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I have a lot of symptoms of alien encounter, but not by my choice

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 06:07 AM
main overview of the event
when i was around 14 years old, i got up in the middle of the night and was walking to the restroom and my brother room was right before the restroom, when i went to open his door i seen something that was robed that look solid black with a hood on top of it and a metallic line on the bottom with symbols or writing on it, when it heard the door open it turned and had a red glow in the eyes and i could not feel anything in my body or move or speak i was locked in that spot. and i cant recall what happened after that

features i remember.
skin tone with like a old brown with a tint of gray in it
it eyes seemed black before the red reflection
i was able to move and speak before it looked at me
no matter how hard i try i cant forget the memory or remember past the point of it looking at me
it skin was either really old or had like a scaled feature to it like a snake

extra information.
when i walked in to the room it seemed to be standing next to my brother bed looking over him, he was asleep and i never said anything to him about it since me and him are not close anymore

this is the entire reason i look for answers and do not plan to stop but i know what i seen was real! please just provide me with information and what you think it might of been, and why it was there and if something could of happened to me since i cant remember part of my memory ?

This is a symbol on the bottom of the robe i can remember

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 06:17 AM
feel free to ask me questions ill do my best to answer them.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:04 AM
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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by DPrice

Your just wishful thinking

I had something similar to this when I was young but always thought it was a ghost I saw, it was in my room and dark so I didn't see much detail, The thing looked shadowy with darker shadows around the eye's

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:25 AM
I am puzzled why you think you had an alien encounter?
You froze because you were frightened I expect.
Im also puzzled why you went in your brothers bedroom in the first place?

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by MrDarkPhoenix

The V is called a vector or a chevron.
Ironically is also used by every aerospace and aviation corporations world wide.
I wonder why ?, maybe its used like we use a white flag or maybe its used throughout all of the galaxies, maybe its a symbol of partnership.

Have a look at this thread, it may or may not be similar to what you have seen.
I need a little help! (lucid dream>obe>weird creature)

Also have a sticky at this one while your at it.
World's space programs share the Vector symbol....why?

Love and harmony
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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:26 AM
LILY9 - because it a 2 bedroom house and the restroom is located in his room

Whateva69 - and thanks for the information

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by ThePeopleParty

it was a solid being, it had skin but looked no where close to human
i remember it so much because it scared it so much, i even have nightmare because of it to this day

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by MrDarkPhoenix

Oh my gosh, your post gave me chills. I have an eperience that is almost exactly like yours. Mine happened when i was about 6 years old. My room was an L shape with my bed at the top leg of the L and my sisters bed being at the bottom part of the L. I woke up in the middle of the night to a tall grayish, greenish, brownish alien in a robe that seemed to be black trimmed with purple. I didnt see the bottom of his robe because he was at the foot of my bed and i couldnt see it. But it wasnt looking at me, it was standing at the foot of my sisters bed just looking at her. Then it turned and looked at me and that is all i remember. It seems like i just went to sleep when he looked at me which would be very odd for anyone to do. I only remember his eyes to be big and black and almond shape. The alien looked to be a tall grey alien. Its also interestingthat my aunt seems to have had a similar experience. except it was a shadow looking over her sister and not an alien as far as she knows.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by eyesontheskies

maybe it the area ? , im near the east -midwest part of the united state around ohio ?

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:12 PM
I've only seen it once in my life? if anyone got information like if it keep happening later in life or if it just one time things that i should never seen ?

I would like to start a thread soon to do research and studying on, if it a normal thing around the united states and the rest of the world!

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by MrDarkPhoenix

There is a lot of information on ATS regarding these creatures and based on your description, you might want to start by doing a search on ATS for "Reptilians".

Once you confirm that description, then you can decide (based on the information) if it's an alien encounter or a demon encounter.

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Deetermined

it seemed to be solid not like a ghost or anything and the face did not seem like the common gray alien expects the eyes shape, but when it looked at me it eyes had a red glow or reflection to it and that the moment i froze from fear

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 12:56 PM
Some family history if it helps any,

My great grandfather was in the free mason for over 36 years i know the lodge he was in but not his rank or much about it since the family don't talk about it and him being dead before i was born i never had chance to meet him.

My grandpa was in the army 8 years then started working in the air force under Wright Paterson air force base with a top secret clearance and he alive but wont speak a word about what he did.

My farther was a truck driver and use to drive jet fuel to Wright Paterson which required him to have some type of clearance as well, as far as he told me just dropping off fuel was a pain in the ass they had to check the entire truck from under it to inside and the jet fuel inside the container.

Im 21 years of age at the moment, my brother is 32 but me and him don't have the same farther!
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posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by MrDarkPhoenix

It is based on this description that I think you should research "Reptilians".

it skin was either really old or had like a scaled feature to it like a snake

By the way, demons can take on shape or form without appearing like a ghost.

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 02:03 PM
And then you see these experiences over and over and over and there's STILL people that would deny that the so called 'aliens' don't exist.

It just amuses me how blatant ignorant and close minded some people is.

These things are REAL, as real as we are. They are HERE, they are doing something to US, and it's PRETTY clear that some departments on the US government/military is FULLY AWARE of what's going on.

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Deetermined

my farther told me he seen solid shadow shapes of people in the house just looking at house guest while they were sleeping and would fade away!

this was about 2 years a long time after what i seen but i am researching what you told me to!

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by JackHill

i know what you mean i would be ignorant to this day if i did not see what i seen when i did!

it happening to more and more people but it gets put off and laughed at which i think hurts a lot of people and makes them not share the encounters with these beings! i just hope there a day we can confirm these beings exist and what there doing and why there here

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 04:45 PM
I'm always intrigued by just how these "aliens" get into the house late at night? They never seem to knock lol windows always closed, no-one reports a beam of teleport light and yet they apparently just miraculously appear in the bedroom (why is it always the bedroom and why always late at night?)

Is it possible do you think, that when folk are on the verge of sleep or half asleep in this case, that it could be a brief illusion/hallucination from dream sleep? As in the bodys awake and walking but the brain hasn't caught up yet?

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by phyllida

it could only been a few hours after my bedtime at least and i never had a hallucination in my life or ever did drugs, and that what i was going to ask how did it get in the house ? there like 5 locks on both doors of the house, all the windows are double plain glass with lock latch's

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