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Syrian Terrorists to Execute Ukrainian Journalists!

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:33 PM
In yet more info, not likely to be well-covered (if at all) by UK media in addition too mercenaries…

1. Blowing up a Syrian Mosque: Great video, just surprisingly low, worldwide, Muslim protest
2. Trick Prisoner into Becoming Suicide Bomber
3. Promise to Fight America after Assad…
4. Slaughter Civilians (chuck them out windows)
5. Did the Houla Massacre After All…
6. Execute POW’s (was slightly covered by MSM)

7. Syrian Rebels Now Threaten to Execute Ukrainian Journalist…

Kochneva, who has reported critically about the Syrian rebels for Russian and Ukrainian news outlets, was captured in the beginning of October near the restive city of Homs. The kidnappers, allegedly members of the Free Syrian Army, threatened to kill her on December 13 if a US$ 50 million ransom is not paid.

In response to the Ukrainian demands, Kochneva’s kidnappers posted a video in which they threatened to target the embassies of Ukraine, Russia, as well as all Russians, Ukrainians and Iranians in Syria.
“We urge not to let a single Russian, Ukrainian or Iranian alive out of Syria,” the rebels said in the video, aired by Ukrainian news channel Ukraina.

Just in Case You Don’t Get It…
(As an ally of Syria) Russia has been making a point of covering all the human rights crimes conducted by the “Free Syrian” terrorists.
This obviously isn’t good enough! Being a democracy, subjected to the horrors of sites like this, the West demands just one side of the Syrian human rights abuses. So…
The rebels have (either under instruction, or by themselves) decided to help cut the flow of information. And this is now as clear as glass, given the media outlets they’ve promised to target i.e. “Russian, Ukrainian, or Ianian”

Which Means…
The fact they don’t target all journalists generally, suggests western (BBC, CNN, News Corporation ect) journalists are not doing a very good job of reporting both sides of the argument, and therefore have the Syrian terrorist forces favour.
After all the BBC has done quite a good job of pulling embarrassing coverage, such as the Syrians tricking a prisoner into becoming a would-be suicide bomber.

Wake up & See The evil! This is a (predominately) American-British war being conducted by proxy.
Whilst I am not necessarily against this strategy to change e.g. Syria's foreign (perhaps make it less pro-Iran), there is every chance, that when Assad falls we re-discover why we did not take Saddam out back in 1991 -I.e. because he had WMD's!!!
If Assad fall's: He does not have to become a war criminal by using them -not that people will hound him any less if he doesn't. Indeed all he has to to do (and could probably not stop -even if he wanted to) is to let these WMD's fall into the hands of the very terrorists & mercenaries we support, in using them against his government.

After that, someone is going to forget to successfully transfer full payment (or meet or the political demands) of just one of these many groups. After that it surely won't be long till we have biological weapons detonated over Israel's Tel Aviv, or UK's London, America's Washington ect. Then many of us will experience "freedom" too, policy style, i.e. freedom from life! What do you think?

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:36 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:37 PM
the bbc told me they are freedom fighter's.
the internet told me they are blood thirsty terrorists.

the internet told me the truth.

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