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My Take on "Aliens".

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:29 AM
This will sound stupid and most of you wont get through the next sentence, but just try. God created man so that man would be given the opportunity to choose to believe and love in Him and thus enter Heaven as his children. Some angels envious of God, and wanting to be God, rebelled against Him. Since these "fallen angels" want to be God, they too want their own creation to love and worship them. Since only God can create, the fallen angels go to mankind, so that mankind will worship the fallen angels as their "gods". Again, fallen angels cant create, but they can "modify" just as we humans today can modify genes, thus the fallen angels modify the genes of their chosen humans with some of their own dna, making them superior both physically an intellectually to their sole human counterparts.

The fallen angels instruct humans in ways of advanced technology, and use divine technology to help build structures. The fallen angels wanting to be God, they require to be worshipped as a god, unlike God in Heaven, they arent patient and willing to let one choose on their own, so they force sacrifices and other such behaviour, also they are evil in nature the fallen angels, they are not ones of Love like God. The "children" of the fallen angels, the superior hybrid humans, they are too powerful and vicious that they begin to overtake the earth, causing great havoc and chaos. Earth now, is both greatly advanced, having divine technology and knowledge, yet overtaken by evil and violence so great the very earth was being destroyed.

God had enough and salvaged what he could of His original creation, untainted by divine dna manipulation, and took the last few "pure" humans and stored them in a floating structure which was maintained by Him supernaturally. Through a great flood God then destroyed the world and what is known of it, the hybrids, the advanced technology, leaving only the essence of structures of stone so great, that today how they were built are a mystery. The fallen angels were banished from direct contact with humans, and the fallen angels now reside both deep within the earth and oceans, and far above outside the atmosphere and the moon.

God having given mankind freedom to choose who he worships and believes, does let the fallen angels back into civilization ever so often, but the contact remains minimal, not being what it was before the flood. The fallen angels contact still is spiritual, but a dark and evil spirituality covered by what appears to be "good". The fallens contact with the humans also leaves insight into technology and structure, occasionally the fallen become very apparent when humans worship them and desire them, this leads to some civilizations having some degree of supernatural insight. The Fallen angels give the humans who do worship them, charts and guidance to where the fallen angels are, whether it is nature worship or star worship, nature within the earth, stars for outside the earth, the humans are given profound an complex charts as to where they are, which to us look like astronomy etc.

The fallen angels as they are able to be seen every so often are often mistaken as "ufos" etc, other anomoly. They communicate with modern governments, sharing technology in exchange of abductions from spiritually willing humans, so they can experiment with more dna splicing. The fallen angels at some point will come back claiming to be our gods, pointing to the ancient structures, the roots of many religions as leading to them, the one true divinity which they will claim is themselves. God will allow this great deception, as it will be time for man to make his final decision on who he worships, and mankind will be given over to what he wants most, a "god" he can see, a "god" who can benefit him, and not in ways of love, but in ways of giving man over to the desires of his wicked heart and having nothing hold him back, those days will be like the days before the great flood, where unfathomable evil gripped the earth. Those who refuse the one true "divinity" which is the deception the fallen angles portray, will be deemed as hateful, and not part of the new earth, and will be killed and martryed. At some point, those who refused what the "gods" had to offer, those who chose to love the true God and worship Him, and chose eternal life and Heaven, will be taken up to heaven. The earth will then be destroyed, and so also the fallen angels and all wickedness.

Thats my take on aliens and a bit of life and etc. Yes I know this is opening pandora's box and will bring up a whole lot of different subjects and debates etc, thats fine, but I am trying to express my views on it and see what your thoughts are. Yes im aware these thoughts may not be agreeable and silly to many, but my name means what it means, "honest", because thats what I feel should be spoken, my idea of the truth.
edit on 10-12-2012 by honested3 because: dont let my poor spelling and grammar be an indication of my intelligence, besides, its late.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:14 AM
An angel is a being who wants you to know that you are god. A fallen angel is one that wants you to know that you are not, but they are. In my opinion.

We all create the world. Every desire, will, judgement, and interpretation is a creation of yours that shades the world around you and has you believe that it is true. It's just a creation. The angels and demons are just creations. The eyes behind them are the creator, of which there is only one. We are god. Don't believe your own lies. The creation is not real. It's just a creation– a fabrication. You make it all up.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:31 AM

Yes im aware these thoughts may not be agreeable and silly to many, but my name means what it means, "honest", because thats what I feel should be spoken, my idea of the truth.

When the truth is known, there are no ideas of it. The creation is not the truth, it is only an ever changing representation of it. The truth cannot be known. The truth is the knower. I have no idea about what I am. All I know is that the creation comes from me because I am the one who creates and perceives.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by honested3

Not bad. A star and flag.

Some nephilim didn't die in the Great Flood. These ones would have been in the form of half human / half fish, a.k.a mermaids and mermen.

Many of the nephilim are pure evil because they are on a tight leash held by their fallen masters. They have orders to obey.

Do you know that some of the fallen watchers or Iyram recently rebelled ? This explains why their coming false paradise will not last forever.

Aliens == Angels.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 03:36 AM
If you had no pre-conceived notions of angels or God would you have the same ideas?

When I look out into reality, I see none of this.

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