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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 05:19 PM
Gaia sounds like something a seagull would say. A word created a real long time ago to represent the earth. I wonder why the ancient humans called it that? No matter, that is not what this is about anyway.

Our earth has been called a lot of different names throughout history and all religions recognized the earth as a provider of life. It seems that we have lost our way over the years, not hearing the needs of the mother earth. I suppose it is because we walk above the earth with soles that insulate us from it. We cannot feel the energy flowing through us.

Is the earth a living organism? I think it is, an organism which is the accumulation of all life on it. Humans are just a bunch of cells that are connected together. Same with the earth, it is a big being comprised of all life above and in the crust. Does it have consciousness? Do we have consciousness? We are apart of this living creature so we are it's consciousness along with all the consciousness of the other animals. Our brain has many parts, each part has different purposes. Same with the earth, it has different plants and animals living on it with each having it's purpose. If someone says it needs consciousness to be alive you need to look at all the parts, don't take it apart into pieces.

The electroconnectivity of the earth is very good, energy flows through the soils easily in most places. It flows through the mineral waters that are all over the earth. The trees conduct electricity well, lightning strikes them often. They are like antennas that create a stable environment. everything conducts electricity. We hear, that is a form of electrical wave as is speaking. communication is evident through all of the earth because of it's conductiveness. Get a cup and put it to the ground with your ear on it. You will hear all sorts of things. Cars blocks away, someone digging in their flower garden next door, and that is only the stuff we can hear, most animals have better ears.

So back to being alive. As a whole I think it is but the biggest part of it's intellect has been shielded away. The calcium in cement dampens the signals. The asphault we walk on keeps us from connecting with it. The rubber soled shoes keep us from feeling it. We swim in pools instead of lakes too much. Children can still hear her because they walk on the beach, the rest of us wear shoes because we are afraid to hear her because we have caused her harm. The signal is not between the sand and us, it is between other creatures of the animal and plant world.

We destroy their habitat with everything we do now, worse than any time before. Between the meds we pee out basicly unchanged to the chemical laden soaps we poison the seas. Oil doesn't hurt the earth if released moderately, but the chemicals we create from taking it apart does. When I was a kid, we had little of these chemicals floating around. The butcher wrapped the meat in paper. sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper. Lunchboxes were used to hold lunch. They were made to last twenty years. Rubber was more natural and most stuff was biodegradable. That was the early sixties when you bought tools and appliances that were made to last for twenty years or more. The varnish on stuff was real, not the urethane they have now. It was a safer world. Stuff could be thrown in a dump back then, the cans could turn back to earth without harming it. No plastic to last for a hundred years back then. This is just in fifty years, a hundred years ago was much better.

So, I suppose this is just one of a hundred threads on mother earth. Probably the same as the others. I challenge more people to go barefoot on the shore, to walk in your lawn without shoes. To feel the energy flowing through you. I have studied the energy part, the only way it won't flow through us is to insulate ourselves from it. This energy fights bacteria by giving us more energy to fight it. In through the head and out through the feet, unless you are standing above one of the electromagnetic points of the earth.

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 05:21 PM
You're on the right path. Well said.

Get crazy. Get dumb. Get smart. Get art.

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

Well-said, Camel.
I truly believe the barefoot on the Earth part, and that rubber-souled shoes block the current flowing thru us (just as it insulates wires in our houses.) I believe preventing that flow of energy may cause a tangle of forces within us and lead to disease. I have no proof of that. Just an inner knowing. Because of the times I've been really stressed out, and stepped barefoot onto the lawn, and instantly felt a 'whoosh' of calm energy flowing, just like you said... from my head (via the sun) thru my body and into the ground. Being barefoot on the Earth is healthy. It grounds you. That's why it's call "The Ground."

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 05:09 PM
Going barefoot in the moss of the deep woods is like walking on clouds!! I had to reply because that is one of my most favorite things to do, then to go walk right out into an icy glacier stream, it will truly wake up all of your senses.

Something else that I have observed that fits here, when I am outside, at night, and look up to the tops of my trees, I can see a glow. It's not very bright and I can't see it if I look directly at it, but it looks like beacons of light shooting up to the sky from each individual tree. I live pretty deep in the woods so I am sure the concentration of that energy helps to make it more discernible.

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