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Weapons Ban in the making?

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posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 12:20 PM
Many peace loving liberals deplore the 2nd admendment and claims that there is no war in USA today to justify rifles for civilians.

But that is only missing the point. The 2nd admendment is there to prevent such an eventuality from happening. There were times in American history when the nation was only inches away from another civil war, such as the recent scare of President Obama being re-elected, and some right wingers within states were calling for secession, armed to the hilt ready for it.

One of the reasons the movement failed was because EVERYONE else whom wanted to stay united too had a rifle to fight back. The cost is too high. Saner heads prevailed.

In Syria today, the rebels had been pleading for basic arms for 2 long years to fight against the govt that had turned rogue. Nobody before 2011 would believe the Syrian govt would slaughter its own citizens. But it happened. And the unarmed or little armed syrians watched their loved ones bombed and shot out of existance, by the thousands.

The cost of an AR 15 is est $500. To equip a civilian army of 200 million citizens will be $100 billion. Include in rounds and it will cost even more. In a time of national emergency, such funds nor the production will be on time before thousands die.

Thus, the founding fathers place the 2nd amendment there, for patriotic americans to use their free will to arm themselves. As they are buying it on their own, they cost the state nothing. Furthermore, owners will clean, maintain and even upgrade those weapons themselves.

Rifles are power, and with power comes responsibilities. Education on its uses and responsibilities are the way to ensure safety of such rights.

Some claimed that gun homocide cases are staggering in USA, and blame gun ownership as the cause., and cite statistics of high gun homocide as the cause of murders, distracting others from realizing that OTHER forms of tool use happens too in homocide cases.

Thing is, regardless if it was a gun or a chicken bone forced down the throat of a victim, murder is still murder. Thus, look upon murders as the incident and not the tool use to lay blame. Otherwise we will not be able to realistically end murders.

Some claim that NOT all mentally ill persons are mass murderers. That is true, but no rational human being will say killers of innocent men, women and children in peacetime are sane humans.

It is high time society itself takes responsibility for the rehabilitation of the mentall ill or severely depressed individuals, espacially american churches, with 95% americans being christians. It is from religion that the sanctity of human life as well as moral and ethical guidelines are derived from.

The churches have a lot of explaining to do, as many christians had decided to seek divine help on their own and no longer trust the fellowship of the churches, more so when the churches had only shown their greed for power and wealth, and fundamentalism that is irrelevant to a growing and progressing society.

Some whom faith are very strong, are able to strike it out on their own with the Temple of God being within themselves, and not in some guilded superstructure filled with hypocrites who call themselves 'christians' but inwardly, have emptiness filled only with greed and selfishness.

Some whom faith are not that strong, easily susceptable to other corruptive influences, gets manipulated and drift even further from the congregation of God and humanity.

However, no matter what one believes, there is NO mainstream religions that calls for the destruction of humanity. Sanctity of life and the simple Golden Rule is always taught, and inherent, even amongst sane atheists.

For those with mental problems are only our fellow humans, as long as they had not hurt or harm anyone, and deserving of our help. In begins in their child hood, where discriminations and bullying takes place, building up and repressing them into sad individuals in life.

Rather than to take the chicken and blind way out by hoping legislation will end evil, let us reflect upon ourselves if evil came from within ourselves, and find ways to eradicate it so that we may all progress and evolve.

It was no coincidence that 2 mass killings happen nearly at the same time. One in China and another in US Newtown. For the religious faithfuls, divine messages had been sent. Regardless if gun or knives are used, mass murdering will still occur. Thus it is the mass murderer we should be focussing on to resolve the problem, and not on the tool....

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by boymonkey74

Here's the deal with that. AR-15s do not have many practical hunting applications but there is one very important one that we must not overlook.

Ranchers often receive something called a "depredation permit". This is a permit granted by the Fish and Game department in order to cull specific populations of predators (and other wildlife) from a farmer's private ranch lands.

Usually it's Coyotes but many times it also includes wolves, bears and cougar (none of which you have in the UK). Many of these predator hunters choose an AR-15 in 5.56 / .223 because it is low recoil, easy to control and allows for a much quicker follow up shot.

The objective when culling populations is to eliminate as many of the specific species as you possibly can (within the limit allotted by the depredation permit). AR and AK platforms are easily the weapon of choice for this and many many people use them for this very reason. A lot of ranchers also prefer the mini-14 (I actually like these better than the AR platform myself, but that's a matter of personal opinion) for this very reason and many times its the ranchers themselves doing the culling.

Now this opportunity also provides income for hunters as the Ranchers almost always offer a "price per head" for these predators. Plus the price per pelt offered by the tannery (which last year was $75 dollars a pelt per coyote and even more if it is tanned and not raw).


To be honest, personally, I would breath a sigh of relief is all that happens is magazines are regulated to 10 rounds. It could be much worse than that.
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