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Double Sundogs and Other Atmospheric Phenomena

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posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Atmospheric Phenomena

Good day all!

I find this subject to be somewhat relevant to many topics here on ATS.

Whether it's missile/rocket launches, extreme weather, chem-trails, contrails, Niburu, Northern Lights, UFO's, HAARP, time travelers or what have you, visual phenomena in the atmosphere seems to always generate a good amount of interest. When I found this site, I felt it would be a good one to share.

One of the very cool features on this site is that any of the phenomena captured in photos have a correlating graphic overview to help the viewer understand how it happens.
Please see example screenshot below:

I’d be willing to bet this has been posted before, (my search was minimal) but with all the attention that any visuals in the sky receive this can be nice reference to refer to. Oh, not to mention the stunning photography! Definitely worth a visit!

Atmosperic Optics


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