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A December to Remember [2013]

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:54 PM
The experiment was drawing to a close. Their ship had lain at the bottom of Pend Orelle Lake for a hundred years while they recovered wild animal DNA for transplanting to the next world they selected. The NOAH (Natural Order of Animal Hybrids) had sewn the genetic material for life to begin and develop on this planet eons ago. They had been returning at regular intervals to monitor progress. Now they were ending their experiment on this planet as it had pretty much run its course. The dominant life species had failed to properly develop and had over used the biosphere and polluted it. The whole planet was now damaged to the point it could not be recovered.

The scientists had completed their trapping and made their selections. They had set up hidden transporter traps around the lake and they had achieved their collection goals. Oh, there had been occasional problems. They periodically had to leave the ship and venture out to repair the transporters. This unfortunately led to their staff being seen and sometimes filmed by the humans, as they called themselves. From these encounters the humans created their myth of the sasquatch. The scientists all had a good laugh over that one.

Then the humans had built a Naval Base on the lake in an effort to conduct submarine searches for the powerful energy spikes they would observe coming from the bottom of the lake. The Navy had built it under the story it was to test sonar systems. Which was partially true, they had been able to locate their ship’s location but could not gain entrance. Again the scientist had looked on with humor.

Occasionally one of the humans would inadvertently get trapped. If they were in good health and their genetic material was well developed it was collected and put into preservation tubes for later release on a new planet. The humans were returned to the woods and with their modified memories would tell stories of alien abduction and probing.

The scientists were all a little sad to be leaving the planet. These humans had shown a lot of promise, but they just weren’t able to overcome their pursuit of pleasure at the expense of their future generations. So on a cold winter’s day the order came down and they powered up their ship and rose to the surface. They hovered over the water and were photographed by a news crew doing a story on the base. They rose off the lake and shot into the sky leaving the stunned humans behind. 12/21/2012 would indeed be a day in December to remember.

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