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Michigan "right to work"

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 08:41 AM

Last week, the GOP-controlled state Senate and House each passed right-to-work measures over the opposition of Democrats in both chambers, enraging union activists and leaders, and sparking heated protests in the state Capitol. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has said he will sign a right-to-work measure if it comes to his desk. Snyder’s stance marks an about face; he had previously said that right-to-work was not on his agenda.

If the measure passes and is signed into law as expected, it looks like it would be difficult to overturn. In Ohio last year, Democratic activists successfully overturned a measure to curb collective bargaining, but in Michigan, spending bills can’t be overturned via referendum. Since an appropriation was tacked on,the Michigan right-to-work measure would fall under that umbrella.
Thats pretty convenient.

Im so sick of politicians lying backroom dealing and thinking they know whats best for the people. if this was put to vote and passed i would be fine with that, but this is just ridiculous. The decision can be made as early today. Could get ugly in the home of the UAW
washington post
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 09:12 AM

Could get ugly in the home of the UAW

The UAW is greedy:

But here’s a question: At $58 an hour, why the heck would Ford workers ever want to go on strike? That’s $121,000 per year in wages and benefits at a time when the average American worker makes $38,337.

And really: Who in their right mind would reject a $16,000 bonus at a time that most industries are shedding jobs and wages are falling?

It's no wonder the auto industry was in such severe decline last decade. Stagnant designs, overpaid workers...

As the UAW rank-and-file continues to vote on the contract offer hammered out between management and UAW honchos, the Detroit Free Press reports that at least one local has rejected the offer, even though it includes a $6,000 cash bonus, a $3,700 profit sharing bonus and at least another $1,500 cash for each of the four years on the contract for a total of $15,700 on top of wages and benefits.

Now that it is coming back though, it's time for them to reinvest the money, not pay out extra to unions or executives. Spend it on new designs and r&d and keep the automotive industry competitive, focus on gaining market share to bring in more jobs and longterm success.

I'm all for workers making decent wages, but certain unions have crushed business in the past decade. And people who go studying years in university, working in medical field or other life dependent fields, are hammered with debt and making half as much (if that sometimes) as someone who is working an automated assembly line...
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 09:26 AM
Im sick of union people telling me I need to sign petitions to block this, etc. Unions specifically sought out destruction of our country this election. They supported the worst president ever, in the history of this country. I hope they all fail.

I will continue working for a small company with an open door policy where a union is not needed. If I need any bargaining I just walk in the owner's office and tell him im quitting.

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