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Exploiting Ideology.

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 12:43 AM
Many people will, not without good reason, complain about the undue excessive influence of Zionism within the circles of power in Washington, and the rest of the Western World.

Many see this as the major cause of the current problems in the M.E. Regrettably, for me at least, many of us are missing the sleight of hand involved here.

Since its very inception, the State of Israel, with all of its agitators and well organised support groups has been an enormous cash cow for the Military-Industrial-Media Complex.(MIMC) Representatives of our bought and paid for Govts make all their fancy speeches about the need to defend Israel, with the host of usual lies and distortions, which prime the public into giving huge amounts of our taxes in support of Israel - With the Caveat of course that Israel buy lots of weapons from the MIMC - along with other favours which lean towards the general destabilisation of the region.

"Tiny" Israel is often cited in the media as one of the key reasons why we had to dispose of Saddam, or deal with Syria, along of course with the next big prize, which is Iran.

All of this in turn means Wars, which as General Smedley-Butler pointed out some time ago, are little more than a profiteering racket. In his small book, appropriately entited "War is a Racket", the General explains how, before the State of Israel even existed the MIMC were conducting their business profiteering through war and conquest.
( For anyone interested, the page hyperlinked in the above text includes a further link to a free pdf download of his book)

Ive said it before, but it is worthy of repetition. Corporations simply don't do morals , nor do they do Ideologies other than those associated with their bottom line. As such, Zionism and its supporters are simply the latest means to a war-profiteering end. Zionist ideology is also a very useful aid in lending further credence to the “War on Terror”, which should be understood for what it more accurately represents – namely something of a typically slick yet sick Corporate Marketing slogan – as opposed to any kind of truly worthy, ideological endeavour. .

The unadulterated truth of the matter therefore is that the MIMC couldn't care less about the people of Israel, any more than they do about those people of other countries in the firing line. And you can rest assured, that once the Military-Industrial-Media-Complex have exploited the Zionist Ideology for every last buck, they'll simply move on to fresh territory.

In fact, theyre priming the African Continent for their usual rape job, as we speak. Indeed its already begun in Libya. If political analysts like Craig Hulet are to be believed, the Corporate thugs played a large part in the removal of the Late Colonel Gaddaffi. Whilst it would be fair to argue that he wasn't the nicest of people, Gaddaffi was nonetheless a very staunch African Nationalist. Consequently the Libyan leader had to go, when he refused to tow the Corporate line and permit them access to the countries deep water shipping ports on the strategically vital North African Peninsula, which will be required for future exports of the food produce of people like Monsanto and Dow, along with other products of Corporate ambition, such as the African continent's abundant mineral resources.

All those juicy mineral resources to plunder. All those sick people in need of their medicines. All those hungry people in need of their GMOs. All those Govts. in need of finance from the banksters and all those weapons they will need to buy to protect themselves. All those unmolested beaches for Construction companies and the tourist giants to go and exploit, and build on, so that the few of those who can afford it, can have their 5 star breaks in paradise.

This is how it works, and might I suggest that this is where we should focus our attention, because it's all very real, and it won't stop as long as the majority of the 99,999% of us don't understand this - and until we finally tell them where to stick their wars, their poisonous food and medicine and their fractional reserve lending system, all of which keep us in the bondage of the 0.001%

Money owns politicians, and Corporations have it by the gazillion. Its simply a matter of getting their "News" broadcasters along with the politicians, both of whom are fully bought and paid for, to start piping a different tune.

Peace to all.

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