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If Republicans really want a change, they should have as much of the tax increases the democrats wan

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 11:26 AM
That is if people really want a change, have all the tax increases and spending cuts lumped sum into the presidential election year. The democrats might agree to it thinking they have time to change things before we get to that point. This would be much like they thought we wouldn't need to worry about a debt ceiling or disagreement in congress when they controlled both houses and the president.

This would mean extending the payroll tax cut for 3 years, maybe that can be a trade off with not enacting the tax increase on the people making over 250,000 for 3 years. So during the next presidential election, voters will be angry at all the tax increases the democrats wanted. In the meantime everyone will be happy they got want they wanted. Worse case for the Republicans is that the economy is booming so much 3 years from now, a few extra taxes isn't going to slow it down very much. The fed will need to raise interest rates too.

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