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JFK and the Bush Connection

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:13 PM
I'm watching a documentary on JFK and the assassination called Dark Legacy which is definitely an interesting one to watch and it's on Netflix right now. So, here are my cliff notes:

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.”

“Until general, and complete disarmament has been achieved.”

“Until all armies are abolished, except for internal order, and for United Nations peace forces.” -JFK

Major issues:

The Navy doctor checking Kennedy’s wounds after the assassination:

-Didn’t examine Kennedy’s clothes for wound points
-Should have dissected all of Kennedy’s wounds to trace the bullet’s path, no dissection.
-Didn’t realize Kennedy had a throat wound
-Claimed his initial drawings were wrong, and that the wounds were much higher
-Lost part of Kennedy’s brain which is reported to still be missing
-He burned his notes
-Never had done an autopsy on gun shot wounds…naturally the doctor chosen to do the most important gun shot wound autopsy in history for the U.S. since Lincoln

From the doctor’s called to treat the President, the article states:

“Dr. Malcolm Perry, an attending surgeon, and Dr. Kemp Clark, chief of neurosurgery at Parkland Hospital, gave more details.

Mr. Kennedy was hit in the throat, just below the Adam’s apple, they said. This wound had the appearance of the bullet’s entry.

Entry wound front

Mr. Kennedy also had a massive, gaping wound in the back, and one on the right side of the head. However, the doctors said it was impossible to determine whether the wounds had been caused by one shot, or two.”

The wound from the right, the wound on the side of the head is said to have come from the grassy gnoll which is what dislodged a significant portion of brain matter.

Another set of doctors describe an entrance wound on the front of the head, and the exit wound being the back, right side of the head. Walter Cronkite even showed the wound exit of his head, from a shot that came from the front, not the back.

Here’s where the documentary gets weird.

It goes on to say:

Are the people who committed this, if not just Oswald, are they still on the loose?

Secret service agents following along side the car were told to abandon their post in Dallas before the assassination.

Secret service reportedly stole his body and brought it to Air Force One to bring to Washington, and Bethesda Hospital. Also, a report on board reportedly says that at some time before his body was brought out of the Hospital, Kennedy’s large exit wound on his head had been worked on by surgical means.

Aubrey Reich and Paul O’ Connor were working at Bethesda, and are some of the best to contact about the evidence regarding what went on at Bethesda hospital…someone, somehow, changed the extreme wounds on Kennedy’s head by surgery. Unbelievable, right? Also, how could his body have gone from one casket to another, with so many secret service men around?

FBI memo: “Apparent Surgery” to the President’s wounds.

There is also a black and white photo that shows what looks like an entrance wound on the front, right portion of Kennedy’s head, but the secondary photo, which shows what looks like crude surgical work had been performed, seems to mask the entrance wound, and changed the appearance of the exit wound.

Did someone, in some way, truly alter the President’s head.

According to a doctor that saw Kennedy, looking at the photographs as mentioned above, he does say that it seems like some surgical alteration has been made.

If this is true, who did this? Who performed this surgery, and why?

Who has such power to do such things?

The documentary then goes into the players:

Spotlight Magazine, cited a memo: Howard Hunt was in on the assassination conspiracy, CIA records prove it. Hunt has given five different alibis.
Through trial, it was found that it was not slander to suggest that Hunt was in on conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.

Frank Sturgis, a CIA operative with Sophia Lorentz, who was told by Sturgis that they had to pack their bags, and head to Dallas.

Lorentz left, with a bad feeling. The next day, President Kennedy was shot, and Sturgis apparently spoke to Lorentz the day after, saying:

“You should have been there […] We killed the President.”

Through trial, it was found that it was not slander to suggest that Hunt was in on conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.

Who can Hunt be connected to?

Hunt demanded from Nixon that he needed 2 million dollars to be quiet. Began telling reporters that he was a CIA assassin…basically suggesting that Hunt was going to admit the assassination conspiracy. Nixon told the FBI to “Stop it” with investigating Hunt about the assassination conspiracy. Was Nixon involved in the assassination?

“Jack Ruby who shot Oswald…in the area where the magic bullet was found, had worked for Nixon in 1947.”

Nixon’s story about how he found out about the assassination also differed over time, different stories heard.

The documentary moves on to the last section titled:

“Really Big Devils: American Nazis and the Kennedy Assassination”:

During WW2, Hoover, head of the FBI, was given the job to investigate American Nazis.

He investigated any Nazi connections of Union Bank of New York. In the Beginning of WW2 for the US, the bank was seized as a Nazi asset. Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush, was the director and head of the bank.

“You’re a nazi, you run a nazi bank, you follow their orders.”

Prescott Bush freely chose to work with and for Nazis.

The principal financier for the bank, was Nazi Fritz Tyson, major supporter of Hitler, and major financial supporter of Hitler in his early days.

“Hoover knew that the Bush’s were Nazis.”

So what does this have to do with the Kennedy assassination.

Bush was the co-director of the Union bank in New York, along with owner Averril Harriman.

These two were extremely close business associates.

Regarding the trial of E. Howard Hunt, where the jury found Hunt guilty of the murder of President Kennedy, Hunt testified that immediately after WW2 he was in Paris working for Harriman, reporting directly to his boss, daily. How likely is it that two of Harriman’s closest associates never met each other, never had any interaction?

That’s two degrees of separation between Prescott Bush and a purported assassin of Kennedy.

So in 1942, when Hoover shut down Prescott Bush’s bank, Bush was forced to end his support of Hitler, whether direct and intentional support, or not.

Later, however, he found a new politician to support, Nixon. Who is documented as employing Jack Ruby, and Hunt, who was supported by Prescott Bush from early on.

By this point, Bush was a senator.

Circumstantial evidence powerfully suggests Nixon was a part of the assassination, but he was not known as a powerful influence when the assassination did occur.

So who was pulling the strings, who was pulling Nixon’s strings?

Hunt, established as a first level advisor of the assassins, who is connected to Prescott Bush?

Pulitzer Prize winner Haynes Johnson is reported to have been in the room with Robert Kennedy said that the assassination was the fault of the CIA.

In 1960, Hoover wrote a memo on Oswald being CIA involved, 3 years before the assassination. The idea is that Oswald may have been a double agent type, giving Hoover inside info on the CIA/FBI.

Sophia Lorentz says Oswald was at the meeting in Dallas, where Hunt arrived and started passing out maps and money.

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:14 PM
A clerk at the FBI, produced a memo from Hoover talking about an assassination attempt in Dallas on November 22. Some say that Oswald may have been set up, being one of Hoover’s top informants, and Hoover being an enemy to Prescott Bush for shutting down his bank in 1942.

A memo from Hoover that was long lost, and found in 1977, mentions that the FBI had been investigating a “misguided anti-Castro” group that killed Kennedy. In the memo he names “Mr. George Bush,” a CIA operative at the time, as being an officer associated with these misguided groups. He goes on to suggest that George H.W. Bush who was mainly responsible for this group. The memo became a scandal when made public in 1988, because it suggested that H.W. Bush was in the CIA in the early 60’s, when he ran for Senate several times in the 70’s, thereby having committed perjury, when he told the jury that he had no experience when he became director of the CIA.

There is a ton of evidence to suggest that Bush was indeed involved with the CIA from a short time after his college years.

Hoover is essentially implying that H.W. Bush is directly involved with the assassination.

So, did some of these people, or people they were in command of, steal the body of Kennedy, mutilate it, and force the media to lie about it for over 40 years?

Prescott teamed up with people, including his own son, who have shown to be connected to people that are strongly implicated in the assassination, or at least were privy to very important parts of it, and lest we forget what Hoover has said in several memos.
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:15 PM
And lets not forget the secret society Skull and Bones…

Many of the most powerfully influential people, including all of the Bush’s…Bonesmen.

The memo from Hoover, referring to the “anti-castro group” and naming H.W. Bush, in relevance to the assassination of JFK, is definitely huge.

So Bush is not only tied into the CIA before he was supposedly in the CIA, with all of the oil empire issues, the Bay of Pigs, as sole owner of Zapata oil near Cuba where CIA operations were going on, one of which was an operation lead by the above mentioned Hunt called operation Zapata…suggesting that Bush was working for the CIA in the Caribbean.

Paints a pretty good picture of Bush being linked with “Anti-Castro” Cuban terrorists, as mentioned by Hoover...working for the CIA, working with Hunt, Sturgis, Bissel.

Oh, and about Hunt earlier, demanding 2 million dollars or else he would spill the beans on the assassination?

He was paid by one of Bush’s closest partners, Bill Likey, who helped found Zapata offshore, who handed off the sole ownership to H.W. Bush.

So, the connections are pretty harrowing at this point.

In an interview, a man named Demorrenschelt (Sp) claims “Oswald was definitely not an enemy, actually a very big supporter of Kennedy.” Lends to the idea that Oswald was actually a COUNTER sniper, working for the FBI, searching the CIA for these “misguided anti-Castro” terrorists.

Demorrenschelt was planning on telling congressional committee about what he knew about Oswald and the situation, and the night before he was supposed to testify, his head was blown off with a shotgun. In his pocket was an address book, where there was found “George H.W. Bush”.

It’s very clear that Bush was in the CIA and is connected with purported conspirers/killers.

Maybe Bush was a good guy though?

An FBI doc says that at 1:45 pm, 1 hour and 15 minutes after the assassination, Bush was already involved in misdirecting the investigation. It is mentioned in the document that Bush recalled hearing in recent weeks that James Parrot was thinking of killing Kennedy. He wasn’t on vacation, he was actively involved in matters related to the assassination. And later in the document, it even says that Bush was IN DALLAS on the day of the assassination. Later, Bush says he cannot recall the phone conversation which the above document refers.

The documentary goes on to say that with all of the circumstantial and hard evidence, including the Hoover memo, that H.W. Bush was absolutely involved in the assassination.

Makes me think thrice about 9/11/01 and THOSE Bush years.
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by ProperlyErrant

I don't doubt it. Before I ever even started thinking about conspiracies and things like that, I just got a bad feeling when I would see the Bushs. You ever just see someone you don't know and get the feeling that they are bad and you should stay the hell away from them...........that feeling every time I would see any of them in articles or tv or whatever. Trust your gut they always say lol.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:35 PM
I haven't seen this particular JFK DOC. I'll have to check it out at a later time. I am aware of Bush being involved and seriously NONE of the evidence convinces me.NONE. Most of the evidence is nonsense.So is much of the evidence fingering anyone but Oswald. Thanks op,for bringing this to my attention.I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

ETA : Also,a lot of the major issues you cite..aren't. Have a look around and be open to BOTH sides.Then come to the conclusion yourself. Don't just watch something that's clearly one sided.
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by nightstalker78

I mostly just cited the documentary, and a #ty job at that. The amount of detail it goes into is far deeper than what i've written here.

I personally think that there is criminal # going on in the CIA and the government all the time, and without any recourse or justice to be had.

You ok with that?
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:53 PM
There is a detail you missed...the boat that the cuban bay of pigs attackers used belonged to HW Bush,
it was named after his wife....!
(paper trail?)
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Prescott Bush tried a nazi style takeover of the US in the 1930s was busted for it.....
Lots of evidence there....
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by stirling
There is a detail you missed...the boat that the cuban bay of pigs attackers used belonged to HW Bush,
it was named after his wife....!
(paper trail?)
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Yes that was also mentioned in the documentary, thank you for bringing that up!

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:15 PM
Thanks for the excellent notes OP...

Several versions of this are online also:

Watch Online

Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11 (Part 1)

Dark Legacy Highlights

Dark Legacy - discussion with Chris Pratt and Jonathan Mark

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by nightstalker78
.So is much of the evidence fingering anyone but Oswald.

I have to politely take issue with you here, nightstalker.

Oswald did it ? Really? He sounds like something of a magiician to me. Numerous eye witnesses have him drinking a coke in the canteen at the time of the gunshots.

If you don't like anectdotal evidence, then there's always the Scientific form by way of Oswalds props.

Namely his very own Magic Bullet.

Which means, according to the Warren Commission, this

If that was the bullet and Oswald fired it, then one can but wonder how Science, let alone logic can begin to explain that?

As for the OP and the Bushes, would anything surprise you given their track record? I mean, they form part of the establishment that have over the years consistently sown misery amongst the rest of humanity, thereby maintaining the Status Quo - Something which Kennedy, on the face of it at least, looked prepared to change.

The Bushes on the other hand have, for example, been consistent war advocates and racketteers over the course of the last century. This would include funding Nazi Germany, arming both sides of WW1, and generally laughing at humanity.

Samuel Bush, Prescott Bush, Poppy Bush and his son, the village idiot. Why would'nt their kind want rid of a President who may have threatened the power of the Military Industrial Complex and the CIA, which form a hand in glove partnership inside the Deep State Machine and which had helped line their pockets so nicely over the years, (and would continue to do so after Kennedy's death)?

It's not as if they weren't well enough connected within the Deep State nexus to have been actively involved. Such establishment figures would certainly have been peed off enough about the Irish upstart that was JFK, with no establishment background of his own, coming in and telling the likes of "BushCo." how its gonna be.

Kennedy had plenty of enemies of course, so I suppose you can take your pick. What is of utmost importance however is that people understand that it sure as hell didnt go down as the Warren Commission concluded.

Just sayin
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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by markatUCR

I think anyone who has ever truly looked into this would agree.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 03:54 PM
Excellent job summarizing the doco. I watched this last week and was very impressed with the connection they were able to substantiate between Bush Sr, E Howard Hunt and Nixon. In the end it was the CIA wanting to get rid of JFK while Hoover was using Oswald to penetrate the anti-castro groups which Hunt and Bush were part of. So they ended up framing Oswald for the murder that Hunt and others committed. There are multiple testimonies professing to have done the shooting (called "the event").
So Hoover was cowed in to not really investigating JFK's death under threat to his own life. Nixon gets elected and the 40 group all get jobs again (Bush gets the US rep to the UN job).

Just the tip of the iceberg.

PS - It's George DeMorenschild that was Oswald's handler who was murdered before he could testify to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. In his address book was GHWBush's phone number.

No 911 stuff - just Bush and JFK.

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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 05:14 PM
Just finished this documentary and learned some new things.


Creepy Ass 'crackers' - is all I can say.

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