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Typical Misconceptions about the Universe

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 05:46 PM
Cool thread.
I try to visualize six pyramids pointing to the center of a cube, where each cap-‘stone’ meets, at that point is where our goals are achieved. That’s where we see all sides of every (thing) situation. It depends upon where you are looking from, to be able to acknowledge being at the center of a cube (where six pyramids meet tip-to-tip-to tip) than it is to find one’s self scratching the same old wall.

By always trying to scale up one preferential side, (individualism) few reach the peak; or their own centering within the space/time allotted. How many individuals working together does it take to share the task of keeping everyone else scaling the same old wall? Is that what they're doing? is that what we are doing? I don't know.

By this we should be the 4th dimension, we as in living beings at the helm of life?

There may be 4 more dimensions that could be directly opposite than the ones we already know about, which gives me goose-pimples to think there may not be a 9th dimension where everything is held accountable…all those people we’re hating-on doing their best with what they got (not numbers). Individualism is how we stay lost, and separated. Everybody is supposed to kiss and make life grand; by being grand to one another.

Maybe when we cross the galactic plane, we'll enter four new dimensions?

Isn't pondering fun?

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