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How 5 Job-destroying CEO's would get the debt down

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Aloysius the Gaul

My old boss went and worked for a bigger company running a few crews. He gave it up as he found it was just to much hassle for so little payoff. Let someone else deal with the problems and regulations.

All we get here in Canada, is more taxes, and hidden taxes, and little fees here and there. They just built a toll bridge when the previous bridge still had 40 years left of life in it. Now they are in talks to get rid of the other bridge that everyone is using to evade the toll!

It's amazing the ways these little scam artists find for increasing taxes and fees on everything. Then they add in "Safety" training, MSDS training, confined space training, and guess what.....they all need to be updated yearly! Not just that but they want ever paint can marked with an msds label even if it doesn't come with one. Each person has to have a hard hat and safety belt with lanyard even though we work in never stops. Long gone is the time you could just show up and paint a you gotta jump through hoops or get fined into the poor house if someone inspects you and just one thing is wrong. it's disgusting how much they push and pry until you the decent hard working employer is pushed out. And as far as charging more for can only charge so much before no one hires you because some other guy will take the chance of getting fined or going to court and doing it for cheaper.

Hell, the insurance rates are stupid as well. they upped them again even though my record is clean....Even the house insurance went up. Gas taxes went up, tire tax, ect ect.. It never ends. Just when you think things are leveling out where you can manage them....they up everything again just for funsiees!

I hate the goberment! Nothing but a bunch of scam artists!

I wonder how hard it is to make moonshine? Cause up here a 26ouz of vodka is $30 bucks and just across the border I can get the same thing for $12.00 ????CANADA's goberment sucks!

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