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Burma: The Galactic Bounty Hunter

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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 04:07 PM
1. The landing

Deep space, the nebulas and stars ablaze with cosmic energy, A single ship weaves in and out of the black, its the Minas, And its captain and sole crew member is Burma, a freelance bounty hunter.
As the craft flies, Burma taps on his communications screen, and speaks to his newest client, a politician named Dar Yarel from Anticon 5.
" Your target, is in the sevilar sector in the 9th quadrant." The blurry face said, the audio was hissy and could barely be made out.
" He wont get away from me this time." Burma promised, and set the thrusters to 65%, gliding its way toward the only planet in the area, he knew it as Jaralo, and it was deep in the vacume of space.
This planet was yellow green, littered with craters and jagged barren mountains, shrubs could be seen, but no trees, or lakes, or habitation. There was one inhabitant on this planet he was very interested in though, and as vast as this planet was, he would find him. If he didnt, not only would he not be paid, but he would be an enemy of one of the most influential politicians in the civilized galaxy.

As he broke the atmosphere and came close to the surface, he turned on his thermal radar, and kept watch for any signs of life. He put the ship on autopilot, and went back into the cargo area to suit up, his bounty armor was thick and durable, it wasnt resistant to blasters, but he could take more than a shot and not be compromised. He put on his shoulder and chest protector, connected the oxygen hoses to his helmet and slid it down over his head. he holstered his PF- 45 blaster pistols, and a few plasma gernades, Dar Yarel was very clear, Dead or alive. Finally as he was lacing up his boots, the alarm on the thermal radar sounded off, he ran to the cockpit and looked, there he saw a reptile shaped man running between dunes and rocks.
" Hello Borrak.." He said to himself.
He followed his path for a while until finally landing a distance away, he opened the cargo door in the back and drove his Anti-Gravity cruiser out and onto the barren land, activated his wrist thermal radar, and began his search.
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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 12:20 PM
2. The Hunt

This planet was barren, Burma thought as he speeded across the terrain, past rocks and shrubs, over small dunes, there was nothing on his thermal radar, save for a few small blips that werent his target, he set course to head north east where he saw Borrak's blip moving towards. The air here had a yellowish tint, and it almost made the jagged peaks blend right in, almost to be missed, but the bounty hunter had sharp eyes that could see past all that, years as a bounty hunter made him adapt to certain situations and this was no different. "Just another job, with more credits, piece of cake", the bounty hunter thought to himself. While searching, the thought of failure snuck into his mind, if he failed this time, there would be hell to pay, and the galaxy would be brought down upon him with furious anger. That Dar Yarel was odd, he'd never really seen him in person, but when he spoke, it was in a venomous hiss, his face was always covered somehow and it gave Burma the creeps. He was just an unsettling creature to potentially piss off, " I dont want that hound at my back." Burma thought as he shook away fear and doubt. Still nothing came up on his radar and it was getting dark, he punched in the stealth-call code for the Minas, and waited to hear its silent hum as it landed close to him, this was the safest place to sleep for the night.

3. A suprise in the night

Burma had an exhausting day, he had ate a ration and had only been sleeping about four hours when he was suddenly jerked awake.
BOOM! came a sound from outside and the whole ship rocked and vibrated violently, throwing stuff this way and that.
Burma got up and grabbed his PF-45 and went to the window, outside he saw the last flames lick away from a thermal grenade explosion, and in the last seconds of dwindling light. saw a green reptilian scuttling away.
'BORAK!" He shouted, pushing the button on the cargo door all the while suiting up and getting the anti gravity cruiser out and on the sand, turned on his thermal radar and clearly saw a large blip heading north
'Not this time", Burma said loudly to himself.
VVVVVVVVUUUMMEEE! the cruiser went as it speeded off into the night, desperatly trying to recover the ground made by Borak. Burma checked his radar, the blip was getting closer it seemed, or no, had it stopped?
Burma couldnt tell but sped on. He looked where the blip was but now it was all but gone, "Where did he go?" Burma asked himself.
As he approached where the blip was he sped up, and out of no where, "BAM", he was knocked off his cruiser and rolling violently across the ground, kicking up a huge cloud of dust. As he got up, dusting himself off and coughing out dirt, a laser blast narrowly missed him, "PEW PEW PEW!" Came three more blasts, all very close to him. Burma unholstered his PF-45, and sent bolts of his own back the same way, he checked his thermal, the blip was there by the outcove of rocks still. "Pew" came another bolt whizzing past Burma, he had to move, this position was totally open with no protection, he began to move towards the outcove that Borak was, circling around wide coming in on his flank.


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