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The Last Continent

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posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 03:43 PM
It is a continent that people doesn't talk too much these days.This might be the last continent.
I've heard a lot of speculation about what might happen with the world if will happen but I guess we don't really know when
will happen.

In terms of if and when will happen well that might be debatable.Some people say that they know ,some people wish and some people might have the power to control all of those things.

You see things that were not in the light of the world might be illuminated.

If all the other continents will be uninhabitable and only one will remain habitable that could be the last continent.
We talk too much about Atlantida or Atlantis without knowing that we might talk about the future and not about the past.

This last continent was during the years a very debated continent in terms of political ocupation and segregation.
His land was very disputed by the world powers for his riches and his lack of defence against all those aspiring to
something that do not belong to them.

No major earthquakes in this land or floods or other natural events to endanger life at big scale except human danger.

We may call it the land of the refugees because during history people were running from one place to another chased by those who wanted more then they could achieve.

You may call it the land of the slave because the human slavery was invented there.

You've guessed well this land is Africa.

The second largest world's continent.

In the near or distant future this new Atlantis can be the land of make believe a saviour of life and a place for a new Eden.

Oh I guess I have missed that part but aren't pyramids in Africa?
That will mean the history is repeating.Of course considering the age of the pyramids which is again very debatable...for some people.

It is the land of the lion where lion is king and has the biggest statue in the world...or so they say.
Maybe that statue stands there as a proof what was once and of what will be,a sign to warn us about the future and not about the past.

You may call it the land were some say that garden of Eden existed at some point in time.

But if it is to be populated in case that something wrong will happen I guess that even the desert will be populated and that means we will have to walk and live in the Desert.This will be very hard...I guess.

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