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Doomsayers await the end of the world

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posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 04:05 AM

Originally posted by Mister1k
It is the last trading day on the stock exchange is it not before Christmas! What do yah think, Up Or Down?
The world reserve currency, the United States is broke.
105 percent Gross Debt to GDP ratio.
48 million on food stamps.
12 million officially Unemployed
22 million Actual unemployed.
315 million population with only 114 million footing the bill.
16.4 trillion National Debt.
1.3 million bankruptcies
774 thousand foreclosures.
The US has nothing.
How is it possible to have less than nothing.
Lets jump ahead to 2016

130 percent Gross Debt to GDP ratio.
58.5 million on food stamps
8 million officially unemployed
19 million Actually unemployed
327 million population with 125 million footing the bill
22.8 trillion National Debt
660,000 bankruptcies
400,000 foreclosures.
Well looks like more US people will be working and with 58+ million on food stamps,
the world reserve currency will be have even less than nothing.
How is it possible to have less than nothing.
US Less than Nothing Debt Clock
World Less than Nothing Debt Clock
Greece is SO DONE! and France and the UK and Ireland at 1281 Percent external debt to GDP ratio,LMAO
And every nation is gonna get their turn at being indebted and bankrupt!
The money in our pockets is absolutely valueless and useless.
How much in real value are those savings all tucked away?
I wonder if a 5000 point drop in the stock exchange on DEC 21, just for s h i t s and giggles, would warrant a Doomsday label?
What if the stock market never goes up again? Everyday down. How many days till it is tanked!
Anyone ever think of that?
I could definitely see a ton of suicides transpiring, under that kinda of scenario.
Some folks would want a sink hole to open up on them, or be killed by crows falling outta the sky.
They would want those 7 and 8 pointer earthquakes to keep on shaking things up!
Couple Fukushimas in the Mid states wouldn't hurt either, after a little shake or they could get that fancy
nuclear camera that Israel has and do a STUXNET repeat performance. Maybe that's why they cant show us their nuclear arsenal.Who would have thought.
After all everyone knows the cooling pumps on a GE mark one reactors are steam driven as well as the generators, inherent to the design. But it was the diesels generators that were the Achilles heel.
I guess that goes for all nuclear facilities, yah know, the diesel thing.
Who would have thought??
I guess storing rods of spent nuclear fuel above ground level wasn't such a good idea either.
Who would have thought?
I don't think we should get to worked up about nature spanking us.
We can do that all by ourselves.
A stock market tsunami for DEC 21 gets my Vote!

Hindsight is such a strong attribute of the Human race as well as,
too little too late and common sense is hardly common.

Pre-Markets 4:50 am EST

S&P -18.90 / -1.31%
Nasdaq -37.25 / -1.38%
Dow -168.00 / -1.27%

LMAO Checkmate

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