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To live or to be caught...

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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 04:49 PM
To live
May cost your life

Clinging on to illusion may seem like a way

Yet it is a way from where only more confusion and hopelessness are born

Even lied to

We have choices
We may chose whether to take the road of habitual reacting
The path with a heart

We are One
One Love
One Life
One Light
One Will

One Source
Many flows, faces, facets in the diamond
Like drops from the same Ocean

We may chose to honor ourselves
Honor that Ocean of which we came
Be that wave
Unique within our Oneness
Unfolding true love, beauty and joy
We can use all of our power
To hide within the rocks
Clinging on to that what seem like power
But truly is but a trap
A trap within our own mask

These are the days of dawning
The deep mirror
For us to view ourselves
From within the eyes of our truest
Essence of our spirit
Eyes and heart from within Oneness
How we did chose
How we reacted
How we cared

This moment now
Is the moment of choice
The moment of truth
Please don't get caught in the past
What you did
Guilt and shame
Let it go
Let your flow
This moment is new
A moment for you
Of love
Let your heart speak
Let your truth flow

This moment is now
Don't get caught up in the future either
What will come
That makes you fearfull
Let go of that
This moment is new
This moment is you
This moment is where all is created
Of your heart
In love and truth

Now is YOU
Amazing YOU
Unfolding that what makes sense
Is real

The path of a heart
We'll walk it together
Heart by heart
Remembering One

With love and respect

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 04:51 PM
Just ponderings...

Do you let yourself be touched
There where it gets real

Do you let yourself care
There in behind the shields
Soft and true

Do you walk that step by the next
Out of who you are in faith

Do you ever stop
In the stilness in between your thoughts
Do you ever wonder
Silent beyond the words
That song of everywhere always calling you

Do you ever seen the longing
In the eyes of that stranger passing by
See that heart
That needs the same as you

Do you ever in the middle of feeling small, too little
Embrace that light and love you have
To flow it freely
Pass it to the next

Do you sometimes turn that stone
Of the last hope you got
Only to find nothing
And chose to laugh still

Do you ever feel that river
Connects us all again

With smile and wish for a moment of love
For you
For ever

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