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CASE 1963 : Trancas (Argentina) Encounter of Multiple UFO on railroad track near a farmhouse

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:31 PM
Incident date : 21 October 1963 , time 8:00pm-10:30pm local time
Incident place : Santa Teresa Estate belonging to Moreno family residing 2 miles from town of Trancas, Tucuman Province, Argentina.

An old classic case in Argentina involving multiple witnesses and corraboration from witnesses outside the incident area. (One of the witness's husband are in Argentinian Armed Forces). It involves a sighting of unknown objects on a railroad and the subsequent terrorizing of isolated family estate by unknown objects. This is a summary on the incident published in FSR magazine.

I. Prologue - Location : Housing Estate of Moreno family

- Moreno family member : Antonio Moreno & Teresa Moreno (father & mother), Yolie (and her baby) &Yolanda & Argentina (and her 2 children) , Dora (Servant girl)
- 7:00pm : There is a electric generator break down on the housing estate Moreno family resorted to portable lamps and candles for lighting.
- 8:00pm : After evening meal the family retired to their respective bedrooms. (Yolie resting in room 4 with her baby and sister Yolanda)

II. Strange Lights on the Railroad track

The servant girl (Dora Martina) enter Yolie's room (no 4 in fig 1) and express fear of something outside. she see lights suddenly lit up outside out in the back courtyard but there is no sign of thunderstorm. Yolie and Yolanda go out twice without noticing anything while the servant girl still overcome with fear.

Then the 3 of them walk into far left of the courtyard (Sector 'A' on fig 1) and there they noticed something on the railways (about 150 yards from the house) 2 bright lights linked by shining tube (object b & c in fig 1). There seem to be figures inside the tube (see fig 2). They want to get closer but first they come back into the house and get more clothing and a colt 38 pistol. Yolie wake Argentina moreno her sister (fig 1 , room 2) and told her to stay keep eye on Yolie's baby.

Argentina , curious herself, went out and then shocked by the lights she scream, weep and shout and lost control of herself, ran toward the back of the house (see dotted line 8 in Fig 1), in the dark she fell down and then she go back inside to room 4. The behaviour of Argentina (usually calm/introvert) alarmed her sisters. The commotion woke their parents

Now the original trio (Yolie, Yolanda and Dora) walk outside (see path 9 on fig 1) and moving closer to the railroad track with Dora leading the way (with the colt 38 i presume, hehe). They noticed a strange greenish light near their front gate. Yolie shone her flashlight on the greenlight and suddenly they perceived a strange metallic disc-shaped form (28-30ft diameter) hanging suspended in the air 14 feet away from them (Fig 1 object 'f'). Below the disc there's a whitish mist and above the disc a dome and 6 windows. the object was rocking to and fro and not revolving at the first time.

Suddenly the object emit colored band of light , noticable from the windows , counterclockwise direction. a soft hum accompanied the movement of the lights and the white-mist underneath the object began to thicken and giving off odour resembling sulphur. The 3 witnesses was knocked down violently when a tongue of flame suddenly emanate from the object with Dora suffered most from the flame (She was treated for 1st and 2nd degree burns on face,arm,legs later). They ran back to the house in panic.

III. The Lightshow

Simultaniously 3 more bright lights (object 'a', 'd', 'e' in fig 1) lit up on the railway line, making a total of 6 objects. The object closest to the house ('f') rorated faster and faster and become enveloped in mist covering all structural feature and turned into an Orange Coloured Cloud.

The witnesses see a small 'tube' beam of light emanating from the top of object 'f' and the beam moved as if conducting a scrutiny on the house,. there is also a slowly advancing beam of light from object 'd' directed toward a tractor shed (40 yards from house). It took a few minutes for the beams to cover 200 yard distance between railway and the shed. (diameter of beam about 10ft). The beam remained in front of tractor shed for 40 minutes (no sound, no smell). One witness ran outside and briefly touched the beam, she felt a powerful sensation of heat but no effect on her skin,

They also noticed beams emanating from object 'e' and heading toward a chicken coop (with 40 chicken inside). Inside the farmhouse the temperature was rising to 40 degree celcius (before it was 16 degree celcius) and the inside of the house (and outside) was light out as bright as day. The witness perceived that the beam from object 'f' penetrate the house without problem.

After 40-45 minutes , the objects began to withdraw toward the railway line and all of them flew off at low altitude Eastward toward Sierra de Medina (range of mountains). for about half an hour thereafter, the horizon was tinged with orange lights.

IV. Verification / Aftermath

a) The witness still see and smell (suphur) the thick cloud from object 'f' even when the UFOs flew away the cloud didnt disperse for hours

b) underneath the location of object 'f' at diameter 28-30ft they found a perfect cone 3ft high and vast quantity of little white balls 1/2 inch in diameter (also found on the railway line). Analysis by University of Tucuman indicate 96.48% calcium carbonate and 3.51% potassium carbonate.

c) the family's dogs, usually fierce, never barked once. they seem dazed as though asleep. The chicken in the coop also have the same effect

d) some tree near the little balls are whitered few days later

e) The neighbour , Francisco Tropiano, 100 yards north of moreno estate (no 10 in fig 1) noticed only the orange glow in the horizon since he is fast asleep when the incident happened

f) the farm overseer who loved 100 yars west of the estate (mr jose acosta) thought the farmhouse had been on fire because of the lights and he see numeorus bright objects moving about for considerable period moving westward.

g) Dr Rene Vera, a doctor in Trancas Hospital was driving toward trancas the same night and her car broke down so she continued on foot. time is about 11:00pm when she saw 40-50 luminous bodies overhead at low altituide moving from west to east. She was almost overwhelmed by the smell of sulphur in the air.

Source : FSR Magazine 1971 (volume 17)

Link : FSR PDF file

Note : Any serious UFO Researched are urged to reopen the old encounter cases instead of repeating the "modern myth" like roswell/dulce/conspiracy/captured ufo. these old cases are practically gold mine for research...
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:41 PM
This case intrigues me..

it very much similar like the faerie lore when they are moving from one are to another.. a faerie migration is a woe to any traveller who met them on the road.

the 15 year old female servant girl packing a 38 colt pistol for defense sounds about right for lonely rural farm estate with mostly female members. but from many cases there seems to be high number of people carrying personal defense weapon in south america.

imagine an alien entity suprising the servant girl and got shot

posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 02:35 AM
thanks for sharing news,

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 08:15 PM
additional reference on similar case

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