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The face of God

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 02:10 PM

Originally posted by randyvs
So I ask, how does evolution explain human facial expressions ? What would be the advantages of cause for natural selection of the muscles involved in human facial expression or even animals for that matter ? They express surprise at a camera flash like my gigantic cat Sox, who drank radiator coolant and survived.

Simple answer: communication, transmitting information to the receiver. We didn't speak at beginning, so some kinda of information transmission was really good idea from evolution point view. When more information you can transmit to other person the better chances to make thing happens.

Who do you think can build something faster: a group of people that can talk/speak or another group that can't?

Other example: If a monkey has a "terror/fear face" other monkey in his group would know that there is something wrong or dangerous. Just face/expression is very limited as information method, speak/sounds would be a HUGE advantage to survival.

Face = you must see it to read the information
Sound = you just need to hear it. The information is transmitted to all directions and many more receivers.

A baby can't speak like us adults, so speak is not an option as information transmitter (everybody has the experience of a baby crying can mean who knows what..), facial expression is much better for survival purposes in this stage.
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