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freedom is not free

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:18 PM
for freedom of the world is at stake,

Google was a mistake, it took years to realise why but sarah knew what she had done, she had helped in the creation of a monster,
and felt she had been irresponsible for the carnage she had unwittingly caused to her on-line community, the only people who truly knew her had been damaged by her lack of judgement, she made excuses to herself like,
it would have happened with or without her input, but this was simply not true, and provided no relief from guilt she felt

this caused a change in the young girl, a deep change that forced her to re evaluate what she could do and what that would mean for the world. so she hatched a plan, a secret plan to right the wrongs that were taking place because of her mathematics.

she would study her whole life and create technology to help instead of hurt people, this would be her repentance for being so short sighted as a teenager and creating an information monster that raged out of control upon the unsuspecting digital population.

the first thing to do was construct a model of perfect privacy, something people could trust and use to prevent the monster from consuming the digital lives of her friends. so it started, the long task of carrying out the digital revolution to free peoples minds and break the shackles of digital repression.

this must be done in secret, and must be done in order to prevent misuse of the newly designed system.
nobody must know the details untill the people and systems are ready to slay the monster.
do no evil was easier in theory than in practice, and this time it would take more than an email.

over the years many people people saw a young woman struggling with her own principals and wondered why this young woman was so tortured, and why she would not simply "give up"

the plan called for total anonymity and carefully planted ideas and technology, none of it should be traced back to her, so over time she created an on-line persona and carefully crafted her words and thoughts to provoke people into asking the questions, and gently supplied the answers she had prepared earlier, always ensuring that enough technology would be supplied to ensure that it surfaced, but the descriptions and designs were always obscure enough to prevent anyone from realising where it was coming from.

at first it was simply acting like a nube and asking leading questions to get the others to think about the conditions and mechanisms that effect them, and after a while it was actually giving ideas directly to the community she wished to save.
over time she became adept at supplying answers to questions people had that inspired others to look deeper at the issues and technology and she prodded them to think along the lines of freedom.

problem was over the years the monster had grown exponentially and she had only made small inroads in the non violent legal struggle she had started.

it would take another path, this one was to slow and she felt she couldn't risk directly giving technology to the world, but couldn't wait for the world to put together the pieces and free themselves. she needed another approach and would simply have to risk being caught trying to saving the world, in order to save the world

she steeped up her on-line presence, created a gaming hero who was well known and feared in gaming circles,
she decided to obscure herself with an old trick she learnt from a security contractor, use the most common names you can find so it would obscure her existence within myth and data
she created accounts and repeated the theme, a hero to protect and defend,
a human so principled others would follow her into freedom, from the prison she had unwittingly created herself.

she quickly realised that her designs could be abused and decided the course of action was to give the designs to the people whos lives she had hurt, and slink away into the background, so that no one would know what she had done and why.

problem was some tin star miss interpreted her desire to free the people as digital terrorism, and unwittingly exposed her work to the harsh light of public she was working to save.

this was a simple mistake but a dangerous one, she was now public enemy number one, and everyone knew what she had done but not why.

realising the danger she first thought to flee and simply change names, but then realised she could not give up on her friends and if they killed her for trying to slay the monster she had created, she would accept that.

use the technology for freedom she said,
in time people would realise that it was freedom that saved the world, each person being free would prevent the death of the world.

choose wisely how you use this new technology she said to me as
evil only prospers when good women say nothing, and the fate of the good people of earth were at stake.
and only privacy from the beast could save them

forgive me my sins and be good to one another. for it is up to each of us to save the world,
for no one can do this alone.


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