who immediately gasped at the sight of a little piece of the face was grim. Excitement grew when all inhabitants of the house to see images of human faces with sad and mournful expression on the kitchen floor of their home. No one can guess where that image appears, all happened suddenly.
Full Article:source

There is a thread here at ATS on this story. Check it out too: Faces On The Floor

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 03:35 PM
Well the video series, the fifth dimension ones, were more of a skeptics look at things. Which I think would tend to be the result if people focus on famous cases, and German facilities. Because we have hidden tech and Tesla for one thing, plus I don't trust the more famous researchers or establishment, and feel there is a agenda often, mystery school beliefs, and who knows what they want to do to steer public views.

People capture many unusual things, in video, on camera, in evp, even without equipment, not at a moment when they are fearful or experiencing stress. Can't say that low frequencies aren't existing, we live in a world immersed in frequencies.

One of my theories if there is a fan, or low vibrational frequency is this could be used by an entity to create "presence".

This unusual occurrence found in the paranormal voices is very important since it supports my personal hypothesis about the paranormal process of the generation of formants: it seems to come from an inexplicable process of local thickening of the existing background noise. ...

The "FBI Image Searching" software provides a tool for image matching through "One-to-One" and "One-to-Many" functions. In the investigation of the Edna communication, both functions were used for comparing the acoustic maps (images) of her voice. The "One-to-One" function provides the identification by matching a single image against another single image. The "One-to-Many" function provides the identification by matching of a single image against a database of images with no declared identity required...

When the computer processing was completed, the "One-to-Many" function had identified the acoustic map of Edna's alleged paranormal voice in the acoustic map of Edna's voice while she was alive.

This was the only acoustic map that exceeded 99% similarity through the computer matching process against 909 acoustic maps.

Also with Marcello Bacci's EVP's there were voice matches, found and this science is used in courts.

I didn't enjoy that video as they seemed to be selective in choosing what include and making demonstrations, that actually didn't eliminate the research that was going on in many areas.

By the way, the pictures showing up. That happens in many buildings, not just hers. We had a phantom one in the window of the glass sliding doors that no amount of cleaning got rid of after my son experienced seeing a grey before he went to sleep. We wiped down that window for ages afterwards before moving, it was too subtle to photograph well but freaked us all out continually.

Also ceilings, rafters, beams, water stains or roof stains, often are faces.
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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 03:38 PM
Now here is a problem with videos, unless they're yours or from a trustworthy source who knows what has goine into them.

Ghost in hospital asylum with EVP

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